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@TenEyedMen:  thanks!
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Hey, love this show but am somewhat new to DC who were the two guys henching for Cheshire??

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@Trodorne said:
" Look strange men lying in comic board rooms is not way to base a system of super powered heroes. To wield executive continuity one must get a fan base from the masses not some farcicle superman cloning.  "
Hilarious sir, my hat off to you!
I Vote for Captain Marvel or Hyperion(supreme power)
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Young Justice part 1 was awesome but now nothing left to do. Guess it's xbox time.

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My first comic was marvel comic presents issue 113 in 1992 I was 11 and being kind of a brat at the grocery store and my mother just had enough and resorted to ye old parental bribe. If I was good she would buy me a toy, I was good and she asked me what I wanted and I saw comics on an in store rack and was intrigued so I pointed at it and it was a done deal. I had no idea who wolverine was or ghost rider or iron fist and if mom had a clue as to the contents she never would have bought it but i have been hooked ever since. I still remember this villain in the ghost rider story who had a magic lens that "showed him the truth" but really made everyone he looked at just seem like monsters, they were pretty graphic visuals.

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@Jordanstine:  I agree Falcon FTW
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@DiamondDog:    So I get the impression Jenkins had no clue that Rogue got deflowered by Gambit ages ago and that they had months of free sex in X-Treme X-men 
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@DH69 said:
I was waiting this entire time for Marvel to make a deal with Sunny D (the juice) and have adds where Sentry "unleashes the power of the sun!" or a fight between Sentry and Doc Ock in which the Doctor grabs Sentry and quotes himself from Spiderman 2 "I have the power of the sun in the palm of my hand"
Seriously though I agree with many people here that this felt very forced and makes no canonical sense and shouldn't further influence continuity.
Besides Rogue (notice where I placed that U, it comes after the G) has had sex plenty of times when her powers have been turned off. So her whole woe and angst thing is really beating a dead horse. It's not even dramatic anymore. Just look at X-treme Xmen, after the fight with Vargas if you want an example.
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  I agree Vampire Jubilee FTW!
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Office of Marvel's Internet Technician - a comic about their office IT guy
Only Magneto's in Interstate Traffic - why oh why didn't he follow mystique on to route 28