New Avengers Annual

A message to Brian Michael Bendis…

* Wonder-Man definitely reformed an incredibly long time ago, he was a member of at least 3 teams of Avengers. The only reason he is villainous now is because you wrote him this way.

* D-Man helped reform the Avengers alongside Captain America and is a hero, I know he's a little confused right now, but I don't believe he'd attack the Avengers.

* Anti-Venom put his villainous ways behind him to help heal the sick and drug addicted.

* Atlas was a member of the Thunderbolts, a team of reformed villains and he hasn’t done anything villainous since very pre-Civil War.

* Ethan Edwards is a devote Christian and helped Spider-Man battle Absorbing Man.

* Goliath is dead sir, I believe you mean for that to be Black Goliath, the prior’s nephew who originally held a grudge against Iron Man but reformed and joined Damage Control.9

* Devil-Slayer helped the Initiative take down the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion. I know the Hood did, too, but it seemed more genuinely heroic when Devil-Slayer helped.

* Captain Ultra reformed years and years ago, and had his own team in the Initiative before the Dark Reign.

* Century was on Force Works.

Please write stories for the characters, not the other way around.

If anyone disagrees with what I said, or if anyone knows of stories or facts that I missed out on please tell me. Or if you see any mistakes with what I said. Thanks to everyone who told me I was incorrect about Century

I don't want to have a rant about how he wrote the characters incorrectly and continue to believe that if I have my facts wrong.

What do you think about Bendis' Revengers?

Bendis' Revengers
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Posted by ReVamp

Seems like a fair point. I know nothing about it.

Posted by Blurred View

It's actually kind of impressive. It seems like Bendis put some effort into looking around and finding who might have some reason to do this instead of grabbing a bunch of easy to find Avengers characters not currently doing something. Not a fan of the artist's take on some of them though.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Anti-Venom seriously should be either mindcontrolled or brewing a way to help the New Avengers from the inside. There's no way he'd attack Spider-man's team after what's happened in the recent ASM appearances. This is the guy who, as Venom, THANKED THE FF for their hard work as heroes (while in his insane "KILL SPIDER-MAN!" stage pre-Lethal Protector). 

Posted by zmanm407
@Blurred View:  
I do see your point . I'm impressed that he found Avengers related characters. 
I'm just upset mostly because of D-Man and Goliath, they are two of my favorite heroes. I was disappointed to see them turn on their teammates. It's nice to see them get some recognition, though. 
I agree about your opinion on Del'Otto's visual renditions of the characters. I do not like D-Man's look one bit, and I'm not particularly a fan of Atlas or Captain Ultra's costumes either.
Posted by zmanm407
That's what I'm saying! 
As much as I appreciate that he worked in some characters that haven't been in the spotlight lately, he really should find a way to work them in while staying true to their characters. Or not work them in at all.  
That's my take on it at least.
Posted by goldenkey

well it seems they're villains agains. 
Posted by kamionero

I doubt they are trully villanous. He managed to pick all characters that could believably be on both sides, and Wonderman isnt a real villain right now, he just disagrees with how the avengers handle issues, it makes sense that he could find this set of "heroes" who would feel the same way. They arent true villains, they are just making a point. At least thats my guess as to where the story is going

Posted by Kallarkz

i thought this was going to be a group of "anti-heroes". 

Posted by zmanm407
I hope you're right. I don't wanna see some of my favorite obscure heroes make the transition to full-on Avengers villains. 
I've thought about it a little bit more since I posted this and I was hoping that what you're suggesting is more of the route Bendis will go. 
Posted by Jordanstine

Y'know Bendis has reasons and explanations for all these characters sometime down the road for this series. 

I mean it took Bendis like 9+ issues in New Avengers just to get Jessica Drew's story told, and in tact... maybe more.

Posted by fodigg

The thing about comics is that by using obscure characters--even mis-using them--you're increasing the odds that a fan of those characters will buy and read the book. A shame really, but I don't blame Bendis (exclusively) for that.

Posted by zmanm407
And the shame of it is, you're right. 
I am going to pick up this title now, because I want to see how he uses the characters. I want to find out why the characters joined the team and chose to attack the Avengers. 
I'm a little peeved with myself for it, really. 
Posted by ThreepennyAlex

If really are what Wonder-Man says they will be ,a Proactive Super Team, I think it will be an interesting decision with the exclusion of  Ethan Edwards. Century was never a villain that I knew, but a proactive super hero team like what Wonder-Man seems to want. I don;t like the costumes for D-Man, Devil Slayer or Atlas though but I get that they are kind of looking for a uniform style. But they seem a bit generic. 
But yeah Century was never a bad guy. he fought Force Works for a second but then joined. Neat character I think.Suits this team if they are legitimate and not just crazy.


Most yeah, but the issue hasn't come out so there isn't much to say. They could be more villains than anti-heroes.
It's not true about Simon reforming (bad pun not intended, but there it is) though. He hasn't exactly been evil, but he's
stood on his own side for some time, and that reform was out the window already in Dark Reign. Captain Ultra wasn't
really tight knit either, especially in the Initiative, and showed to be an extremely unstable person.

Posted by Daycrawler

I think I'll wait and read the story first before passing judgement. Could be a hundred reasons why they're doing what they're doing that doesn't make them villains and leaves their heroic nature intact. All we've seen so far are some plot seeds with wonder man (suggesting he's unstable, or knows something really important - or both!) and a few pages of the annual. The preview pages sure make it look like they've become villians, but I reckon that's just to stir up interest. How many stories/plots in the past have started off where you think you know what's going on, who's good, who's bad, etc and then they flip things or surprise you?

Posted by DP812

Century's not a villain, nor has he ever been. He's a hero, a former member of Force Works and hasn't been seen since that book ended after The Crossing.

Posted by Emperormeister734

@DP812: Gotta admit though it's good to see him

Posted by zmanm407


Sorry, I knew nothing of the character tbh with you

Posted by danhimself

I don't think they're being portrayed as villains at all....they're still very much's just that they disagree with the way things are being handled by Steve Rogers and the Avengers and they feel that there is only one way for them to get their point across...this is after Wonderman has told them several times that he thinks they're in the wrong

Posted by zmanm407

@danhimself said:

I don't think they're being portrayed as villains at all....they're still very much's just that they disagree with the way things are being handled by Steve Rogers and the Avengers and they feel that there is only one way for them to get their point across...this is after Wonderman has told them several times that he thinks they're in the wrong

I realize that now

But I posted this before the event actually occurred, and the article I had read it off of described them as a villainous new team, so I went off.

Since then I have read the story, and while it's not my favorite by any means, it is not as I thought it would be either.

Posted by DP812

@Emperormeister734 said:

@DP812: Gotta admit though it's good to see him

It'd be good to see him if he was treated with respect. Instead, it looks like we'll get the usual Bendis treatment of characters who aren't his personal favorites or big names. Which means he'll either keep them standing in the background, spouting pithy dialogue that makes them sound like idiots.