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That prince batman soundtrack is so funky good. PARTYMAN! Kinda surprised Batman: TAS theme isn't on this list...

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Maybe these 3 are the new JSA? Nobody needs to know the old guys right? right? Seriously, I was expecting to see the JSA, but maybe they will be on the normal cover like some are suggesting. The coolest thing about this cover is: batman + sticks. Please let it be Grayson, I miss him as Batman.

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I don't know about this, there is enough backstory in watchmen already. I'll probably pick up Rorschach by Brian Azzarello since I like his books. Michael Straczynski is an interesting name, maybe he'll turn Dr Manhattan in a walking smurf like he did with superman in the epic story arc grounded.

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I have nothing against Liefeld but what I really don't like about this, is that he's replacing Higgins on Deathstroke. Okey it started off slow but it's getting better and better so I feel really sorry for him that DC decided to take him off the book, Nightwing proves he's a good writer. According to an article on IGN with Liefeld, he already wanted to do deathstroke 2 years ago so why didn't they put him on deathstroke in september? Save everyone the trouble.

As for hawkman and grifter, they were both on my pull-list in september and now not any more so yes those books are in desperate need for new creative teams, whether or not Liefeld will fix things remains to be seen. Something I've also wondered is, why doesn't Jim Lee do grifter? Didn't he create the character?