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Who takes it? I'll tally the votes in the end.

Aquaman vs Namor - NAMOR
Elektra vs Catwoman - ELEKTRA
Flash vs Quicksilver - QUICKSILVER (he just got his powers bach and is now one of the happiest men alive, Flash would die of envy)
Robin vs Jubilee - JUBILEE
Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern - SILVER SURFER
Thor vs Captain Marvel - THOR
Batman vs Captain America - CAPTAIN BUCKMERICA (he just can't let Steve down)
Spiderman vs Superboy - Spiderman (cause even if he would loose he would call Mephisto for help)
Storm vs Wonder Woman - MONICA RAMBEAU
Hulk vs Superman - RULK (he is written by Loeb)
Lobo vs Wolverine - Toolverine


Steel vs Iron Man - IRON MAN
Martian Manhunter vs The Thing - BEN GRIMM (and MM is dead right now)
Dr. Fate vs Dr. Strange - Doc STRANGE (he's just way cooler)
Hawkeye vs Green Arrow - KATE BISHOP
Thanos vs Darkseid - THANOS (he is dead and happy, how you want to beat that?)

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Otis Danger Johnson!

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da na na na na... Moon Knight^^
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I already survived my first few days here and I was able to collect a few points.

My favorite creators and Artists are:
Joe Madureira, Frank Cho, Brian Hitch, Mark Millar, Dan Slott, Art Adams, Robert Kirkman an a lot more.

My favorite books are:
Irredeemable Ant-Man, Dynamo 5, Invincible, Daughters of the Dragon, current Captain America, current Thor, Incredible Hercules, current Moon Knight, Mighty & New Avengers, Avengers Initiative, Y the last Man, the Walking Dead,  current Guardians of the Galaxy, current Hulk (it's just trashy entertainment^^), immortal Iron Fist, Wanted, Firebreather, Brit, the Ultimates, Foolkiller, Ms. Marvel, current Captian Britain,
Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Agents of Atlas, Invincible Iron Man...

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Taskmaster is now an outcast to the villian communitythey even put a bounty on his head.

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Toolverine was schooled by Namor and Namor is not strong enough to finally stop Thor.
And the ranking system here is more about popularity cause there is no way that batman could win a fight against Captain Britain. 

PS: it would be funny if Thor would put some dents into Logans skeleton. : P