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maybe the best option strategically is to have a family where you're not the only kid

so let's say a straight couple is somehow better than a gay couple, but a gay couple with at least 1 other adopted kid is probably way better than a straight couple where you're the only child. Just a theory.

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This was God's way of punishing him for believing in something that doesn't exist.

That or gay marriage. Yea, on second thought, gay marriage probably had something to do with it.

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OP, what if you were not adopted at all? Can you tell me how do you believe your life would have differed from the way it is now?

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Did he name himself that, or did people of Metropolis just start calling him Superman and he just decided to go with it?

I mean it's kind of weird already with his S not standing for Superman. I personally like the idea of his name not being too coincidental. (Then again is a pretty obvious name.) I guess when I put it that way, the S should be the basis for the name. ("my costume says S so I should pick a name that starts with that letter")

Also, how in the world did he get a base in the north pole? He built it himself?

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I would like Sonic to get a new comic not by Archie.

Besides that... Mega Man Star Force. I know there is a Mega Man comic but it's not Star Force which is a completely different universe with its own characters, and actually has a very strong story. (not to mention the MM comic is by Archie.)

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These top/best New 52 posts are always interesting to read.

I have a question, well two questions.

1) Is Hawkwoman her own ongoing and if not, which ongoings does she appear in?

2) What comic is the Powergirl stair scene from? And is it from the pre-52 or post-52 Powergirl? (it's not really clear from the blog, since it was apparently complimenting it for being funny)

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Wait so the game I'm supposed to design is not based on any currently existing superhero? :<

Why even make it a superhero game then?

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the Crisis Core opening is a simulation, so who knows whether falling on that train was the same as falling on a train.

Same goes for the Sepiroth/Genesis duel. They messed up the simulation room, but who knows whether all the other stuff could have happened.

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@Dragonborn_CT said:

anyone with even the bit slight of faith in any religion is either retarded or evil".

I spend my days wondering this...

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oh I only just realized a problem with Raven.. How does she see??