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Name: Arturia Emina Esaith-Auttenberg

Age: 18

Birthplace: Unknown

Parents: Ylanis Esaith(mother), Hans Auttenberg(father)

Race: Cambion (Succubus/Human halfbreed)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 119 lbs

Eyes: (Natural) Blue

Hair: Black


Arturia is the daughter of demoness Ylanis Esaith and human catholic priest/magus Hans Auttenberg. It just so happened that the demoness was intrigued by the priest and made a play for his affections. Knowing full well what she was, he returned her sentiments, and they fell in love. Of course, that would be a first-class offense in the church's eyes, so they kept it a secret and saw each other in this way for a few months, after a while, she became pregnant. But another man, William Hager, who had previously seen Ylanis and desired her favor. He had a family of his own, but had abandoned all thoughts of them. A woman who would otherwise be on the streets and a Son of his own. Of course, he knew there was a bond between Hans and Ylanis, so he decided on a scheme. First, he would become a priest at the church Hans belonged to, and build up a friendship with him. Then he would talk to Hans, try to convince him that the demoness was playing him, using him for her own personal gain and pleasure. He said the church was onto them, and if Hans didn't stop, he would be implicated in the investigation and he would be killed along with the demoness, offering help if he recognized his sin and left the woman. William's plan to split them up didn't work. Hans wasn't having it and he resolved to take Ylanis Esaith to away from that place, somewhere they could raise their newly born daughter in peace. They arranged to meet at Hans' place of residence. But William had also planned for it and went to watch them. When they were both inside, packing, he set fire to the house and listened to their cries of anguish. When the fire died down, however, all was not quiet. He went to go inspect his work, and he saw a baby. It looked unscathed, but it didn't breathe or move. Neither did its heart beat. But when he touched it, it cried.

Instead of killing the girl, William planned to raise her himself. He was very superstitious and believed her survival meant something more, that she might be immortal. He left his position and moved to a location far away and raised her, having her believe she was a normal child whom he had saved from the fire, so she could do him no harm. Still, in the community, she was treated as an outsider by most, because something just wasn't "right" with her. She had absolutely no pulse or breath until the age of seven, to the puzzlement of anyone who happened to find out, not knowing what to make of it. Animals strayed away from her, and so did other children. Sometimes she was picked on. Even William himself treated her horribly. She was more a servant to wait on him and his family, or subject to harsh punishments for his amusement. There was one exception. William's son, Tomas, had grown up alongside Arturia, and she also trusted him. Even though Tomas was really supposed to be watching her, he actually started to care for her as well. They spent many hours a day together, watching the sky and talking, neither of them knowing the truth of her existence. Arturia first got a hint of her true origin when she started having strange dreams. Usually about a man and a woman in love. They were so happy together, even though no one wanted them that way. They found a way to be together. It was a tragic dream, always ending with a house on a hill. At first it just sat there, peaceful. The next moment it was on fire. She had this recurring dream nonstop for weeks. Always that same burning house sitting atop a hill on an otherwise cold night. One night, in her dream, she caught a glimpse of a dark figure hiding in the shadows and had the curiosity to see what it was, but was wary of getting too close to the fire. She ventured closer toward the figure and was shocked to see William at the house, lighting the match that started the fire. She tried to ask him what he was doing there, to stop him from whatever he was doing, but found she was unable to interact with the world. Wondering what was inside and seeing no harm could be done to her, she ventured inside the house. There she saw the man and the woman, huddled together, crying. They were covering something, a baby. Arturia stood right there and watched the man and woman burn from the inside, but saw the baby unaffected in nothing short of a miracle. So many questions ran through her head. Why would William do such a thing? Who were those people? Why do I keep dreaming this?

