My Comic Reviews of 3/28/2012

im a week behind but been busy to do this. minor spoilers ahed

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7 - 4/5- So in this issue the new guardians are beat by this new enemy, Invictus and seeing as how their physical ablities arnt working kyle decides to use his words and to do the fighting. sure, actions do speak louder than words, but in this issue Kyle seems to prove against this by using his emotions, which is cool because dont these lanterns represent emotion anyway? aha well it show here and were seeing more tem development. we also get to know a little more about Invictus and what his beef is with larfleeze. pretty good issue. great art, decent story.

Aquaman #7 - 3/5- so a new arc starts and this issue begins with a bang, the return of black manta! i found this to be the only interesting part, the rest of the issue didnt really do a great job of getting me excited about aqumans old team, they barley even have anything to do in this issue until the very last page..guess just wait till next week.

Justice League Dark #7 -4/5- so with this issue we begin the rise of the vampires crossover with i, vampire. and way to start it with a bang! great issue, love the dialogue and the fight scenes. art is great!

I, Vampire #7 - 4/5- part 2 to rise of the vampires. also a great issue. we see where andrew bennet is in the afterlife talking to a mysterious person and we get to see mroe fights. i really like the art in this series. it really fits that dark raunchy tone!

The Flash #7 -4/5- wow this series is just awesome! i love the art most of all the panels are really fun! in this issue flash must make a sacrifice to stop cap. cold. basically save one of his women(yaa he's a G hes got two women ;p) and he must travel into the speed force to save the other woman. read to find out which one! XP

Ghost Rider #9 -3/5- so this marks the last issue of this ghost rider series..sad..i had my hopes this series could be good..but it was really doomed from issue 2. but lets talk abotu this issue. so basically alejandra goes nuts and wants to avenger her old villlage. so she finds adam, threatens to throw him off the tallest building in the world if he doesnt grant her power. and marches into hell to duke it out with mephisto..and beats him almost easily..whcih is odd? then johnny comes to save the day and becomes ghost rider again alejandra gets burnt and lives, but is now an established villain and johnny is now re-enstated as ghost rider. yay? well a very anticlimatic issue..but good art.

hopefully they make another ghost rider series in the future...with danny(hopefully!)

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