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@CortSether: Lmao his own powerful creation with vast reality warping power battled an weakend him b4 this happenend thats like saying Big G's givin too much credit fighting the beyonder with an empty stomach makes no sense.
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@Hedatary: yes us watching them fight would cause a galaxy to be destroyed not them our eyesight is the cause. nice response. im going with team 1 jims not any ol reality warper hes 1 of the top reality warpers an hes not stupid like myx. so intelligence an power is ripe here an jims got it im not takin away from corvac or evil jean but REALITY WARPING.
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@Buckshot:  im very sure as long as he has a lock on supermans molecules the speed of light or ftl in ur case only applies to how fast molecule man would want to react. not sayin hes that quick but sencing his molecules an takin control seems like a dominate idea
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@Ball Buster: Wow thats like saying galactus asked jubilee for help getting terrax under control. did eternity have a hand in dormammu or simply ask doc to help cause i dont see doc in odin or surturs level let alone saying some1 who can take dormammu can take som1 who killed odin