"Arturia!? What!?" Behind her, William stood confused as well, at first. Then he must've noticed something or come to a great realization, because he made a mad grab at her, but startled, Arturia awoke. That was the first time she entered another person's dreams. Afterwards, she became distant, even to William and Tomas. She rarely spoke when spoken to, and even then, gave brief, listless responses. William saw it as an omen of her finding out about her parents. He became fearful and suspicious, unnecessarily so. Arturia thought it a very bad dream, but nothing of what it really was. William wouldn't take the chance and wanted to make sure she couldn't come after him. He ordered Tomas to make sure she couldn't, to get rid of her. He told him what she was and that his feelings were nothing but a fabrication that she used and would use him for until she tired of him. Tomas wouldn't believe this at first, but was pointed to how Arturia no longer spoke to him but had grown cold towards him. Tomas grew very upset thinking his feelings were for naught and turned to anger. One night he snuck into her room, a sneer on his face, a wicked look in his eyes, and tried to force himself upon her, hoping to get something for all his feelings, even if they weren't real. Things didn't go as planned and ended up with Tomas lying on the floor, having died mysteriously. Arturia was overcome with disbelief. She couldn't believe Tomas would try such a thing, but was even more surprised that he had died. Even more than that, she was surprised to find herself feeling stronger and more alive than before; she'd gotten some sort of satisfaction from it. After a moment of silence, William ran up, hoping to find the girl dead. He was completely dismayed and horrified to find that the reverse had happened. But he thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick. He told Arturia to pack her bags and prepare for them to leave.

While she was packing, however, William secretly went outside the house and set fire to it in the same way he did before, intending to leave her just like her parents. Arturia was immediately drawn back to her dream and panicked, her chest getting tight and being unable to breathe. All exits had been blocked and, seeing no way out, Arturia huddled and began to cry, wishing she was somewhere else. The sounds of the flames crackled around her, the heat making her grow lightheaded, then she felt something change. She opened her eyes to find herself outside, right in front of William, staggering away in fear. "Stay away from me! Demon Child! Stay away!" Once she recovered from her fear and shock, Arturia was overwhelmed with anger and lost control of herself. Using her mind to reach out, she grabbed William and hoisted him up, then tossed him back inside the burning building to burn with his family, just as her family had burned. And from there, she'd live the life of a vagabond, drifting from place to place with no particular goal in mind, save to sate her desires with hedonistic tendencies.


Empathy/Psionic - Arturia can feel the emotions of others around her. Inadvertently, she also seems to project her emotions, which usually manifest themselves through her eyes. She can feed on the emotions of these others around her, and project her thoughts and emotions into their heads as well. The more intense the feeling, the more she can feed on it. Negative emotions or ones such as hate and passion work best, as they are almost always the most intense. When there is enough negativity in an area, Arturia can take it and make it into a debilitating curse directed at one person, make them horribly ill, or to make them feel whatever she chooses. Although not much in the way of a practiced telekinetic, she has been able to find success in practical uses, such as in combat, and houses untapped potential there as well.

Magus - Being from a magus bloodline, a huge magic circuit flows throughout her entire body, granting her an immense amount of od for magic usage. Arturia can project and control dark energy, and she can flood objects with it from the inside, causing them to burst or implode once they've accumulated enough or granting her control over an object. Some spells come with relative ease, but more complex or powerful spells usually require time or spoken words to activate and are more taxing. This can be very draining if she uses too much energy. Arturia is most powerful on the night of a new moon, or during a solar eclipse, peaking at the exact moment of the eclipse, which roughly doubles her power. She is weakest on the night of the full moon or during a lunar eclipse, cutting her power to less than half of itself on any normal day.

Flight - There is a set of small, black wings that usually rest, folded tight around her body underneath her clothes.

Claws/tail - Nails are actually claws that can cut through iron and can extend fully, to an undetermined length. She also has a deadly tail, capable of piercing high grade steel.

Teleportation - Arturia can travel to any location she can picture in her head. Can be used for singular teleportation or opening up a portal for multiple transports, or she can use it for offensive purposes.

Enchant/possession - Enchanting allows her direct control over anyone under its effects. Not really a magical effect, its influence or persons enthralled aren't detectable by magical sensors. Often, she need not consciously activate it, instead doing so completely by accident. Possession is a little different, and involves Arturia's soul personally abandoning her own body and projecting her astral self into someone else's body to try to take control for a limited time. She can last outside of her own body for an hour, and inside another person's body for 15 minutes max before starting to lose control, or less if the will is strong enough. It is possible for a strong will to fight the influence, and while she is possessing, her own body is left completely vulnerable. Possessing would grant her use of that person's abilities as well, but not their knowledge.

Life Drain - The succubus part of her allows her to drain the life force from a person through sexual contact of any kind and add their strength to her own. Even a kiss would be dangerous, and she doesn't know how or if she can turn it off. Beyond a physical effect, as the soul is the primary facet of being in direct danger, and not the body, even those with advanced healing abilities may succumb to these effects.

