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Name: Zaniel

Alias: The Angel of Luck, Pankration Prodigy, The Spartan, The Fallen Son of Olympus,

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 5'9

Age: No true age is known, but he was sighted in ancient Greece.

Affiliation: Heaven - The Ronin's Rest - The Champions of Peace

Species: Angel

Birthplace: Olympus #1 #2

Gender: Male


Zaniel, the Angel of Luck, or as others have rudely ushered his name, the Angel of imprudence. Cast aside from Olympus over four centuries ago, his crime? The illicit intimacy with an abstaining Goddess whom he had mischievously seduced, and broken her seemingly sempiternal purity. After an official court hearing with all of the Gods and Goddesses attending had heard the crimes, the council of the Gods had decided upon a single punishment, Zaniel was chastised for his crime in the form of (temporary) banishment under the conditions he would reside upon the Earth and regain his lost honor while proving himself himself to be the Angel he had always been prophesied to be.

Zaniel has always been a....Reckless Angel. Truly uncaring of the consequences of his crimes, of his actions, and really, of his affairs with multiple people who span across the heavens and even earth. Having once broken up with Zoe via twitter, even after a shortly lived romance in which he had probably broken her young heart. Soon after meeting his first earthly (or angelic) friend AA, who helped Zaniel learn that being an Angel was more than the divinity going to your head. AA had taught him how to be a hero, and how to be resilient even in the face of impossible odds. This moral grounding is what helped guide Zaniel to become a more grounded, and stable angel, as opposed to his promiscuous and recklessly imprudent past.

Zaniel is still a habitual flirt, and occasionally, an egotistical narcissist. But these mannerisms are only past showcases of his previous life having never truly left, only masked with his "new" heroic persona. At heart he has always been innately a good person, due to him being an Angel. He was never the smartest of the angels, he was learned, of course, but never an academic protegee unlike many of his kin who roamed Olympus. Although compared to the average human, through sheer age alone his intellect is rather gifted. Zaniel is no stranger to battle either, having fought in the Spartan army for around 200 years prior to deserting for Olympus.

Powers and Abilities

Passive Luck: Naturally imbued with the passive power of Luck, due to being the Angel of Luck, Zaniel often finds himself escaping tricky situations generally unharmed (or merely alive) which would have killed anybody else. It is uncountable in the amount of times Zaniel has been on the losing side of a battle, yet instead of being executed, was imprisoned (and somehow escaped or let free soon after) due to his luck having played a part in his survival. It also gifts him an advantage in battle, an opponent may accidentally swing less precisely than usual or their gun may jam out of nowhere, nothing drastic but subtle, game changing occurrences. It has also been known to help pacify situations which are highly volatile, or allow him to talk himself out of harm’s way. Without being the Angel of Luck, Zaniel would have most certainly died hundreds of years ago. However, one of the major rules of this power and how it is regulated means Zaniel, no matter how lucky, is unable to persuade somebody to do something they would not normally do under their own volition, it may simply coax them into seeing his side of things, but it cannot force anybody to do anything.

Angelic physiology: Zaniel is an Angel of Olympus and due to being an angel, is granted certain gifts and abilities which normal humans simply do not possess, he has enhanced strength, speed and durability, able to lift and sustain around 20 tons of weight, fight for days on end without tiring and can run at speeds rivaling sound with footwork alone, it has been suggested by Zaniel that he can be struck by a train moving at full speed and walk it off, although this may be hyperbole. His skin is tough, able to easily resist a slash from a standard steel sword or even resist a low caliber gunshot in certain situations. Mentally, Zaniel can think far faster than usual, he has deflected bullets out of mid-air with his sword and has been shown to react to opponents who are physically faster than him through sheer instinct alone. Sadly, Zaniel lost his ability to fly once he was kicked out of Heaven, although he has retained many other angelic abilities, such as:

