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I'm iffy about all comic book movies as of late. The Nolan Brothers heading the Batman movies and now rumored to dot he the Superman movies, and now this guy. I'm all for comic book movies, but I just really hope this guy has some love for the characters of the series, unlike the Nolan brothers, who don't think that Batman and Superman would ever meet.
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 Coming from a fan of most comic book series published by DC and Marvel alike, I find myself reading a lot of Batman, Avengers, and Spiderman. Spiderman, personally, I could happily take less of, due to the repetitious story lines and drama-angst-overload. The Avengers is a vast storyline with a great deal of characters, so it can carry multiple titles more easily. Batman, seeing as there are many different story arcs, all of which are well-written in my opinion (spare a few odd-balls), can be carried just as easily as Avengers.
However, I would like to see a little more from the lesser known characters like Creeper or Ragdoll. These characters, while very different from the comic book norm, are still loved by their fans, and are commonly skipped over. Creeper was one of the very first pop-culture, comedy based superheroes in comics. That proves that he should at least get just a bit more attention.
I have no objections to multiple character titles in comics, but they have to be well written, and given a limit of attention so that the lesser known titles can get a little more publication and a little more popularity.