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Wow. Really not blown away by any of these.

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@g_leno said:

wow, post Convergence, DC replaced a lot of titles with a lot of crap. I'm down from 11 DC titles to 5. Buck your ideas up DC, no wonder Marvel are winning the sales.

LOL. DC is pretty much just publishing the same titles. Almost all of the ones that were canceled have been replaced by similar (or at least similar-sounding) titles. All they've done is add a bunch of new ones.

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Pak and Kuder's Action Comics has been nothing short of amazing. I truly think its one of the more under appreciated titles out there right now.

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wait, why are they enemies? i don't think i ever heard why they are in the comics

The Post-Crisis version of Eobard Thawne becomes a villain because he was very much a fan of the Flash, and gained the same abilities by replicating the experiment that gave Barry his powers. Upon traveling back into the past to meet his hero, Thane sees that he's destined to become a villain and it messes with his mind. I think he then actually did the things he did to Flash because he thought it would make Barry a better hero: motivating him through tragedy. I could be wrong on that last part, though.

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@delphic: Ironically they were actually based on the actual Justice League. I think they might pre-date the Syndicate.

No. The Syndicate came first. By about 5 years.

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I'm surprised people are getting so worked up about the possibility of Kyle dying. Since when has the fact that a character has been around for a long time kept them from being killed off? Also, I thought these were actual sneak peaks at the comics, not just teaser comics. I'm not saying that DC is definitely killing off Kyle, but its not a complete impossibility.

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All of the sneak peaks so far have been pretty great. They got me to pre-order this title, Green Arrow #41, Midnighter #1, and Starfire #1.

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@dernman: I'm just saying that if you don't like something, why even bother? People constantly "hating" on things is tiring to be around.

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I have been loving this arc. This issue caught me a little off guard but I gotta admit that it was incredibly well written. And that final battle with Joker....I could feel the intensity just eminating from the page. And that last line: "I'm just going to rest here a little while with my friend." That was pretty brilliant.

For years, I've always thought of the Batman-Joker relationship as one-sided where Joker directs all of his "love" toward Batman who only cares about Joker as a villain he needs to stop. But that line made me think "Holy crap. Batman actually does actually "care" about Joker on some level."

Overall, this was a very well written issue, with some risky choices that caught me off guard when I first read it, but I can respect that. I sincerely hope this isn't the end of Snyder Batman.