Which Marvel Noir should I read?

I know this is very late but I want to know which marvel noir should I read because of the new spider-man shattered dimensions video game and noir spider-man looks cool. I might get the spider-man noir, but should i get any of the other marvel noir stories or just stick to the spider-man noir?

Posted by daredevil21134

daredevil noir was pretty cool
Posted by Zniperking
@daredevil21134: what about the spider-man noir.
Posted by Icon

I have only read the Daredevil one, but it is excellent in my opinion. It almost loses its way by the 3rd issue, but the climax makes it all come together really well and I think it will probably read best as a TPB.  
If you're really curious about the Spidey one then I would maybe check out a couple professional reviews and see if it sounds interesting. I've heard it is one of the better Noir books. 

Posted by DH69

before the second volume came out i wouldnt have recommended spidey noir, but thanks to the addition of eyes without a face i totally recomend it

Posted by Zniperking

wow thank you so it's daredevil and spider-man noir thank you guys

Posted by War Killer

Iron Man Noir is pretty cool.

Posted by arai89

 Read spiderman noir today. Found it dark, gritty and really good stuff. would really recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Stamps

I really liked the Punisher one.

Posted by Caligula

Spider-Man was the best IMO

Posted by The Lobster

I liked them all, except Luke Cage Noir but maybe that was just because I'm not a huge fan of Luke Cage. 
My two favorites being Spider-man Noir and Punisher Noir.

Posted by kev17

Posted by ComicStooge

I liked Punisher NOIR the best.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

The Spider-man Noir was rather interesting