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Arturia shrugged, waving her arms in a mock surrender. She wore a demure grin, almost giggling as she asserted her innocence. "I'm not sure what that's meant to imply, Mister...since we're not on a first name basis I guess I'll call you Goldilocks. Or Goldie. I assure you, Goldie, that I am in no way harmful to anyone, and if all people were to assume as you do that a beauty is inherently threatening the human race would've died off a long time ago.

"So, y'know...Cut a girl some slack. Lighten up. I'd offer you a drink but I really don't know about all this...." She waved her hand out over the city.

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Oh so he's the throne type? That's just great, she said to herself, thoughts drenched with sarcasm.A throne out of nowhere usually indicated one or more of a number of things; most often tied to gods or royalty of some sort. Either way he was stained with the mark of an entitled hedonist.In a way, Arturia figured, he was kinda like her. And I hate it.

"You can assume whatever you want. Depends if you've got plans to do with your assumptions what matters to me." Likewise she seated herself, but upon her own telekinesis rather than anything solid. Mimicking his royal posture just as well, she hovered in the air alongside him. "But I will safely say I've been a student of many things. So at the very least, know I've done my reading." Sifting the bullshit from the truth was another matter; but even that came with practise.

"How about you then? Can I assume you're naturally distrustful and the slightest bit threatening to everyone you meet, or do you consider me 'an exception?'" With the constant threat looming, the slightest tinge of displeasure peeked out from under her lighthearted gamey demeanour.

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Blatantly mimicking his placid demeanor, she folded her arms, tossed her hair and dropped alongside him. Her face balled slightly and she pouted with her lips, though it was clear she was being facetious.

"Outta luck, huh? Then I guess that makes two of us. If you understand magic you know you'll rarely if ever get something for nothing."

Something for something. That was the law of the world, as she understood it, from the day she was born. Rare exceptions. And names, as trivial as most people thought of them, were of profound importance. Names were often knowledge, and as the old adage goes...

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@dreadpool10: [It just hit me before work that first morning. Did a quasi-update on her bio and it just kinda stuck.]

As always when meeting new persons, Arturia was on edge. Not in the skittish, fearful way as she used to and as was still the habit of her native-to-this-universe twin, but always just as distrustful even if not visibly so. Her eyes flitted once back and forth between the aetheric disturbances and the man in front of them. Even ignorant of what exactly they were, she empathetically noted a tinge of aggression.

Arturia felt no fear. She faced down Kratesis the Godslayer without a second thought, and thereafter endured an extended period of training and aggression from the same. But she did take further steps to mentally prepare herself just in case things turned toward conflict.

"Of course I have a name. I'm sure you do too." She was the slightest bit teasing. "And of course, a girl can't just give up her secrets. Not for nothing."

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@dreadpool10: [No more excuses!]

"No, stop!" Arturia smacked the rock from the hands of her twin, snatched it up and tossed it over the roof. A second later it exploded overhead, deposited a hundred feet above by a portal.

"Jesus, if you don't have this already..."

"Yeah, I get it," the other shot back. "I thought the point of this 'teaching' thing was to help me with what I haven't mastered. Ten to one nobody ever improved their skills with words like that."

"Fine, that's why I had you practice on a plain old rock," she said with a smile. She wasn't phased by the dissent and in fact some part of her was rather pleased that her other had the guts to stand up to an extent. "The nature of magic exists between balance and ruin." She reached her hand into her shirt and pulled a crimson jewel. "You have to keep your mind calm. In order to control mana, you must first control your mind. Lose control and the mana will rebound back into your body. Like what you just did." She pointed up, referencing the explosion. "Too much power in the wrong form will harm not only you, but those around you as well. Strive to consistently maintain the proper flow. You must be in control and elegant at all times. If you don't have this already it's a wonder you survived til now."

Set to put on a demonstration, she started putting energy to her own jewel, which began to take an effervescent glow. Dim, but growing. Her face was highlighted with a ruby glow, and then—

—she stopped.

A presence.

Not in the same space as they, but nearby. Abnormal. A shifting in the wind. Arturia placed the jewel back where it belonged and looked around. The world faded, its colors becoming a dim grey and black. Her perceptions shifted to the Astral Plane and she saw beyond her eyes. The aura of her twin shone, as did her own. In the streets she saw the faint glow of others. But those were not her concern.

She focused on the rooftops. It wasn't long before she found him. She shifted her mind's eye back and forth for confirmation. Visible in the astral sphere but not with her eyes. Magic? Perhaps.

She issued a mental command to her sister.

"Get scarce."

Sensing the same things, she vanished as told.

Arturia set her sights back on the people-watcher, flew to the same rooftop and sauntered in behind him. She didn't look directly at him but gazed at nothing in the air. "You hiding for a reason, or...?"

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He's got a thing for alliteration.

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I wouldn't consider it a hard overhaul, and there's still more work to be done, but for now I'm satisfied.

There was a part of me that didn't think I'd ever revise that bio.

And now I'm in a mood for her. Plus pugnacious.

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Gonna read the OP in a bit. Just wanna offer this one piece of advice:

Don't do that thing the "let's bring back supernatural stuff" crew always does; don't make it a point to segregate yourselves from everything.

Obviously you can do what you want, and there'll likely be a degree of "we're different" basis of quasi-apartness, but I think if you wanna do it and have it last more than the initial excitement phase, its chances are greater if you integrate at least a bit with the world. "Separate, but the same world," in a way.

I'd elaborate but I had a long day and I'm tired.

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@zauberin: Ah, I see.

No harm in making another one, though.

None at all! Just wanted to point it out. In case there were any doubts about feasibility of conception. Personally I like the idea enough that it'd be cool to see more than one ever anyway.