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@syapt: I like development such as that.

Now I want Trinity to get her just because they're so opposite!

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Put the word out; tell Mercy I'm lookin' for her.

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In the time since Ambrosius' unexplained absence, Arturia searched all ways she'd known how in trying to locate him, but, those yielding no results, she had eventually given up on the endeavor, assuming the worst - that he just didn't want to be found. She'd since found some measure of solace with her self, being convinced to forget about him almost entirely, but his reappearance was perceived almost immediately through an esoteric, unconscious connection inadvertently established some time before they had ventured separately to the "Land of Fables."

This connection snapping him back into her mental focus, Arturia decided immediately that she could not pass up the opportunity. As he had found her location, her locating him was nigh immediate, in no small part due to the brief energy disturbance.caused by the portal that heralded him.

Feeling a little mischievous, Arturia kept her back turned toward him, acting natural and pretending not to notice anything aside from her other "business" in the area. She waited for when he would inevitably approach her and she could attack him with a spinning elbow out of feigned surprise.

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So, I never felt a personal investment, but a thought did occur to me, as a curiosity. In these KoV things, when you get kicked out, is there, like feedback or anything, some kinda system? I don't mean like a "this is why your opponent made it and you didn't" thing, but like, "general impressions of your writing, what you did well, and what could be improved upon?" And if not, is that because it'd be hard and/or time-consuming or something, or just because no one ever felt like it?

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I'm feeling like a lot of things right now, like...on a whim, I want to do so many things.

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@kitsune_squad: Oh, wow. If you wanted, I'm sure I'd be happy to take you up.

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Oooh....Well, more interest is bad for me, but....

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@legacy_: If I'm VP, you know this plot'll go a lot smoother!

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@pyrogram: So you can hurt yourself? Please, do give us something to laugh at you about for today.