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@ambrosius: Taking the crown and necklace in a telekinetic grip as she departed, Arturia took a final glance over her shoulder and smiled. Hearty and full, it doubled as an attempt to cover the wonder and worry that he hadn't decided to help her. For that instant she fought hard against the thought that, as much as he cared for her, either he feared Santiago more or his care simply wasn't enough. She couldn't afford those kinds of feelings. "Thanks," she said, and then she turned away.

Elsewhere, her curious twin listening in took in the Portuguese sorcerer's words; her distance from the relationship gave her a clear mind for the circumstances of their relation to one another. Most notably, clear ways the crown would factor into her own goals and those of the two of them as a duo, as well as a certain element of...caution. Distrust? Fear? After a moment she brushed those thoughts aside, minding her twin carefully to ensure that, no matter what her course of action, she'd make it out of the ball alive.

Looking to remain inconspicuous, Arturia dropped her new gifts into a portal to elsewhere before making her move. As she fired, neither target seemed to take notice even as the curse washed over them. Clear. She stood a moment to observe the effects.

-- --

Although she'd never experienced the class of dance bred by the music, Nastya grasped the rhythm and flow almost immediately via intuition and the lead of her partner. Despite the close proximity she seemed to forget all about her nerves just prior when faced with Santiago. Rhythmically in sync, they moved as one, perfect unison personified. With each dip, each bend, every step and twist, she half-consciously worked to figure the ways such dance moves might possibly be incorporated into an unlikely combat scenario. Force of habit.

If Santiago missed a step, it wasn't in her to notice on her own; almost instantly after the curse started to affect him, the spell struck her as well, lightly resisted by but still managing to bypass her body's natural defenses and healing capabilities. She smiled, glad it was he who called it off first. "Sure thing," she started to tease, barely hiding her own distress, "I get that it can be hard to keep up with me. You're not the only one." Internally, as her own spirits began to dampen, legs going slowly numb, she struggled with a worry that her own inexplicable fading might have been due to some problem with the genetic tampering involved in her making.

"I'll just head back to the bar where we were sitting and wait for you, and if you want." And she too started away from the dance floor, whispering a quiet consolation over his shoulder. "If it's bad enough, if you want we can make like Eric Clapton; get outta here and get you to bed. Still, you were wonderful tonight."

-- --

There it is. Although neither of her targets seemed to notice it for the mutual timing and effect of their condition, for Arturia the change was as clear as the night sky. Time to make my move. Her claws prodded gradually through her evening gloves, tearing tiny holes in the fingertips. Bracing a hand and knee on the rail, she readied to pounce from the upper level, but just as she pushed off a hand on her shoulder forced her back.

"I wouldn't be so foolish." The face was different, but the voice was the same as hers.

"Why not?" she complained. "It's the whole reason we're here."

Sighing, the more experienced demoness shook her head. "I'd say we've done a good enough job already. So far. We'll get them. But not here." She pulled her to face, her grip tightening ever so slightly, mildly threatening. "You wanna attack the head of one of the world's biggest corporations right here in front of this many people? In their city, no less? Look, if it was just you I'd let you commit suicide however you wanted, but while you're sharing my face, I'd appreciate you avoiding our mutual destruction." Not to mention the moon. Tonight you probably couldn't take them out and make it out clean through all these people. God knows half of 'em are probably muties or in their pocket anyway. She kept that thought to herself.

"Give it time," Arturia urged. "Let it wear on them, and we'll get them somewhere more private when the time is right."

Arturia paused and considered for a moment. Without much to show for the occasion, it felt almost like a wasted night. Then why even go through all the trouble? she scoffed. Could've at least told me from the start. Half-swayed by the position presented, half by the looming threat her better self presented, she relented and nodded in begrudging acceptance. "...Fine. I'm gonna find Ambrosius and we're leaving." No more words, the two parted in separate directions.

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I understand that fully actually, that was specifically really important for me and how I wrote Kurt. People like Abigail, and a few Puzzler characters (and Closure) were like the only people who helped me get his voice. It was only until the very end of his life with the MVP stuff where I could write him with anyone consistently, and that's probably only because Psy was writing with me and she helped me push his storyline with Sangria and Xia. You're too right about the clique thing!! We all enjoy writing with certain people. We all have best friends in real life, no different here.

The problem with Stark is, I feel, after reading what you said, he alienates all of his friends eventually. He doesn't have any staples or people to rely on. He needs to be internally written. I've started to write parts of his post in first person. That seems to help. Like I'm talking about his desires and goals. Maybe I'll do that more. It's just so hard to get Stark to connect with people, because literally, he pushes everyone away in the end with his nature.

Stark doesn't need to connect with anyone. He just needs to be an asshole.

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@satar: Umm, she was mad.
I had to record my initial reaction as soon as I read it because as I was going through all these feelings just kept coming, it was like a roller coaster and I was a pregnant woman on mood swings! "Ooh, he wants her.....What, experimentation!? Imprisonment!? Bastard! Wait, how'd he know!? Ambro had to have told him! Bastard too!" And so on and so forth and I think she'd just be really mad because Santiago's been an a-hole to them both and seems really malicious to her.

Actually I forgot about the full moon thing until I read over the post again. Then I had to check the bio again because I wasn't sure if the full moon was power boost or drain.

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Arturia's eyes flashed, predatory, as she watched the pair of corporate royalty waltz off, hardly minding Ambrosius until the two were safely out of range. She was happy to see her friend after so long but she had no intention of using the time dancing.

