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@xanni15: THis year Lebron is hands down the best player. He has improved his all around game im actually shocked he isnt averaging triple doubles but that is understandable being on a team with Mario Chalmers and D wade dishing the ball out and Bosh and Birdman getting rebounds as well to help the heat win games I Didn't watch the game tonight but i'll watch the highlights later on

But the point is im not going to just take this one year of Lebrons regin as a factor that he can beat Kobe and MJ who have done so much in there career. Everything in you're post was things pertaining to THIS YEAR. not one thing you said was about there overall careers.

Im eager to read you're comment friday.

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@quintus_knightfall: He CAN but he usually pulls up from a jump shot when going to the left, Lebron uses the excuse that they give hi spac while he goes to the left hence why he usually takes jumpshot but im not buying his mentality. It's a habit he won't admit.
But point is, im just not buying that he can beat Kobe or MJ in a one on one game.
But im all ears from someone who can prove me wrong. I love debates. just as long as they aren't raging fanboys who only look at players avg stats to prove there arguments.

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@xanni15: @dboyrules2011:
MJ would hold his own against Kobe but I think Kobe would come out overall victor in a one on onegame
Lebron can drive and rebound very effectively but kobe and MJ will force him to go to his left where he will undoubtedly settle for a jumper. We've seen Kobe do this method many times and even block his shots. MJ being more athletic will make Lebron look like a fool, Mj was smart defensivly toward the end of his career he will pick up on it.
Lebron would be a non factor against either of them.

Now we go to Kobe and MJ,
Kobe wins this one as well in a close one, Kobe's ability to pull up from the 3pt line also his uncanny spin-fadeaway move while backing down in the post will give Mj some problems.
Mj's only method of beating kobe would be to try and drive to the basket. Mj will get the majority of his pints off layups and post hooks against kobe, he will take advantage of Kobe's habit of wanting to steal the ball away giving Mj some oppurtunities to finish for the dunk or lay up or mid range shot. Also Kobe has a habit of takiing dumb shots when he gets the slightest amount of space which he will shoot from long to mid range, Mj then takes advantage fo the rebounding. But it won't be enough.

Kobe has better ball handling skills, better shot % from beyond the arc, better post moves, even in his older age above average Athleticism to compete with MJ.

Kobe should be able to get the win and im sure he would.

Now someone tell me why MJ woud win also if possible someone who has actually SEEN Mj play and not just highlights and stats. I want there argument.

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Wow alot of heat fans on comivine? lmao
When this first started there were alot of Spurs fans, then Lakers fans, then Mavericks fans, then Lakers fans again, and now heat?
Bandwagon much? lol

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Alright wrestling fans so far the card looks like

Rock vs Cena - WWE chamionship match

Undertaker vs Cm Punk - Streak vs immortality (yaa that is what they are calling it lmao)

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H - No Holds barred ( Triple H's Career is on the line)

Alberto Del RIo vs Jack Swagger- World Heavy Weight Championship match

Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston- Tag Team Championship match

Wade Barret vs Miz - Intercontinental Championship

Kaitlyn vs Aj Lee - Divas championship (not confirmed but cmon now obvious lmao)

Mark Henry Vs Ryback- singles

Sheild vs SHeamus, Orton, Big Show- 6 man tag

Chris Jericho vs Fandango- singles

Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bella twins- Mixed gender tag

And Antonio Cesaro the US champion is left out of the card for some reason. But yaa

Alright guys so make your picks and how do you feel about the card this year?????

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My goodness,, what a mismatch
Spidey stomps HARD!

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JJ. Abrams: Has Comicvine ever told you who was the director of the new Starwars

Me: They told me enough...they said it might be Matthew Vaughn

JJ Abrams: No son, I AM THE DIRECTOR.

Me: Noo....that's not true...that's IMPOSSIBLE!

JJ ABrams: Join me, and together we will make a lackluster movie with unanswered questions and plotholes throughout the movie!

Me: NOOOOO!!!....NOOOooooo.... x/

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@Dredeuced: how?

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Fei Long by a mile!

same features, same sounds.

Ever since the mortal Kombat movie came out in the 90's i don't see Liu Kang the same. I always reference the features back to the movie actor.

So Fei Long for me.

Plus when im at my friends house and we play street fighter we always say i got Bruce. which means Fei Long lol thats how accurate it is!

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WOW IRon FIst has alot of advantages in this fight.

But its hard to doubt Black Panthers chances too....hmmm...