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The B&R silent issue made me cry. I'll admit to that. ...I had to sit on the loss of Damian for a long time.

During DC's 2007-2008 series '52' you see Vic Sage as The Question basically wither away and die from cancer. That was really tough for me, cancer has hit my family hard over the years.

Losing Peter Parker in Ultimate Spidey was such a tragic ending too, made it really hard to open up to Miles for an extended amount of time since it just felt wrong to replace the Peter I had literally grown up reading.

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Troy Baker really felt like a young Mark Hamill at times. Something about the inflection and timing just rang true, Craig Smith on the other hand just came off lifeless and just plain flat. I couldn't stand just hearing him monologue after about two hours in.

I understand he's a younger, more rage-filled Bruce..but there was no sign of anything other than soulless yelling or stable monotony. Kevin Conroy and Bruce Greenwood invoke a subtle charisma into their Batmen. To a lesser extend, even so did Ben Mackenzie from Year One.

Oh, and having Baker on Black Mask was brilliant. He makes a wonderful Sionis! It's crazy how rooted his voice already is inside Gotham. Two-Face, Robin in Arkham City, Nightwing in Injustice, and now Black Mask & Joker in Origins. Props to that range!

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@captain13: hey dude, back off of Captain Marvel a bit, yeah? He's one of my favorites and I apologize he somehow knocked Arthur out of this flick...but don't take it out on a ten-year-old. He has a heart of gold (I don't care what the New 52 has done to Billy)

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@jldoom: Good catch. I was wondering about that continuity error as well. Maybe they will fix it in trade...?

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@danhimself: Nah, I'm right there with you. Every face looks scrunched up with a huge jaw. And something just throws me about his line weights.

Not a fan. :\

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I am so excited to see a Villains' Month plot thread possibly picked up so quickly! The Darkseid book left me hungry for a continuation on it's cliffhanger and I HAVE TO SAY, Earth 2 delivers on the probable fate of what occurred in Darkseid's #1.

Very pleased. Bummed that James had to leave now, the disagreements inside DC must have been something fierce.

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The Rogues need their own ongoing! If Spidey's C & D listers can be put together in a charming heist/team book then why not Captain Cold's crew?

At least they have a mini series coming out soon, gotta get all of the Rogue awesomeness I can.

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THIS is how you start an event after a fall of heroes! Poor Age of Ultron had a strong idea but the execution really didn't payoff at all. Johns and Finch's art team are working full throttle here and I can't wait to see where we go.

Don't disappoint me Forever Evil, so far you are a 5/5 in my book.

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I think I'm back on board with Suicide Squad now. This was just too good of a tease.

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Thank you

Indeed, they have quite compatible if not similar backgrounds in that respect. And when it comes to family, I really can't see Lennox or Ares reacting too well to Clark, but we've seen their reaction to Orion (granted, they don't like him very much but he's the "DOG OF WAR" and we've got a WW2 veteran and the "GOD OF WAR", they'll get used to him). But Clark, I can actually see this new 52 Hippolyta chasing him off the island for being too blue. The sole purpose of their relationship is to create team tension. I can't really see anyone except Batman disapproving of it so it so that doesn't work. But if they found out "Hey, look! Wonder Woman's dating the son of that guy that almost killed us all 5 years ago! How do we react to that?!". Now there's tension... actually, too much. It might be one they want to save for a HUGE story. Something bigger than Trinity War. We're probably talking Final Crisis level for that.

That's a hell of an idea. I fully support this!