"Wanted me?" she blurted in a harsh whisper. How could he even know about me? She cursed inwardly. That would also mean the game had not been hers the entire night. That she'd been figured out before she even made contact. For a moment she regarded Ambrosius in the same way she secretly had the others, with anger and distrust. He was the only one who'd known about her true nature, and the only way she could've seen her secret getting out. Slightly elongated claws dug into her palms and drew blood, making her anger at being played. And, more, for the thought of the scientist's plans for her. It was an insult, almost as much as the acts of holding and dissecting her itself.

Then he's the one, she guessed, casting a glance over her shoulder as they left the area. The reason for what they did. It made sense, from a certain point of view. And if there was any chance her previous capture and his desires were at all related...

But he couldn't have succeeded. At least, not in a way that would let him spread the results; Arturia would have starved long ago if that were the case. "Thank you." She patted him weakly on the shoulder and forced a smile, feeling a bit guilty for having doubted his loyalties, and for not being happier to see him after so long; and especially so for the fact that apparently their being connected meant even more trouble for Ambrosius. "And...sorry. Had I known he was giving you trouble, I'd have acted on him sooner instead of spending so much time on the others."

Just then she realized Ambrosius knew nothing of her vendetta. He'd given her what she wanted and she owed him a measure. "I never told you, happened." She sighed, leaning over the balcony and gazing at the night sky. "A while back. I was alone...Relatively. I hadn't fed in a while and I was in a hazy state, you know how I get when I don't feed." She recalled what she could of her mental state from the night she and Ambrosius first met. "I found my mark - or the mark found me, I don't remember - business as usual. Except I didn't get better. I got weaker instead of stronger, and I don't remember what happened next but I woke up in a lab God knows how much later. I don't know how long I spent there but when I broke away I found we were in Tokyo." Inclining her head toward him ever so slightly, she gave a weak smile. "So we've both been on the run. But I've also been hunting. Mixed rates of success. And now I'm here to finish it."

With that she pushed away from the balcony and started back for the ballroom, the added weight of Ambrosius's problems spurring her sense of urgency. "So he knows? Fine, then there's not really any reason to keep up the façade is there? The longer we wait the more disadvantaged we are." With or without his assurance she intended to return to the ballroom, to find both Santiago and Nastya. For one of her abilities it wouldn't be too hard even with such a large crowd.

No hesitation. She'd prepared for both of them a low level curse designed to wear, both physically and spiritually, on any with whom it made contact. Gandr manifested itself as a black sphere of energy about her hand, noticeable only to those with the means to readily perceive the supernatural. Marginally weak, it required no incantation but would likely be rather easy to recover from, with correct detection and proper resources. Further, though Arturia wasn't entirely aware, her weakest magics were her only access that night; for on the night of the full moon, she was less than half what she was on any normal day.

Careful to remain in the upper levels and hopefully out of sight lines, she set her sights on the Avalon pair, took aim, and fired twice.

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Sometimes it occurs to me that a course of action is not the wisest. Then I think "....she'd do it anyway."

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Gonna capture this feeling, hold on to it, and I'm gonna get my inital thoughts down. That way, even if I don't do the follow-up post tonight I can still have it when I do.

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Although she was mildly glad Ambrosius was to explain his relationship with Avalon, the response itself left her ambivalent. In some ways it would've been disappointing if he'd been affiliated with the company, and more than a little upsetting that she'd have had to dismantle his friendship. But she'd been hoping to learn something more valuable. In that, Ambrosius's response gave her nothing.

She was not alone. Whether due to intuition or simple lack of satisfaction with his answer, each girl felt there was more that the sorcerer wasn't saying. Nastya watched for cues in Santi's reaction just as much as in Ambrosius while Arturia's focus shifted inward.

As her friend stepped into her mind Arturia couldn't help but let out a soft giggle. Ironic, that it was he who was telling her to be careful around these people. She was more than aware, and briefly considered the ramifications should she have told him about her prior experience before deciding to keep that to herself until he gave up what he knew first.

Anastasia contented herself for the moment and seemed willing to oblige. "Okay then, let's dance," she said, pulling the Spaniard off away from the magical duo. Leaning in, she gave an affirmative nod before then whispering into his ear, her jovial guise dropping ever so briefly. "When we get back to HQ you have to tell me everything you can. Including an explanation for why I've been smelling him around my building if he 'can't be trusted.'" And within that same moment she was smiling again. The Tiger's Cub could be patient for a while.

Not so for the young soul-sucker; Arturia's mileage varied completely. So close. Apparently closer than she could have ever realized. The focus on her job, on her revenge, was so sharp that she practically dismissed the gifts in her mind. She would have been surprised herself, had she been conscious of the fact. And with the means to carry on all her own, she saw no need to wait. "Be straight with me, what's wrong with these people?" she asked, having not yet moved from her spot.

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Also really love the juxtaposition of similar tele-thoughts. Much more interesting than I thought.

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@satar: When you say "Olivia Wilde..." like that, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Or....both? >:) But considering you're generally a man of good sense I'm going to assume it's at least a good thing. [It was kinda perfect. I was reading your post and my initial reaction was somewhat similar to that when I realized "he's gonna call over Ambro!" And then as I was typing up Arturia's reaction I remembered somewhere I'd seen Olivia make that expression and I thought, "It's perfect! It has to go in."]

Hehee, he's soo sweet, I love it. I think...I won't kill him.
But I'm definitely lookin' for that book. A magical Palabra Del Dios? This is too much!

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I once heard a song called "No Me Diga."

@la_espada: When this is all done you should tell me what your though was because you've got me curious either way.