Raj Koothrappali's list about Stan Lee's characters' names

In The Big Bang Theory, 3rd season, 16th episode, Raj Koothrappali has some issues about Stan Lee's choose for characters' names. Both first and last name begins with the same letter.

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Posted by daviegourevitch

I love how someone catalogued this!

Posted by Renchamp

I saw an interview with Stan Lee where he said that it was just easier to make those names since they rolled off the tongue. Regardless, it is kind of lazy.

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Posted by TFox

Hey, Harry Osbourn and Norman Osbourn have different letters in their first and last name.

Posted by Zapa

And I just used the ones Koothrappali said, there is even more!

Posted by Zapa

@TFox: but Green Goblin has double "Gs"

Posted by LipstickZombie

Wade Wilson

Posted by MasterKungFu

The 1st time I heard that I wondered how he was able to remember those lines.