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@Backflip: three icemen if you count the AoA iceman that X-force battled and killed. Not to mention a Jean Grey with no connection to the phoenix force, omega level status or anything that made her a strong and interesting character.

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The Future Foundation, the team that has the omega level mutant Franklin Richards, the Sensation she-hulk and the brilliant Valeria Richards, is going to have a new member, who's a random woman in a thing costume. -___-

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Did anybody at Warner Bros see Daredevil? Ben Afflleck and Superheroes don't mix.

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The days of future past story-line is a tricky idea to put on the silver screen. For starters, Kitty wasn't even born yet according to the x-men movie universe. Ellen Page is still young enough to play Kitty but they need to do some clever to put her character in the first class franchise. Otherwise, they will have put another time-traveling mutant in her place like Bishop or Cable. Also they will have have someone else play Senator Kelly's role because he doesn't appear in this universe until the first X-men movie that takes place in 2000.

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@They Killed Cap!: never mess with Samuel J.Jackson!

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1. Cyclops's new visor sucks.

2. They should of just flat out brought back Jean Grey, no time traveling, no clones, no Hope Summers, just Jean Grey. A badass AoA Nightcrawler I'll take, but a jean grey with her bland 1960's persona i won't.

3. With Cyclops and Wolverine working together again. does this mean the x-men schism and regeneisis was all for nothing? so that will mean their was no point in the X-men disbanding over a poorly developed character killing a bunch of hellfire guards? No point in creating the Jean Grey School? And no point in the new hellfire club and Kid Omega's return?

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Awesome teaser poster!!!

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@danhimself: But what about the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine, thats going to be intresting.

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I think its high time Jean came back.

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Kinda unrelated, but I hope that when they make a sequel (And they probably will) they make Electro the villain. Not only is he my favorite spider-man villain but he almost killed spider-man during there first battle. He'll bring a good amount of challenge for spidey if the put him in the next movie.

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