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@ambrosius: "...Fine," she sighed. "We won't retaliate just yet. But that whole 'running around until I clear my name' thing sounds like an exercise in futility, and very likely a waste of time. But," she relented, shrugging, "we don't have to talk about this right now.

"Sooo..." She turned and leaned back over the balcony. "What do you want?"

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"Goddammit Ambro, why'd you even have to mention it? It's not even nerves. I'm just saying...I'm not interested." She rolled her eyes, though her annoyance was mild compared to the fact she'd at least had someone. All things considered her twin scared her sometimes, especially when it was just the two of them.

Arturia's eyes flashed as Ambrosius clarified his position. "No," she shook her head. "Well...sure, we'll catch up, but you've been hitting the smoke a bit too hard if you think I'll just sweep this under the rug. If they're still after you, well they're my problem too. Use your magic however you want. If they come, I'll kill them for you." Only then did it occur to her to ask, "Why haven't you killed them yet? Why the running?"

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Leaning over the balcony with his forearms braced on the railing, Ambrosius' gaze momentarily rested on the beauteous image of his estate's lush gardens. Though it was succinct, a warm smile seemed to curl at the edges of his mouth before he turned to meet Arturia's glance, "No, don't worry", he clarified, calmly dismissing the notion before a subtle, but cheeky smirk found its way to his debonair features, "She's a bit of a tease though", he jested. 'What's Up?', she asked, a question he would have liked to answer with 'My pursuer's persistence and aggression for one'. But he refrained from doing so. "A lot", he began, "I'll go according to what I think is most important".

"Arturia", his voice softened, seemingly more as his smooth, Portuguese inflection hung in the air with its cool, low notes, "I know I'm barely around. Never being a more accurate way of describing it", he paused, "For a long time, I've been on the run. And during that time, I should have made more of an effort to find ways to come and see you here, but when you live for so long on the run, that's really all you know how to do. Be on the run", he confessed with a sigh and apologetic gaze as he held hers. A person better acquainted with physical intimacy may have reached for the succubus' hand, Ambrosius however, did not, as sad as it was. "And I do remember once promising to visit when I could. I never meant to break that promise".

"I don't want you to feel neglected. You need someone who wants to be around, for you. I'll make an effort to become that person", he smiled, partially teasing while genuine in his intentions. "All those gifts I give you", he resumed, "They're my way of saying that even when I'm being pursued and I'm busy warding off my attackers as I jump from dimension to dimension, I'm still thinking about you. So I got myself this", Ambrosius paused, bringing the back of his hand into view as he wiggled his index finger, highlighting the gold ring on it, "I understand that physical contact with a succubus can be difficult so I made this ring. It'll allow me to be more.. intimate without consequence", not necessarily that intimate, but no matter the manner of physical contact, nothing would disrupt it so long as he wore the ring.

"I've also realized that we know next to nothing about one another. Its a bit sad when you think about it", he teased with a relaxed laugh, "Especially when you consider that we live under the same roof. Seeing as how my situation has taken a surprising turn, I now have the time to rectify that". He wanted to inform her of how aggressive the Portuguese Ministry of Magic had become in their pursuit of him, however, he decided to bring it up at a later point.

Sighing, Arturia took a single step inward to close the distance between the two. Her discomfort at least as much as his, she nevertheless made the first move. She placed a hand gently on his shoulder, with just a little pressure as if urging him to face her, offering a soft smile, somewhat amused. "Ambrosius, you don't have to worry about physical contact. It's only dangerous if we're kissing or...well, things like that." She stopped there. No need to go any further.

"As for neglect, don't worry about it. We've all got things that're necessary." She thought back to her own issues with Magitek and, surprisingly, she was glad he'd spent time away. If not for his absences, he would've been around to notice hers."Better to get it out of the way first so we can have the time later, and. You know, as opposed to you dying. And, well, if it means free stuff..." "But if you have time...does that mean it's all taken care of? They're not bothering you anymore?"

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"Don't dwell on it, I call all my humans 'sweetheart,'" "Ylanis" echoed his earlier jest, "but I guess in this case I'll try and avoid what usually follows." She let the implication hang in the air, only slightly less teasing than she projected.

Standing aside, she observed with an approving nod as the two embraced; Arturia seemed the more hesitant of the two. She hadn't been there for most of it but general feelings surrounding them (and some memories sneakily peeked while she felt) led the distant twin to the idea that the level of physical intimacy she saw in the moment wasn't entirely common between Ambrosius and Arturia.

Stepping back, Arturia extended a claw and dug into her forearm, drawing a bead of blood before allowing the wound to close. "I've been fed," she reassured, raising her shirt to show her likewise clear stomach for good measure. Along with Ambrosius she turned to visually address her sister's presence; mostly for his comfort. Whatever passed between them, she'd most likely be in on, at least if the conversation took the turn she expected.

"Ylanis?" She shot her a questioning thought.

"Name of an old friend. Don't dwell on it." Oblivious. Her expression declined markedly at the thought. Neither had ever known their respective mothers, but she'd at least had the fortune to dream of hers. And if her feelings were to be believed, she'd once or twice established communication through ESP and visions. Snapping from her thoughts she regarded Ambrosius with a slightly vexed admonition, not yet shifting completely from the sphere of her private thoughts to the public projection. "That's the second time you've said 'Not to be rude, Ylanis' in about three minutes. I assure you autistic friendliness is more annoying than stepping out or asking me to go. Relax, sweetheart." Passing a glance between the others, Arturia excused herself. "I'll start looking into that thing you mentioned." Not the potion. She couldn't care less about the potion. A wish-granting creature was far more interesting, and could benefit her as well.

As her other vanished and she left with him for the balcony, Arturia shot her longtime distant companion a questioning glance. "'Sweetheart?' You two...aren't...?" Half-teasing, half-worried for both of them.

"So...what's up?"

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@ren_: Wow Mercy that's the fastest response I've ever seen from you on anything ever.

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@_grifter_: Stolen!

Also the other one because I may be able to crop that Supergirl into an acceptable av if I feel like a change and anything else I got doesn't go first.

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@ren_: Teams failed me. I hate teams. -____-

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Aww, he lost his daddy too!?

Getting drunk on hypothetical power...

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At this point I feel like "multiple times every day" doesn't begin to cover it. I get minimum many times every hour (discounting all the hours I'm not here/not active).

Easily not a timed issue. Of course the chances go up the longer you're on the page but it's not an "after this much time on the page you'll get the error" thing. I'd just gotten it again after refreshing a page and pasting a post, having not been on the page even five seconds after the previous refresh.

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Taking his hand, Arturia rose with him, twirling in turn before spinning back into a curtsy, pulling at the hems of her skirt. "Don't worry sweetheart," she teased with a playful wink, "I'm not that sensitive anymore. Hold on, she's coming..." She folded her arms while opening a telepathic line of communication, waiting...

Moments later the girl in question appeared in a haze of black. She wore an affectionate smile that broadened at the sight of him, in spite of the blood and wear on her outfit, otherwise nearly identical to her twin. "Well whaddya know? I guess this 'good luck crown' really works," she joked through a few strained breaths before straightening up. She was composed, but her face bore a trace of uncertainty under its smile. "Something the matter? How long are you in for?" She refrained from openly scanning him over for signs of damage or distress. Not worth worrying him. Not when she could feel the mix of ambient emotional energy circulating anyway.