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Yeah, you people don't know what the fuck you're doing. There are so many other Batman stories so much better than this crap.

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Guess what, nobody cares. Seriously, how has this comic not been canceled already?

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I agree with Pixelized here. I would probably go out of my way to read this, than use it as a last resort as I do now, if she didn't live in that thing. Now, I could respect if Dynamite could even make up a decent excuse, but it's just ridiculous. But on the plus side, they do show guy warriors with about as much clothing too, besides capes/robes, which is a relief after seeing a new trailer for the umpteenth game with guys as walking, armored tanks, and everyone else looks like they may just as well be going to the beach, rather than going to kill Cthulu, or whatever.
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Wait, you guys just got news about this?! HA! I despise IGN for their lag time in news, and even THEY beat you guys! They announced this crap many months ago.