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Hello all.


   Unlike most of this community, I'm new to the world of comics. So I'm starting from the beginning...literally. I plan on reading more recently published comics books from the very start of the series and write reviews for those who might be new like me.  
my most recent find (along with everyone else it seems) is Lady Mechanika.  
Lady Mechanika is an almost flawless blend of the detective and steampunk subcultures, and I highly recommend it to fans of either of those genres. The Lady herself is for lack of a better word, a cyborg. She was outfitted with mechanical arms and legs against her will and then basically forgets who or what did it to her. I'm almost certain finding the culprit that replaced her human limbs with mechanical limbs, is going to be Mechanikas first story arc. I don't want to give to much more away but I will say this, Joe Benitez and the guys at aspen have really struck gold  with this one I don't see it ending any time soon.
 Lady Mechanika No.1
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