ESP/The Dreaming - Arturia can sense supernatural presences and see spirits. Most often in her sleep, Arturia has visions, of the future or the past, which usually translate as nightmares and show something foreboding that has happened or may happen. By synchronizing with a sleeping person's mind, she is able to sneak into their dreams and even interact with them. If someone is killed in a dream, they will actually die, and when Arturia kills, that person's spirit is forever her servant. A good dreamcatcher, made and used properly, would prove troublesome for the Succubus.

She naturally has a degree of superhuman strength and speed and has enhanced sensory function. Due to the blindfold (when worn), her eyes are blinded to normal sight, and have been for quite some time (though the exact amount is unknown). For this, it is believed plasticity of her brain has allowed heightened function in terms of her other senses. While it does leave her vulnerable to a sensory overload, her heightened senses allow her brain to construct a sort of cognitive map of surrounding areas, detailing locations of people and objects, and picking up even the smallest sounds.

Shape-shifting - Great for seduction.

It is possible for her to enter a trance-like state in which her Demon half completely dominates the Human half. Strength, speed, senses and stamina are heightened, and the strength of her powers increases. However, the prana cost is very high and she can only maintain for a short time before burning out. This is very taxing on her body, being pushed past her normal limits. In her lifetime, Arturia has only done this once.

Immortality - Almost. When fully fed, she heals from most scrapes and cuts within seconds. Even some open wounds, such as a slit throat or wrist may be rendered innocuous. More severe wounds, such as impaling or missing limbs, may take longer, depending on the severity and if she feeds or has fed previously. The only surefire way to kill her is to starve her and destroy her heart (you cruel bastard).


Fire - Arturia is extremely sensitive to fire, and being surrounded by it weakens her, also making it hard for her to think straight and use her powers effectively. A ring of fire concentrated around her would be impossible to escape on her own.

Inexperience - Still not entirely aware of her abilities and how to use them, though she has been reading up on various tomes and grimoires and practicing.

Hunger - Arturia must feed on life regularly. If she goes too long without feeding, it will start to show in her movements and appearance. It means feeling weak, skin and hair will become lifeless and dull, and she becomes sluggish, less nimble and more susceptible to harm; abrasions and punctures won't heal if she is starved, and if run completely empty, she would die. Though she has a natural affinity for magic because of her lineage, Arturia's od is constantly depleting itself, and she must replenish it through feeding or by other means.

Banishing - So long as her physical body remains intact, proper banishing wouldn't kill her, but it would drain her of most of her energy as long as she is in the vicinity, and prevent her from entering without consequence, unless a proper counter-ritual is performed to allow her back.

Her enhanced senses make her more susceptible to sensory overloads.


The blindfold she may be seen wearing is, in actuality, a mystical artifact, gifted upon her birth before her parents' death. When worn, it completely cuts off her eyesight, but greatly enhances other senses, as well as physical parameters such as reflexes, agility, and strength. It also seems, at times, to have an effect on her mind. Contrasting with the typically elegant manner she puts on, it seems to make her act in a more animalistic manner, more beholden to base desires and sadistic tendencies. Also, when wearing the blindfold, her eyes underneath become many times more sensitive to light, such that after it is removed, the first stimulus of light burns as intensely as if her first ever exposure, making it dangerous to remove amidst hostility, once worn.

-- -- --

A jeweled dagger, the blade composed of diamond. A gift from Park, Arturia has used magic to completely alter the knife from it's original form to what it is now. Above all else, it is useful for channelling energies, usually magical energies, for offensive magics or to simply amplify power for complex and difficult spells or rituals.

Michael - A blade Arturia forged herself, using a combination of knowledge and skills gained while earning from the Keresh and her own prior knowledge of the mystical arts. It was crafted from scrap with the strongest metals offered by the Keresh and parts from a few disassembled shotguns. A pressurized sheath allows for increased force when swinging from the draw. Made with a chain, initially a mere 15 inches, attached at the bottom of the hilt and connected to the sheath, extensible due to the mystical properties of the weapon. A switch attached to the hilt launches the blade, much like a ballistic knife, though the chain keeps it connected to the rest of the sword so that it may return to her. The hilt itself is capable of storing a magazine akin to a shotgun with a maximum ammo capacity of twelve, and a second trigger can also be used to increase the force of a swing and cut, while dispensing a shell. If all shells are used and the magazine is empty, it simply sends a shockwave through the sword. Three mekugi-ana drilled near the tip make swings more efficient and serve to break a vacuum caused around the blade by its embedding in an object or person, thus making removal easier. Each life taken by the sword adds to the sword's own strength and that of its wielder; the soul would then belong to her.