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I have been loving this arc. This issue caught me a little off guard but I gotta admit that it was incredibly well written. And that final battle with Joker....I could feel the intensity just dominating from the page. And that last line: "I'm just going to rest here a little while with my friend." That was pretty brilliant.

For years, I've always thought of the Batman-Joker relationship as one-sided where Joker directs all of his "love" toward Batman who only cares about Joker as a villain he needs to stop. But that line made me think "Holy crap. Batman actually does actually "care" about Joker on some level."

Overall, this was a very well written issue, with some risky choices that caught me off guard when I first read it, but I can respect that. I sincerely hope this isn't the end of Snyder Batman.

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@dernman: can't we try to discourage hating on this site. Seriously, dude, if you don't like something then just don't comment. Let the fans enjoy it.

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@jwalser3 said:

@sammo21: It's better then GotG.

lolllllll not even close

Yeah. I gotta agree with jwalser3. Marvel literally just put a red leather jacket on Chris Pratt and called him Star Lord. And, yet, nobody batted an eyelash at that???

The only one I really DON'T like is El Diablo's look.

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Some I like. Some I'm a little disappointed with. Boomerang, Rick Flag, Katana, and Enchantress look pretty spot on. I'm on the fence with Deadshot. Croc looks decent, but would be better if he were greener. Hopefully his mutation makes him more reptilian-looking as the movie progresses.

At the same time, though, Star Lord went from this:

to legit just a red leather jacket and jeans:

Also, am I the only one who remembers how Chris Evans' Captain America uniform in the first Avengers looked like something I could have picked up at a children's costume store.

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It wasn't as good as Guardian's or the first Avengers. It was on par with Iron Man 3. I think they ruined Ultron by making him comedic. That would have been ok if the Avengers were all serious all the time. But having a comedic villain and comedic heroes, was just overkill.

It also felt like I had skipped a movie. I thought Tony "retired" at the end of Iron Man 3, and the Avengers team walked away after the first one. The opening of the films yes as if they had not stopped being a team.

Awwww. Iron Man 3 sucked.

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Remove the grills and the face tattoo and I'd be fine with it.

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Cue the gloating of Marvel fanboys who will conveniently forget that both Ant-Man and Thor: Dark World lost their initial directors.

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1) I literally just googled that and there is actually nothing on that topic to be found. Are you making things up again? Probably. It sounds like you. Oh. I see what you were referring to. The fact that Johns posted that he was rereading a John Stewart comic and that he'll be popping up in Justice League. Yeah, the thing about that is this: HAL IS BACK ON THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! That's why John is popping up in there. Of course it makes sense that we'd see John make an appearance in Justice League because Hal (aka head of the Green Lantern Corps; aka John's boss) is starring in that title. So, who do you think is actually gonna be in the movie: the guy who's ON the team or the guy who's only making a guest appearance.

2) I don't owe anyone an apology for not liking John Stewart. He's a fictional character and I have as much a right to dislike him as I do to dislike hamburgers. You can't change my opinion, and if you think that you need to "take me down", then you seriously need to take it down a notch. Guess what? I think John Stewart sucks. I don't like him. You can literally do nothing to ever change my mind. Like, honestly, do you think I'm the least but intimidated by this?? Please, who acts like this about another person NOT liking something. And, FYI, what you're doing right now is the definition of personal harassment, which is not allowed on this site.

3) I literally just lost a family member to cancer this week so I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR YOU. Just leave me alone.