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Years ago as you said . After Doom War he just became even more supernatural as the "King of the Dead" . With constantly enhanced tech , and augmented supernatural based gifts , Cap shouldnt remain his equal and still stalemate him . I agree with the sentiment above that he became literally an alternative counter and equivalent to Dr doom

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Easily Enemy of the State . Did a few things much needed back then : re-established Wolverine as a real threat n when out of control , and bolstered and empowered again the Hand . Finally it created an interesting new villain , the Gorgon ... wich is still currently of some great use as an Hydra leader

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@novemberx2: The writing ultimately was decent , but the art was indeed horrible , and reminded me of something like The Avengers: United They Stand , from 1999 ...

It's not even a similar artstyle , but it's the same vibe of all around lameness for the costumes i got , especially for Falcon

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@theblackhood: Thing , while i agree with the Ultimate U being its own thing dn set of "rules" . I didnt see Galactus's incursion as a breach and insult . Not the way it was handled Everyone was in awe and scared of Purple Hat , as such guys arent a common occurence .

And he displays a brutality and level of power not often seen on Earth . in the 616 universe , while everyone acknowledge his power and use , he has been too often a failed bogey man and a bit ridiculous (to be fair in mean when on earth .. in space he is usally great ) . Here in the Ult U ? He is armageddon incarnated and fairly impressive once rid of the bees swarms

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I'll never complain about about to much to read , as long as it's good . So yeah Amazing X-men is very welcome .

i'm sure having those book around will still be a blessing for naysayers (well of course those still buying them anyway) when successive events hit and they'll need some place without tie in or removed enough

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I dont mind , will i still get the paper ones in trade , i mosty read digital comics now . Either way it was obvious that to push it further , they'd have to do more than just insignificant spin off digital books , at some point

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@tximinoman: She Didnt . She bonded with the All new team and merely followed them . Not to mention she was disgusted by the way everyone over Logan's side arbitrarily decided they should go back , at the beckon call of "future strangers" . Notice , beyond the whole Former phoenix/slash killer hypocrisy surrounding Cyclops , how highly hypocrite Logan is , after already having destroyed the time space continuum balance in Age of Ultron .

Anyway i very much doubt she will let old Cyclops (and Magneto) weaponize the All new X-men , at least not without resistance . it was pretty much the reason why she went to the school instead .

Finally , seems to me that's the first actual REAl reunion between Kitty and Illiyana

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@mxyzptlk_cv: Except that's not at all what happened . Thanos decides to come as soon as his Outrider scout reported back his findings to Thanos . The only ones afraid were a few grunts and foot soldiers of the Black Order . The Avengers being stuck in space , was just poor timing for Earth and icing on the cake for Thanos