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AvX 11 0

THE GOOD: oh, the art. Someone should get Coipel a medal for his work on this series, he has done such a great job, him and Cheung on covers have made this arc bearable so far.As for the story, we are finally getting somewhere fast. I would have liked to see more exchanges between Emma and Scott as he took the phoenix force from her (I know that was saved for Uncanny Xmen, but even then, it seemed she went pretty fast, which seems wrong for someone like Emma (I realize this is Marvel and Bendis,...

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Hawkeye 2 0

THE GOODOne of Marvel's newest and best series continues forth on a high note.Its always good to see more of Kate Bishop, coming from a big fan of the Young Avengers. Especially with a team up with Marvel's current up and comer. The action and story really kept the issue entertaining and worthwhile.Dialog and action are the real stars of this series, as showcased by both thee banter between Kate and Clint, and their fight's later in the issue. The jokes kept coming, but felt natural and entertai...

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Earth 2 0 0

As we push through the stagnant 0 month, we get an issue that makes the idea worth it.THE GOODIts always good to explore the past and mythos of a new universe with very little lore already done, such as Earth 2, and the 0 issue seeks to reap the benefits of the unexplored. Introducing more about the world surrounding the trinity as they fight their otherworldly invaders, we learn that it wasn't just the Holy Trinity, but in fact, we learn of more characters that supported them on their crusade.T...

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AvX VS5 0

THE GOODWhile its silly that the first intro page to every single issue of AvX Vs is "WE HATE PLOT, BLAH BLAH," then have significant plot related fights and conversations, I won't fault AvX at this point.The first story, Angel v. Hawkeye, was enjoyable. Art was easy on the eyes, and the quips and actions scenes were easy to follow and interesting. I'm glad Hawkeye won in a slightly underhanded way, and it sets up for his eventual incineration by Phoenix Emma, which explains why she took such ha...

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Batwoman 12 0

THE GOODFinally, we exit that horrible, bloated first arc, and onto something new. While we are still dealing with the problems from the first arc, I'm glad that its leading up to something interesting.The story starts off on a good note, and persists throughout the issue. From the retelling of the Bloody Mary legend to Wonder Woman's epic battle, the story keeps a good brisk pace with something interesting to keep you hooked till the issue ends.While there was a slight overuse of full page spre...

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AvX10 0

THE GOODThe story is moving forward now that Hope remembers she has mutant powers and uses it to finally turn the tide of the war. Especially powers that should allow her to mimic Wanda. You'd think this conclusion would have years ago. Oh well. I'd like an explanation on how she copied a dragons powers, but maybe I just care too much for exposition. And while I am not a huge fan of Kubert, he does his actions shots well and my eyes don't bleed.THE BADI know I addressed it already, but why has i...

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Batman 12 0

THE GOOD.I think it was nice to buckle down and go slow and get a nice paced story, but thats where my compliments end for the issue. The art was good, but the stark change broke that. And Harper is interesting, and I would like to see more about her, but not the headline of a Batman issue. Perhaps as a back up story.THE BADWhat doesn't work... the sudden art change, the pointless throwaway story, and the general lack of any good Batman/Bruce.Harper and Cullen, while nice and sweet at first, gra...

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AvX 9 0

THE GOODSpider Man, who seems to have taken a very back seat of this event, is finally in the limelight, and boy, does he use it well. From his peptalk to Hope to his taking on Magik and Colossus, he shows himself as a real great character, even with a few corny (but still laugh inducing) jokes. Even down, Spider Man's best power, his wisecracks, save him from an untimely demise.The art is good, and the action shots are always enjoyable, (except the part of Spidey's face being beaten in... That ...

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Earth 2 0

THE GOODFinally, our separate stories for the past 3 issues intertwine for one great climax, and woah boy, this series is really becoming one of DC's best of the New 52. Everyone and everything just clicks together in such a way that flaws are minimal and forgotten easily at best, lol.The art works on so many levels, with action being done very well, even backgrounds are done to such a nice level thats its very enjoyable (such as the plants dying).As our team finally joins together, their backst...

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Hawkeye 1 0

Earth's Mightiest Archer starts off to a strong start.THE GOODFrom the cover to the art, you can tell its trying to be a good unique tell on Hawkeye, and for all intents and purposes, it really starts off on a good start.The story, while a little too down to earth for me, does a great job of showing off our human, flawed hero with the experience and poise to handle a lot of situations, but with the simple nature of succumbing to emotions that keeps him more grounded than his compatriots. And whi...

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AvX 8 0

We are reaching an end game, with the pawns to decide the war being placed.THE GOODAs Namor invaded, we finally get to see the Xmen do something questionable. Of course, this will only mean that the Phoenix 5 are going to be suffering from some strife and suspicion, allowing the Avengers to recoup and prepare.I liked how strong Namor was represented, to the point where he could do such... cringe inducing damage to the Hulk. And how he kept just batting away the fighters like fly's. Writing was a...

