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I'm all for it. I don't think it's an great partnership when you essentially have to take so much away from Superman and essentially make him an underdog just so Batman can stand in the same room with him. And as other have said Superman is turned into an punching bag to prop up Batman further. That's so grating it's absurd. It's funny people complained about the trunks being outdated but won't even consider Superman breaking away from Batman. The anatongism and posturing is what's outdated and that's what you get with Batman and Superman. One hero always being demeaning and the most dramatic of all so much so his franchise took an huge bite out of the other and those themes powers on loudly into 2016. I wouldn't stop at Kal/Hal though, I'd pair him up all over the place. The more character interactions the better.

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Strange, you never said anything @lvenger. Im interested as to what your answer is to this question?

Personally I wouldn't say I'm a particularly creative person. That isn't my specialist area and I'm better on the drier boring stuff. My answer would be the same as Squalleon's actually

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Maybe I could see myself as an editor or a plotter but not as an artist or writer, I lack the talent.

I have some ideas about stories and directions I would take the Superman line but I am pretty sure everyone has.

But if I were hypothetically writing Superman, say his mainstream canon series, I'd try and do a similar approach that Pak took on his Hulk run. Big emotional storylines with epic action, battles and challenges that test the core of Superman's character physically and psychologically. All the while trying to generate the moral compass and voice for the character that writers like Grant Morrison and Joe Kelly, two of my favourite Superman writers, have done. I'd give him ethical challenges that would challenge his moral compass only to reinforce the true effectiveness of what Superman stands for and why he adheres to a higher standard of goodness.

Dial me in here. You are the vision that Superman desperately needs right now because he's different in all media he's in, no one ones who this guy is anymore. He's an dead beat dad in YJ, a gov't pawn in TDKR, an inept killer in MOS, evil in Injustice, mind controlled in Earth 2, an inconsiderate 'talks with his fists' asshole in JL: War, and now he's an compromised, bringer of death and destruction monster in his main books. Think about that, Superman vs the Elite wasn't that long ago and he was righteous, intelligent, proactive, and capable even if the story could have been better. We need that vision like a fish needs water but I challenge that he's heavily disliked in and out of universe. Supergirl and Superboy when he was around didn't want anything to do with him and so if you face him with nothing but obstacles, as he stands now, who would even cheer at his triumphant? He's an dick alot of people want to see ass get kicked, in alot of media. So I'd challenge he not only needs those moral challenges but examples of his morality already being effective, him already being admirable, examples of warm humanity, instances that creep you out and say "thank goodness Superman is here!" and mean it. Superman should make you think, he should be an thinking man himself with themes littered of quantum physics, ted.com talks, and the power of language legitimizing his other work and more importantly evolving the character. There is no reason Batman is the only one allowed to go to Hong Kong and have multiple mentors. Besides that I'm 100% in agreement with you because that voice needs to be clear and concise but adversity isn't the only means to get there.

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Like Superman said in MOS "Krypton had it chance!" Well guess what... So did the fans complaining about how everything should be identical to what they were raise with.

One of my favorite scenes btw :)

Superman/HOPEMAN committed genocide against Krypton's 2nd hope of coming back. He said they had their chance and didn't deserve another one so he annihilated his people in this clip like Synder and Goyer did against Superman's character.

As for the trunks, I'm glad he doesn't have them so my Superman can remain untarnished.

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I really hate that they made Superman rip Doomsday apart with his bare hands like the Sentry. I always lose interest in Superman when he kills and I had such an great time with Pak.

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I prefer him ten fold over Snyder though :D

That being said I think his strong suit is young Clark. His Zero Year, BM/SM and Secret Origins had moments that made me smile and tear up.

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His Batman/Superman sucks though.

WHat about the first arc? Did you hate that one too?

The first arc was a good start and the annual was enjoyable too.

The bickering and competition between these two heroes was fun because they were both young, inexperienced and arrogant but when that only gets more intense and more childish five years later, it kills it for me. It's a constant competition about who will one up each other. I mean look at the second arc for example. Superman "trolling" Batman, seriously?

Oh My God! This is what's starting to really bug me....I honestly feel the underlying theme of this book is Batman VS Superman and i Hate that!! I mean what happened to these two making the sarcastic jokes and playing off each other like they did in the previous series? And actually working together to stop a threat without it ending with them pitted against each other.

Fine bats vs supes is a hot topic but now their whole dynamic revolves around that and everyone knows how much it's been overused in the past couple of years. I really don't like it,about 30% of the time cuz there's a huge amount of PIS for obvious reasons and i dont like seeing supes jobbing and the rest of the time i just really miss the Friendship the old relationship between these two characters. IMO who would do what better and whos smarter than whom shouldn't be the basis of their relationship, there's mutual respect there...Well at least there was,smh.

I really want to ask Pak on tumblr what he feels about this whole Supes vs Bats craze,its literally spilling into every facet of continuity. Am i the only one absolutely sick of it??

No, I'm completely sick of it too. It hasn't existed for a long time but I miss them genuinely being...well friends. You should ask Pak this though, I'd be interested in what he said.

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That Max Landis Joker story tainted the book with it's gritty, edgy shit worst than the Demonlisher story line. That guy wasn't Superman even a little bit which is highly disappointing seeing as how Max Landis is pretty passionate about this character. There are definitely good stories in AoS like this past weeks and I believe there is far more good than bad but like Sano said, it's fairly inconsistent. Definitely worth checking out though, for sure.

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@lvenger: Many people aren't going to know what you mean by that because they don't get Superman to begin with, are much into death worship, and/or don't feel MoS was an bastardization of him that eroded an icon right before our eyes for this generation going forward.

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I think it could not only work but work well if they just got the stick out their ass and added in some levity. Not everything needs to be Batman serious. Clark can be goofy and has a sense of humor. Lighten the hell up. Have Mera kick out Aquaman and come to stay with them or something. Have domestic settings, have them go to a concert or chase a shooting star, have Diana go through her god shit and have Clark be totally supportive and maybe even underhanded for her. Tell mythic stories with them both, have it be about their actions, what they do, instead of their characters. You can do character or character action based stories. It's like they aren't even trying to make it compelling.