My Comic Reviews of 3/21/2012

Green Lantern Corps #7 - 4/5- In this aftermath issue, we see both Guy and John face the music for what theyve commited during their battle with the Ringslayers. their results are similar, being they were both only doing their job. this issue basically reminds us why we like both these characters so much. their personalities really show well in this issue as they both have to man up and explain why they did what they did.

really good issue. my favorite of the Green Lantern title still so far. :)

Uncanny X-Men #9 - 3/5- with the AvX event coming up in one more month, the two factions team-up one last time to round up a bunch of prisoners that have escaped from the Peak. i didn't really like this issue only because i think the team-up couldve been better. all the stuff i wanted to see was narrated and showed cuts to different parts around the world. we are also introduced to a new enemy called UNIT. who id like to know more about other than that this issue really wasn't that good.

Batman #7 -4/5- pretty cool issue. were introduced to a new character that will probabaly appear more later on in the series. and we get answeres on how the talons performance are enhanced. this issue definitely will get you pumped for night of the owls.

Nightwing #7 -5/5- COMIC OF THE WEEK! man oh man, so the first arc for nightwing finally concludes and we get some answers about Saikos intent on killing richard. we also get a court of owls tie in in this issue and big revelation on dicks past and the mystery of haly's circus. this issue is a MUST READ!! also youll probably need to buy batman to get a better experience of this issues ending.

Haunt #22 -4/5- man this series is really cool, and this new creative team is just what this series needed. i know people are dissapointed that a powerhouse team of mcfarlane, capullo, rickman, glapion. left the title stranded and this title probably lost alot of its readers because of it..but if anyone is reading this. GET BACK ON THIS SERIES. its awesome! :D

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