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Earth 2 3 0

So... about that controversy...THE GOODWe finally are getting our team together, and boy, is it heart pumping. Alan, in his few pages as the new Lantern, is a great one so far, with a few clever quips here and there, and the sad story of his ring. Jay and the new Hawkgirl are interesting players in this game as well, and I'm truly am excited to read more. I was worried how this would go, but now all doubts are gone. We finally get a shot of our first major villain, too. The speed in which this s...

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AvX 7 0

Marvel, after mining for month's, is striking some good ol' ore from what could have been a very bad arc.THE GOOD.As we noticed in the past 2 issues, the story is finally hitting its stride, finding its purpose, and we're moving forward. I'm always glad to see Wanda used to a good extent, and seeing her sane self is always a delight (especially when the Phoenix Five practically fear her), and the little touches, like her wanting to save the Vision and Hawkeye helping her out were smile inducing....

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Finally! 0

So I assume that whatever was hindering the main AvX arc, was also hindering this series too. Cause we finally get an issue that is good, interesting, and doesn't end in a head scratching "How did they win?!" cop out.THE GOODWhat really works in this issue is the art and the dialog. I love how Black Widow and Magik talked in (What I assume is) Russian in between breaks of english, which I felt gave the fight more authenticity and a nice cool factor. Same goes for the lame jokes from the Thing. I...

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Earth 2... 2 0

Blah blah controversy, moving on, lol.THE GOODA great issue to continue from the explosive Earth 2 #1. Though the intro is a little murky, the following parts with Alan and Jay really set up how this world is going to go. The story hitting a lot of good notes, and the art does a great job of making sure everything stands out and looks great. Jay trying out his powers was humorous, and peoples reactions to it in a post-Apokolips invasion world certainly makes me laugh. Alan's portion of the story...

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AvX 5 0

After much bickering and delay, finally the Phoenix lands...THE GOODThe ball gets rolling on this event, as we reach the climax of act one. And it only took 6 issues, lol. It's nice to see Marvel try to change the expectations up a little bit, with the Phoenix choosing a host (the costume change, I could have lived without lol.) It finally feels like the story is going somewhere, and certainly keeps the excitement up as we hit the end of this portion of AvX. With Wanda entering the fray in the n...

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Batman Annual 1 0

The formal introduction of Mr. Freeze will send chill's down your spine (Cold puns end here lol)THE GOOD.Oh, what good there was. It's nice to see a great new take on Dr. Fries, and boy, does Snyder provide. The background stuff based on his mother was just amazing and left me in awe (I'd argue that Victor's mother is way better than Nora in this regard lol). The story was just flawless (Except it didn't reveal much about Freeze's connection to the Court, Red Hood 9 did more of that, but oh well...

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Amazing Spider Man 686 0

As we approach the conclusion of this arc, can Spider Man really stop Doc Ock's plan and his new Sinister Six?THE GOODThe story is getting really good. While a little predictable, given the powers of the Sinister Six, but even knowing that, it doesn't diminish the effect of the end of the last issue. Sables reaction really helps sell this, along with Widow and Spidey trying to help. Even after the ruse was solved (in the most hysterical manner), Spider Man uses his wits again to make one of the ...

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If anything, entertaining. 0

The continued hunt for Hope travels across the world, with more betrayals and battles on both sides.THE GOODIts great to see how extensive the attempt to find and capture Hope from both teams is, and really helps sell the idea of a global manhunt (Though I don't see why anyone would think Hope would flee to Latveria.), and that this isn't just a pesky occasional battle from 1 front. It's especially nice to see what the teams are planning to do with Hope/the Phoenix Force once it does arrive. The...

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Stuck in a rut? 0

Kate's continued fight against the myth's of Gotham continue.THE GOODBatwoman is still a consistently good read of a comic, I will give it that. The art is great, action is fun, and the full page panels of action set up makes it a really compelling read. The story has been interesting, and the cliffhangers really sets up the tone of the next issue well. Plus Kate is always a great character, and the way she handles situations is really interesting.THE BADWhile I don't really have an issue on the...

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Great ending to a great arc 0

THE GOODWatching 2 unlikely allies has yet to get old, and it still proves entertaining. Doom and Bucky/Widow have such great banter and side remarks (Especially when Fury joined in with a few quips at Doom's expense, who replied with equal venom). The writing has been phenomenal, with equal parts suspense and humor. The Art, as usual, has been really nice to see (if a little hard to judge whats going on at times) and really gives this series a unique look.THE BADIts bad to see Doom depart so so...

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AvX Vs itself... 0

While the hunt and attempt to control/kill the Phoenix continues in the main series, we focus instead on 2 interesting fights that occur in issue 4 of AvX.THE GOODThe art is great for both portions (Though it is sad when the art of a sub tie in series is better than the main arc... Damn the blight that is Romita Jr.). Action is very easy to follow and has a lot of details. And the dialog was very well written (weird, for a comic about fighting), the Spider Man banter in his portion was nicely do...

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