  • Intangibility: When Zaniel transcends Earth and enters his families noble homestead on Olympus, he must transcend the metaphysical barriers of reality, this sounds complex, but simply, those angels who are born to Zaniel's particular bloodline possess the inherent ability to pass through solid matter, energy, and anything else which stands in their way. An ancient ability used to cross between realms, rarely used however, due to Zaniel being banished from the Heavens, although, it is a very useful ability during battle. Perhaps one of the more useful uses of this power is that it allows Zaniel to turn other objects (such as his word) intangible.
  • Heat manipulation (with touch): Once again, Zaniel is gifted a particular ability due to his family bloodline, his family were historically blacksmiths, and to make it easier, they were able to manipulate the heat of metal with touch alone. Zaniel can reduce steel to liquid with touch and melt the toughest metals, with enough focus, he has even superheated secondary adamantium and turned it into a liquid state once more, he can "half-heat" a metal, and whilst thermally superheated, wield a sword. For example, he could thermally super-heat his blade and use it to effortlessly slice through steel like a hot knife through butter even though the sword should theoretically melt with standard physics.
  • Enhanced senses: A simple ability, Zaniel had enhanced senses, his vision is perfect, and can naturally zoom in on any incoming threats (such as an army) in great detail, whilst his hearing is significantly boosted, allowing him to hear a drop of a pin. His touch is greatly increased, rendering him more sensitive and his taste buds are more potent. He can smell the scent of an enemy, although not as good as a dog, it is far greater than humans naturally possess.
  • Angelic foresight: Although not an ability which Zaniel possesses for himself, due to being an angel, Zaniel is able to project possibles future of others into an individuals (willing, or unwilling) head to avert them from making reckless mistakes. This is due to his angelic side being inherently made to help people, although, the Angel of Luck has not used this power in centuries.
  • Flight:Due to being an angel Zaniel is naturally gifted with flight, he can choose to use wings, or choose to fly without wings, naturally being able to triple the speed of sound with flight, and if strained, he could go a little faster. Although he can go intangible (thus rendering gravity, air friction, and a variety of other factors null) and fly far faster than usual, even going five, or six times the speed of sound due to his weightlessness. His wings can be used to defend against magical attacks.

Peerless swordsman

Known through of the lands of Olympus as the greatest swordsman alive, Zaniel's peerless skills have been documented through countless battles over the ages. Having fought God and mortal alike with ease, enemies and friends both regard the Angel of Luck as an undisputed master of swordsmanship, a natural aptitude, which Zaniel regularly shows off and displays. He has an extensive amount of training due to being a Spartan, having partaken in a countless number of wars and trained with the Ancient Greeks of over 200 years, although, even before he was an official warrior, the young Angel far surpassed his kin with an inherent mightiness with any blade. Zaniel has also trained for many years with Kenshin in the ways how a Japanese swordsman fights, and although a Spartan, he does not use the standard Spartan weaponry, and instead, for more distance, and in his opinion, a superior blade, opts to use a dual-edged longsword which has a pointed edge, perfectly tailored for penetrating armor yet suited to slash through an opponent with relative ease. Even though the type of longsword he uses is a predominately one handed blade (which is usually used by Knight's in conjunction with a shield) he does not use it like that, and instead uses two hands, or sometimes, carries a seperate dagger in his jacket to surprise attack an opponent if they get too close, or locked in a sword scuffle. The sword has a few magical properties, such as:

  • Made of Olympian Steel: Olympian steel is a form of metal that is forged in Olympus by the best royal blacksmiths, It is exceptionally sharp and tremendously strong, yet surprisingly light, keeping its edge forever and requiring no maintenance. The blade is sharp enough to cut through any earthly metal with enough force, and strong enough to resist a fill swing from a sharpened adamantium blade, not due to it's physical durability, but due to the secondary factor of this unique compound, it is magically imbued with heavenly energy rendering it nigh-indestructible save for anybody stronger than the God's themselves, or dark (magical) energy.