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@crazyasahatter77 said:
" There is just nothing good about this. DC and WB is different then Disney and Marvel. For one WB, while it does have Looney Tunes does not put those characters out there as there main audience grabbing material, while Disney has built an empire from being family friendly. I just can't help but think that later on down the road that Disney will think that the gruff and sometimes gritty image that Marvel can portray at times will hurt that family image they have made and decide that Marvel will need some serious overhauling. I may just be a bit paranoid, but its just a travesty in my mind that they sold out. "
You know Kevin Smith? His films aren't exactly "family friendly", yet all of them have been released by Miramax, a wholly own subsidiary of Disney.
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@crazyasahatter77 said:

" This is a tragedy. A company that has stayed a float this long, even after the whole comics crisis in the 90's and the near bankruptcy to be bought by the "family friendly" Disney Corporation. What out true believer's soon Wolverine will be skipping along with Mikey and Sabretooth will be having tea with the princess's. This may sound like a good deal to start with, but when things start to get watered down thats it. Things like Marvel Zombies and other such things will be a thing of the past. This just give me a bad feeling at the pit of my stomach. "

Disney is a media giant, not just the "family friendly" princess and fairy tale stuff. Pretty much nothing will change for Marvel creatively. Basically the only difference will be that Isaac Perlmutter will now have bosses to report to besides the Board of Directors.  
@kneel before doom said:

" @AngelFrost said:

" Seriously, I want to know why Marvel has done this deal ...  They have had several, successful films and franchises. The comic sales are doign good so I've heard. and the animated shows are doing really well.  Why? "
Why? who doesn't want to spend  4 billion dollars "
Marvel doesn't get $4B. Marvel is a publicly traded company, Disney is basically buying the outstanding shares from private and institutional investors, none of that money goes into Marvel.
EDIT: And now we may finally get to see a Captain America vs. Nazi Donald Duck fight.
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Any word on this?

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Digital comics as the primary distribution are inevitable, like everything else in print. If nostalgia is really that valuable to you then it should be no problem ponying up the extra money to purchase a print issue. If, however, as I imagine it will be for most people, the value of your nostalgia is less than what it'll cost to support the diminishing print market then your choice is economically trivial: digital.

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thirteenpixels said:
Yea it seems like using search for everything is pretty inefficient for simple things like filtering on a given property. ... [more]
I agree.
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Lord Sedrik said:
"I'll add a volume filter on the issue resource for ya in the next day or so.  Sorry for the delay, just trying to wrap another project up first."
Excellent, thanks.
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So I'm trying to come up with a good workflow for fetching the details of an issue given a <volume title>, <issue number>, and (optionally) , <year of issue>.

My first instinct is to do a query on the search resource with the resources parameter set to "issue" to filter by issues and the query string being "<volume title> <issue number>", however it appears no issues are ever returned by a query on the search resource. Is this an issue to be fixed?

Alternatively I would do:

1. Query on the search resource, filtered by volume, with the query string being <volume title>
2. If <year of issue> is provided, filter out volumes that have a start year after <year of issue>, I would also like to filter out volumes whose count_of_issues is less than the <issue number>, but that's not currently provided in the search results of a volume.
3. If the number of volumes after filtering is >1 then present info to the user so they can select the right one.
4. I would now have a volume ID, so I could query the volume resource for that specific ID
5. The volume resource would provide a list of issues, but selecting the right one would be a problem. The issue numbers are not provided in the response so I would have to iterate through the issues, getting their details until I found one with issue number = <issue number>. If the volume is say... Fantastic Four, in the worse case that would mean 563 GETs to find the correct issue.

So it would probably be best to provide the issue number in the issue list in the volume resource. Although it would be great if doing a search for "<volume title> <issue number> <year of issue>" and filtering by issue could return the possible issue IDs directly.

EDIT: Even better if I could do explicit filtering on the issues resource :)

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Lord Sedrik said:
"OK, the Search resource has been turned on.  Docs have been updated."
Great, I'm gonna see if I can start working on some projects this weekend.
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Lord Sedrik said:
"zengei said:
"Any word on when the ComicVine API will get a search resource like the GiantBomb API?"
I'll try to get it up this evening."
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Any word on when the ComicVine API will get a search resource like the GiantBomb API?