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Non-super powered superheroes that can kick ass

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Posted by unbreakableburr

What a badass list! Well done! Of course, you have to add Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson!

Posted by Zniperking
@unbreakableburr: I did add them
Posted by TGalinsky

you need to add Comedian and NIght Owl

Posted by Zniperking
@TGalinsky: thank you for that I completely forgot about them
Posted by TGalinsky

Captain America??? Or does he count as a power dude.

Posted by knife

Captain America has the super soldier formula in him. POWER DUDE TOTALLY.
Posted by Fortanono
@unbreakableburr: I Agree, & Songbird DOES Have Superpowers
Posted by Darth-Spidey

So dose Taskmaster

Posted by Zniperking
@Darth-Spidey: he copies people fighting style so he does count on this list
Edited by Darth-Spidey

Yes, but it's a mutant power.  Not a natural talent.  You should also put the human Green Lanterns on this list because they don't really have superpowers either.  It's just the ring.

Posted by Zniperking
@Darth-Spidey:  actually it's not a mutant power it's called photographic reflexes. it's a little similar to photographic memory.
Edited by logan48227

Should Iron Man be on this list considering he still has some of his Extremis abilities? And both Bucky & Misty Knight have cybernetic arms....doesn't that count?

Posted by Zniperking
@logan48227: currently for iron man no and for misty knight and bucky as long as they don't have any thing in those arms that aren't weapons they count on the list
Posted by logan48227
Misty Knight does have superhuman strength in her cybernetic arm, but no weapons per se.
Posted by Zniperking
@logan48227: that's true but she doesn't use it that often only in certain moments like opening an elevator door in the immortal iron fist series
Posted by buns134

DEAN!!! and Black cat has powers!
Posted by Major Canuck

There's an old character called Wild dog from the DCU. He's like the punisher.