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They are really planning on screwing up her power control again?? Where was this hint dropped??

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I know that Moondragon and Phyla-Vell get together at the end of Captain Marvel issue #25 to traverse the galaxy.. But after that I'm not sure which comic titles to follow their exploits and romance. Anyone have a listing of what issues that is in? And when Moondragon comes out regarding her sexuality?

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I'm hoping the scarlet witch will eventually repower her. Tho Dani seems quite competent without them. I'd really like to see her maintain her asgardian powers on a permanent basis rather than temporarily each time.

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@Tempest55 said:
What would you guys recommend for a new reader to pick up about Mrs. Marvel, any TPB's or story arcs specifically?
Its Ms. Marvel , not Mrs. Marvel
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Right now, as it stands... She would be pretty useless against a group of stronger mutants, if she has noone else backing her up, whom she can touch to absorb powers from. So shes usually stuck using her martial arts fighting. And if she is able to seize the opportunity, steal a power from one of the enemies. 
Otherwise she is SOL. However, it seems she has always conveniently pre-absorbed a power or multiple powers before going on missions even. Or absorbing a power from whatever teammate is temporarily incapacitated during battle.
I really don't know what i think of her, its too random of a dynamic really. No consistency at all.

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@EnSabahNurX said:
@zerophyte said:
I dislike Rogue's current power limitation and in that all powers she absorbs have a time limit, and if she excessively uses said "absorbed power", then it'll drain and disappear alot quicker.  I really hope the writers will bring the concept back where Rogue was able to review and recall past power templates she had absorbed. That would make her more useful in the long run and a more interesting character.   That or at least give her back one permanent power template in addition to her absorption ability.
Bring back ms marvel's power set, they took the kick out of rogues power, I'm all for her having her current limited power if she had a default power set to go along with it
Exactly. But how would she reacquire that power set without putting Ms. Marvel back into a coma? Unless Professor X alters something in her mind, maybe she will be able to recall past powers again. But to make things fair, maybe she should only be able to use one power at a time, not multiple. 
Nevertheless, it seems to me that they have replaced the strong female character type(Rogue) with Frenzy(Joanna Cargill).
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So Xavier looks and is physically younger than Magento now.. Tho Magneto, depending on where he is depicted, still looks like he is in his prime. I imagine Magneto's magnetic powers have somehow affected him on a molecular level and has slowed his aging considerably, or am I incorrect there?

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So how old is his current body?? 40's??

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When was Xavier cloned and transfered into a new body?? I must have missed that bit.

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Jubilee's appearance in X-23 #12 was awesome.. 
At this point, I really don't care if she gets repowered by Scarlet Witch or remains a Vampire. Shes good either way. I do like her fangs and red eyes, in combination with her costume, just looks slick badass.. ^_^