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@ultron345: eh, it is nice to have a very unique and distinct art style on a mainstream DC book like Superman. Sort of like Capullo's on Batman. Romita's style takes some getting used to, but once you do, it is something to be appreciated. I wasn't too crazy about his art either, until I picked up his and Slott's Amazing Spider-Man.

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@longbowhunter: yeah. She was in Justice League International. Nothing since then though. At least, not to my knowledge.

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@dondave said:

This Carol and Kyle nonsense needs to die

Agreed. I've already dropped the book, which is a shame because I liked almost everything else about it. The "romance," however, is not just uncomfortable, but is just badly written. Jordan is trying way too hard for a bickering, office-romance type thing, but it just comes across as inorganic and forced.

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not a fan of inserting selfies, social media and related stuff into everything nor the new style on the cover for this book as the current style is perfect - Barbara is not a teenager

You'd be shocked by how many people in their twenties do this as well.

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@tattacus said:

"Barbara allows herself to be immersed in youth culture for the first time"

Wait, how old is Babs in the New 52? I figured that since Killing Joke is still in continuity, and it apparently took her a few years after being shot to regain her mobility, that she was probably pushing 30. Seems like maybe the time for Babs to experience the "youth culture" has passed.

That's what I'm not getting. If she's going to be a teenager now then is this gonna be cannon?

Um...I don't think she's going to become a teenager. the moniker "youth culture" applies to more than teen life. The "youth" of today applies to those who are in their early to mid twenties, which is probably where Barbara is at.

Let's say she started out as Batgirl at 17. Okay, so she is Batgirl for two years until she's shot by the Joker at age 19. Then she spends three years in the wheelchair and then regains her ability to walk at the age of 22. And, since its been two years since the launch of the New 52 (assuming she's aged in real-time), lets say Barbara is now 24 going on 25. That is plenty young enough to be experiencing the "youth culture" to which Stewart and co. are referring.

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I hate fake Ultimate Nick Fury

Yeah, me too. I really dislike how Marvel has morphed from the universe I loved reading about into the movie universe, which I have no interest in reading about.

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@captainmarvel4ever: Uh, sorry dude, but isn't that kind of the point of making Billy rough around the edges? Yeah, he's a brat, but that's the point. He's not inherently nice or even necessarily good, but he's slowly learning how to be and learning how to open himself up to a family. That's what Geoff Johns is getting at when he writes Billy the way he does in the New 52. He wants reader to see Billy transform from the bratty loner we started out with into the kind, sweet kid we remember from pre-New 52. And, you know, that is kind of how people in his situation would act like in real life.

I mean, isn't that what we look for in relatable heroes?

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@kivatt said:

Oh God, I forgot Forever Evil was still as thing. Can this be known as the worst event ever? It's worse than Ultimatum for me

Eh...Fear Itself comes to mind. That thing just devolved into a series of random fist fighting through the streets of Manhattan. At least FE is still trying to tell a story.

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In this weeks edition of essential Marvel comics, we have........

LOL! Well, Marvel...and Batman.

Ironically, this week is an exclusively DC week for me, which is odd:

Action Comics

Batman Eternal

Justice League United

Future's End

Superman: Doomed

Although, I'm sure I'll find something from Marvel to pick up while at the comic shop.

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I refuse a Captain Cold stand-alone series. Now give me a series of the Rogues and I'll agree with you any day of the week.

I realize that there are about a gazillion Batman-books already, but I would really love to see a Red Robin series. Especially since Nightwing is getting cancelled.

And getting replaced by Grayson...