Mutants before Namor

Namor was always praised as the first mutant, but over time many other came up that lived before him. This list is about them.

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Posted by Providence

Good list. Mr. Sinister is not a mutant though.

Posted by Providence

No problem. :)
Romulus is also pretty old, a couple of thousand years perhaps. The members of Clan Akkaba are most likely all mutants too if you care to add them to your list. All of them were born in the 19th century. Of course all of them died before Namor was even born, so I don't know if you would want them on your list. Frederick Slade is definitely still alive though.
Frederick Slade
Hamilton Slade
Jack Starsmore
Kabar Brashir  
Margaret Slade

Posted by Zeraphyne
@Providence: Thanks a lot for your input! That helps a lot to improve my list. One question though: Romulus doesn´t seem to be a mutant, at least, he is not listed as one.
On the other hand, if he is the first of his kind (Lupus sapiens), he has to be a mutant (sort of). I think, I´ll not include him. But the others will defintely join the list!