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"Huh. I guess some people are just different," Arturia mused, regarding their differences with respect to the care of architecture vs. the people. She had grown without much herself, and spent much of her time as a vagabond, but while she would never admit it, and in truth possessed a particular fear of them, people fascinated Arturia; she'd always wanted to be close to them. Often, to be them. This constituted one of the primary reasons she enjoyed traveling so much, not particularly bothered with not having a home, most times.

The initial presentation of the ring was met with a blank stare, Arturia being unsure herself of the typical implications of the band in many human cultures. She did, however, understand one thing, this assumption prompting her to a suspicious, squinting scrutiny of his face and body language for clues. He wanted something or he was making up for something; either way, he was softening her up. The thought of it caused her to shudder with nervousness, considering how she felt she owed him for bringing another into his life without warning, and the condition she left his home in, of which he unknowingly continued to guiltingly remind her. Nevertheless, she took the ring, examining it herself for a moment before slipping it onto her finger. A perfect fit.

"Hey!" The flame's manifestation gave Arturia a quick start for just a second while it lasted, and she instantly teleported away from the bench, a few feet in front. Aside from her natural disdain for smoke, she'd never gotten over a fear of fire, which she had kept hidden. Her lip, twisted up in a sneer, was quickly corrected into a rather neutral smile. "Yeah, I better come with you so you're safe," she muttered under her breath. "Wait til you get a load of me." Her closing remark yet another cryptic reference to her alter-universe counterpart, she sincerely hoped they would get along just as well. Only time would tell, she thought as she conjured up two separate portals for the two, one designated smoking, the other, not disgusting.

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"Of course. should've figured as much, traveling with an old human," Arturia poked, accompanying him to the bench, maintaining a gentle hold on him as he sat, pretending to the notion of one helping an elder. Regrettably, his offer, or request, to enter her mind would be met with refusal. "I...don't really like anyone else inside my head." As she herself sat, she brought her feet upon the seat and wrapped her arms around her legs, hugging her knees to her chest.

"New York is damaged goods, Ambro. It might all look spectacular - it's supposed to - but it's really not so great. The architecture?" Realizing the frankly judgmental way she'd been speaking, she shrugged off her own remarks, making an attempt to dial it back. "I mean...New York, Chicago, it's all the same to me. I don't care about architecture. I care about things and people. Whatever you want is just as fine."

Not wanting to linger awkwardly, or to offend, she thought to point out suddenly, almost proudly, "Y'know, I used to sleep on this very bench. And others around the city. The world."

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How annoying...

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Wait a minute. I know I made a post here a few hours ago. -____-

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@nevermore_: Oh! For when you get back.

The 10% of our brains thing is a myth. Totally not true.