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i cant believe how good this series is! it's well worth the money you pay, you get Great Art, a funny story, well written Deadpool in terms of all his best traits, and the action is soo much fun! This is how a series meant to be an ongoing!! with every issue delivering what we want from a deadpool title. I hope the creative team stays on for a long time to come!

This book is definitley up there with Daredevil and Hawkeye and even Punisher: warzone as one of the best books Marvel is putting out !

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Which book do you think hit it off better Cabe's X-force or this X-force? and which do you think has the better future??

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@judasnixon said:

This is the Marvel Now! book I've been waiting for. I love Spiral. You can keep Cable's X-Force...

What id it about Cable's X-force that people are not liking? there are some websites harshly critical and as well as many users on this site who bash it saying it is bad. I find it to be an 8/10 book.

Im just curious?

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@Ryther: Im pretty sure by next year DC will jack up the price on there comics and marvel will be all $5 w/ useless digital copies and such.

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ill be getting this in hard copy when the collectors edition of Injsutice comes out! X) CANT WAIT!

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Hopefully they get it right with this title. Wolverine is begging for a good title, he is more than just being a cool character to add to a team title.

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This Annual made the Superman one look like it was worth the $5 spent, this annual was HORRID. lol

It also makes me wonder if Giffen even read previous New Guardians issues or even has keen knowledge on the Green Lantern universe at all. Thank goodness we get Tony Bedard and Kirkhams art next issue.

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@Green_Tea_Light said:

This issue was so incredibly dull. The series needs to stop to take a breath and decide what it wants to do.

I agree the issue was dull. but then again this issue was only to establish Threshold to get people who like Green Lantern (aka Scfi part of DC stuff) into this new scfi title. I mean they even give readers the incenitive of having Larfleeze (possibly the coolest Green lantern character) on the first issue of thresholds cover. lmao And there is obviously going to be like

Also, The series is pretty good and stands great on it's own. But this Third Army Arc is either bringing the series potential down or increasing the potential. After this whole Third arrmy/Wrath of the first lantern stuff is all over, we will see how this series really does to get a better jist of how much solid story arcs it can have. Remember what happened to Emeralds warriors, the title was great tie-ing into brightest day and War of the GLs, but after it fell flat.

so we will see.

but yes a very dull annual and waste of $5 if people are not planning to buy Threshold.

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Was this at least a GOOD setup to Threshold. and if so do you think Threshold will be a good series worth buying???

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@broo1232: Hopefully, so that a new creative team will join.

This book is actually alot worst than the Katzman made it seem, this is a 1 star issue in my opinion and the comic book store should give you a refound if you buy this lol