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@Jezer said:

Interesting enough, 95% of this thread is people (more than likely)too afraid to post pictures commenting on 5% who are comfortable enough to do so.

But, if I remember correctly from browsing through the older pages a couple months ago, people were posting pretty frequently years ago...I wonder what happened.

The site was a much smaller community when the thread started and it blew up instantly because everyone was like, this is finally our chance to show other people what we look like (not a common thing at the time) and some people were posting dozens of pics and it was kind of a, in-the-moment thing where even the people who normally wouldn't post pictures of themselves did (even if they deleted them soon after). The thread was growing ridiculous fast (especially by the standards of the time) in those first couple hours. You have to think of it, as this thread was the first time people on the site were presented with the notion of sharing their pictures with the community and they took advantage of it because it seemed new at the time.

Now, a lot of new people use pictures of themselves on their profiles or in a more casual manner because the Internet (and ComicVine) is pretty mainstream so people don't worry about disguising themselves and everyone else has already posted pictures of themselves in here. There's no longer this stigma of posting a picture of yourself on the Internet so the people who would do it wouldn't see the need of a thread dedicated to it.

Currently, the only people that need to post in this thread are new people who think of sharing your picture as an ice breaker and people who've been around a while, shared their picture once and now just think of it as a fun thing every now and then.

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Oh wow, I hate that too, I don't understand how people can proofread that and think it's okay, who actually says "an historic"...although to be fair, I think people who say erb instead of herb are wrong.

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Am I the only one who thinks The Last Amazon has a better design than Wonder Woman (both classic and reboot)?

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@ComicMan24 said:

@Zaleos said:

Random words are being highlighted on every website I go to and directing me to ads for the past two days, is this a Firefox thing?

I've been using Firefox (not atm though) but I don't remember anything like this. Unless it is a really new feature.

I usually use Chrome but when I use Firefox I have noticed it, it's really weird. I don't know what I could have done to have self-activated it.

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Not their best album but since it's applicable:

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Random words are being highlighted on every website I go to and directing me to ads for the past two days, is this a Firefox thing?

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How's a single father supposed to go out and drink his troubles away if he can't go to the bar? Sounds like he had no choice.

Also, at least he didn't actually leave the kid with the dog (like the title made me imagine).

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@Onemoreposter said:

@Supreme_Maj said:



Priorities? Priorities are people like Donna Troy, Wally West, Cassandra Cain, Connor Hawk, and Tempest. As far as even the general comic reading community is concerned, Majestros is insignificant.

That being said I'd love to see him show up, maybe in a teamup with Superman against Helspont.

I have this theory that all the old universes still exist. I think someday eventually we'll find out that the old Wildstorm (or something very similar) still exists and that is where we'll find Mr. Majestic. Same thing for the other characters mentioned above. We'll find out they all still exist on an alternate earth very similar to the pre-flashpoint one.

But that defeats the entire purpose of what they were trying to establish here. I mean, first of all it should be noted this choice was backed by the founder/previous owner of the WildStorm universe to integrate them into the DCU and the entire point of Flashpoint was to show that there will be no more division for an even smaller niche (as comics appeal to a small niche to begin with). The last outlier was Hellblazer and they cancelled that as soon as they hit their big anniversary issue (which was likely the plan all along).

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A lot of tastes in the opposite sex is cultural, and differs all around the world. So the fact that they specifically used Latvian women and this is just the beginning stage in reaching a conclusion, it doesn't really mean anything.

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Just so you know (as you seem to think otherwise), Batman was one of two franchises (the other being Green Lantern) that weren't really rebooted (at least not as drastically as everything else)...they basically continue from where they had left off the previous month, just the universe around them is different and the timeline doesn't make as much sense. Scott Snyder's Batman is the most essential of the Batman books though some of the others are great as well (including the Bat-family books that don't actually star Batman).

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