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@ripcurl: it wasn't Death-by-walker in the comic, she was killed by gunshot,

Lori's death was supposed to be the greatest moment of Walking Dead for me, and while she was lying there, telling maggie to do it for everyone and for the baby and telling Carl she doesn't hate him and everything, instead of being a rising excitement as i realized she was going to die, i found my self getting angry, Lori did not deserve to die like that ... SHE SHOULD HAVE DIED A QUICK NO TIME FOR EMOTION DEATH (like in the comic, where rick looks back but keeps running cause he knows he has too in order to survive, there was no lingering of her death). as the biggest bitch to ever exist in the walking dead universe she should have never gotten a "redeeming" death speech in which it makes you feel sort of sorry for her, she received no pity from me, but i felt robbed of the sudden and much deserved non-redeeming exiting of a character who had been the bane of my walking dead show viewer existence since she first questioned Rick." Maybe this will kick-start Carl's superbadass mode though.

(and also R.I.P. T-Dog, while you were no Tyrese i just started to respect your character and I'm glad his death was the most heroic in any of the walking dead universe, past, present and probably future.)

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Its not flashy, its not bright, its just Sabbath, Short Sweet and to the point. Its classic and while it isn't bright so as to stand out be recognized immediately when you first turn the page, its a lingering effect, like a "oh i just noticed he is wearing a sabbath shirt, thats pretty cool" and it stays with you in the back of your head while taking nothing out of the rest of the goings on in the story. where if he was wearing a Bright colorful shirt that may stick in the front of your brain pushing the story out. the shirt is subtle, yet effective.

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I remember a while back right when Invincible got back to earth and found out Eve was all ... big, in the letters section someone asked if they he was going to kill off Eve and he or Sina Grace said "there are worse things to do to a character than kill them off ... like making them fat" so maybe he will make her more fat, or kill her off by heart attack or something.

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I really liked the issue in the comics when they switched bodies, So I'm watching it, and this is the reason i will keep watching Ultimate Spider-man, because i liked the comics and I'm hoping to see more episodes that tie into the ultimate comics like this in the future.

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Bane and the Flash are battling it out, with Flash getting the upper hand, all of the sudden Bane grabs flash by his leg and He can't shake loose. Flash knows his life is over, as bane prepares to rip his head off. all of the sudden bane's head explodes and the flash sees superman come to his rescue. "ah thanks you really saved me there Supe-" is all flash can get out before superman's heat vision melts through and explodes his head. Superman looks up, victorious, and says " Fastest man alive my as-" Batman turns off his monitor and crosses Flashes name off of a list as he smiles.

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I want Deadpool shoes, like the ones he wears himself with the Deadpool symbol on the bottom.

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Walking dead with Stubs Rick!?! must purchase completely over priced on ebay in late july!

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As a fan I would like to say I will be getting this game regardless, but honestly its all about game play, from the trailer at E3, it seems like they should have just went with another Ultimate Alliance.

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I would use my powers to Rule all of mars, and live my life as Supreme Ruler High Emperor of Mars, until I'm killed by some of my underlings because they don't like my Iron fisted rule. but it will be a sweet ride up until that point.

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I'd like to see a Ghost Rider anime, you know, to make up for his recent crappy movie.

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