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@lady_magicka: @wildvine

“Emotional states…Huh?” The Angel’s lips curled into a subtle smirk, his golden eyes slowly glancing over Alex and giving her eyes an affectionate stare, almost agreeing with her sentiment and thinking his own powers were somewhat boosted by emotional states too…All, emotional states. “…I think that…Emotional states affect my luck, too, I mean, since meeting you…” He chuckled lightly as his hand rather nervously gripped his mug. “…I’m sure my powers have fluctuated, you don’t just make my heart skip a beat,” He jovially winked with a smile,“sometimes I've sensed my luck around you just…Stops, I mean, you used to make me so nervous….But now? I’m stronger than ever.”

His angelic eye glanced towards the demon hand, wondering how she could cope with that. It was admirable, and another trait which made the Angel of Luck admire Alex and her ability to survive with such a living burden was inspiring to say the least, and it made him realize his petty problems were virtually nonexistence compared to living with a demon attached to your hand. “You know, I think I've got a certain…Ah, test, if you will, a test to see just how much your powers shift with emotion,” He placed his mug down and slowly leaned in, his elbows resting upon the table for balance. “Wanna see what it is?”

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The Angel of Luck shot the witch a dashing smirk, his relaxed, informal, and lively countenance complimented his gleaming eyes as his fingers joyously curled in satisfaction, resting his elbow upon the taverns wooden table, the Fallen Son of Olympus had never felt more alive in his life, staring into the eyes of the fascinating Alex Mycroft was truly a pleasure each and every time. Her alluring red hair was heavenly; her face, easily best even Aphrodite in beauty. But this was nothing compared to the truly bewitching appeal of the witch, her personality.

A person who had stolen the heart of the angel the moment her enchanting voice had slithered into his ears, and a woman who had been there to see his rise, and fall, as the Angel of Luck. He was honored to have been blessed her presence in his life. Grinning, the once austere Spartan had returned from Japan to spend some more time with Alex, and they just returned from a trip in the Sahara Desert, defeating and vanquishing an ancient demon – he spoke, the noise of the heavenly tavern of Olympus was ignored, the only person in the room who warranted his divine attention was the redhead before him.

“You know Alex, I've always thought you looked better with that hair…Witches are meant to look exotic,” He continued, smiling, “plus there aren't too many redheaded Greek Goddess', maybe that’s why you caught my eye.” Zaniel chuckled, giving her a cheeky wink, his eyes momentarily wondering and looking around the room, realizing she was catching quite the attention in the tavern, he diverted attention back to Alex with a smile. “Your magic has grown quite strong in the recent weeks; do you think there’s any reason for this?” Sliding his palm over and grasping his big mug, the Angel took a gulp.

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@la_espada: Brilliant breakdown, and the thing which stands out to be was the having no selfish players. I can chance a guess to say that means they play more formidably as nobody risks, and whenever they have a chance, they will capitalize on said chance regardless of who is taking the shot. Other teams should take a page outta their book LOL

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@vamoose said:

Just cleaned the city from criminals for the tenth time this day.

Damn speedsters :P

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@connoisseur: @blooddiamond:

"Natasha!" Zaniel roared, realizing what the man was about to do, and knowing she was fatigued, the Angel of Luck dived towards the woman in a desperate attempt to defend her, attempting to grab the woman and push her towards the ground whilst turning her intangible and placing his back towards the explosion, hopefully mitigating, or totally nullifying the effects of the kinetic blast towards the woman by sacrificing his own safety as the shock-wave tore through the air, shattering everything in it's path as Zaniel felt the full effects of the blast with no form of protection other than his leather-armor, his back was torn to shreds, multiple bones instantly shattered, and all in all, he had sustained far too much damage to continue, frailly, the Angel of Luck let go of Natasha as he slowly fell into the mud, blood spewing from his wounds, and then...The world went black.

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@blooddiamond: @connoisser:

Zaniel flew through the air, carried by his momentum as the man's great-sword was thrust forward, clashing upon the Olympian steel with a monstrous howl as the blades collided in mid-air, instantly, he was flung backwards by his adversary's strength and flung back into a wall not too far behind, as this happened, his angelic eyes caught sight of Natasha, and they widened, they widened in fear as he realized her brutal assault was far too reckless, far too hasty, and far too over-committing.

If the little vampire's maddening assault had not dealt the end of the bout, she was in utter peril, Zaniel could see she was already fatigued, having commit a impulsive amount of energy into her first attack, and if Zaniel could see such fatigue, the Connoisseur would undoubtedly realize she was already nearing exhaustion. Trying to stand, the pain in his stomach was unbearable, the man's blood-bending, although mitigated by his defense earlier, had managed to cause severe internal bleeding, combined with the continued injuries, the Angel of Luck was virtually paralyzed by pain, his Olympian steel blade had survived the onslaught, the metal itself would have shattered under the strength of the man's kinetic attack if not for the Heavenly magic fortifying it's edge. Panting, Zaniel dug his blade into the dirt and helplessly watched Natasha fight his foe, hoping he'd recuperate in time to rejoin battle.

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Anybody mentioned Akira? He was cool, what I saw of him.

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