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So no one is stopping to wonder where Quicksilver or X-23 are gonna stand throughout all of this?

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I can't do ANYTHING at this point in the game!

Not enough energy, not enough command points, not enough SHIELD points, not enough gold

Buy more?

No I will not pay $100 for 500 pieces of gold that I don't even believe could buy me every character for my team.. It certainly wouldn't be capable of doing that, conducting my research, buying crew for my jets, buying updated weapons and suits or buying me enough energy to go run through my missions a second time!

I was really hoping I could enjoy this game for free, and at first it seemed I could but I haven't even completed Chapter 1 and I feel constricted for the need of gold.

I must say, the bits that I played before I felt limited by that were pretty awesome, though.

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I actually enjoyed it

I wasn't going into it expecting a good comic book film, I was going into it expecting it just to not suck.

The funny scenes, I laughed hysterically at. The "serious" scenes, I found myself kinda laughing at too. Though, that probably wasn't what the directors intended.

What the Hell was up with him stopping in the middle of that one fight, and floating in circles?

I despised the ending. "Yeah. Hell yeah."

It was also another instance where the ending is put in the trailer, which I hated.

The action sequences and CGI were the only things that were even remotely near saving graces of this film. Even then there were flaws, as I mentioned above him floating like a compass needle was weird, I also thought it was weird the way he twisted and jerked his head around when he was "intimidating" the thugs.

Overall, though, I still felt there were worse films I could've spent my money on. I didn't waste the extra two bucks my theater charges for 3D.

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I want Hope to gain the Phoenix Force, lose control, destroy the universe and the only survivor is Scarlet Witch, who then redeems herself from the Disassembled story by recreating the entire universe giving Marvel it's own "New 52"

I don't like reboots, and I don't want Marvel to "cop-out" so to speak, but I feel like Marvel has been destroying it's own continuity lately so why not literally allow that to happen?

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@danhimself said:

I don't think they're being portrayed as villains at all....they're still very much's just that they disagree with the way things are being handled by Steve Rogers and the Avengers and they feel that there is only one way for them to get their point across...this is after Wonderman has told them several times that he thinks they're in the wrong

I realize that now

But I posted this before the event actually occurred, and the article I had read it off of described them as a villainous new team, so I went off.

Since then I have read the story, and while it's not my favorite by any means, it is not as I thought it would be either.

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Sorry, I knew nothing of the character tbh with you

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They just brought back Scott...

Just to see her die :'(

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I just wanna know how his arm came back

he pops into the future, no arm

back in the present, arm?

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I've never been too fond of the Ditko Lizard

but what the Hell? Not bad, imo

I'm excited to this flick (but I was excited before the Pez, lol)

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Which issues does it collect?