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Looks good the art is fantastic looking forward to reading it.

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Not a Feat but still Badass picture Of Kon and Rose they would make very interesting couple.
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New 52 Supergirl is awesome her book is fantastic I like trying different her from Superman having some different powers and having own fortress cool scans.

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@yotaman: Im opposite not really keen Kon on YJ show they portray him to much as mindless hulk does't use he brain throughout most of season 1, he better in season 2 he still has hes moments where charge in without thinking.

Thats why like New 52 Superboy comic book right from get go said they stated hes highly intelligent see throughout most comic book use his Intelligence lot like for example in fight against grunge he used his brain figured out grunge powers worked and how defeat him another example would be when drinking alcohol drink knew chemicals and compounds within the drink how there worked and what affect they have on human body. As for hes personality its just starting to develop he made be living weapon learning concept of right and wrong and how to be hero from friends the Titans and of course eventually Superman.

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Im enjoying the Teen Titans book and I like current members of Red Robin, Kid flash, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Solstice and Bunker, as for members to join I say: Supergirl Blue Beetle, Aqualad Raven

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the art is fantastic I hope Ken stays on Superman for long time, Im glad Lobdell making Superman powerful and that his power continues growing, hell yeah bench pressing the weight of earth also I like way Lodbell writes Superman dont who that doctor chick was but she was hot could be interesting character.

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I loved that neo the matrix moment when stopped the bullets with his TK powers I think what was cool that took even Kon by surprise that he could do that, also moment in ravages when he only one who could Tank Thunder blast without being harmed and basically get in close and stop him I thought that also cool.

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@00 Raiser: Im looking forward how Snyder going focus on Superman powers and how deal with them as well other things like his villains and supporting cast etc Hopefully it going to be awesome.

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isn't Silver Surfer, Nova Prime and Gladiator all light speedsters and some of fastest in marvel.

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this sounds awesome can't wait for this to come out.