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the New 52 Supergirl is awesome

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the New 52 Flash is awesome

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When Superboy was fighting that Lava Lady in issue 3 she says that there was third DNA strain is something unspeakable.

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1. Action Comics: is great book

2. Wonder Woman: This book is okay but can sometimes be a bit weird with all of the Gods and magic overall its good book

3. Aquaman: this is like really awesome in my top five

4. The Flash: the art just great the book very good in my top five

5. Superboy: Very good book and Lobdell has done an excellent job on this book and developing the character its one of my top five books

6. Supergirl: another very good book with great art also in top five books

7. Red Hood and the Outlaws: its okay book with very good art

8. Birds of Prey: its a good book with great set of characters

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In the new DCnu Superboy has full on Telekinesis powers (Tactile Telekinesis) which l think cool and badass, we know he is Alien splice of three DNA Doners two of them we know of are Kryptonian (Superman) and Human (unknown who human is) and third is a mysterie the Volcano chick (issue 3) said it was something unspeakable what do you think the third is? and do think Psionic power stem from it or combination spliced DNA.

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In DCnu Supergirl had some sort of solar burst attack which seemed powerful and Reign implied that Kara one strongest on planet and her powers only growing I have theory that could be wrong Spoilers ahead: Reign said out of five chambers that her and three siblings awoken from one of the chambers had been empty for quite while could mean kara was in the fifth chamber and she part of WordKiller progamme headed by her father for whatever unknown reasons could this be why kara so powerful came out her pod and has powers that Kal doesn't have.

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in DCnu I say about 16-17 she no older then that, Doesn't look any older that.

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They 1st meet up probably end up in them fighting first but after while start to bond may take a while kinda like young justice where Superman take while get use to having a clone Cousin/Brother in Superboy kinda like see how fight Between them how Superboy Stacks against Superman

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I like the New 52 Teen Titans just minus Skitter, Bunker and just add Aqualad (young justice version) and Miss Matian

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Top 10: Superboy Supergirl Superman Action Comics Teen Titans Flash Aquaman Justice League Wonder Woman Birds of Prey Voodoo Batgirl Catwoman

Runners ups are: Legion Lost World Finest Red Hood Outlaws