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Yes, he would save the cat

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@FuZySLiPeRz: oops, i forgot to tag you in that last post

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@BlueLantern1995: The iron patriot rumors are confirmed to be untrue. It's the war machine armor with a paint job

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@joshmightbe: I liked Iron Monger more than the majority of the other villains used in phase 1

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@luke_kerridge: Nope, the comic armors have marks too. In the movies a mark is just a new armor, in the comics they are only listed in marks if it is an upgrade of an armor that already exists. The stealth armor from the comics has 3 marks. There are a couple armors from the movies that are based on comic armors such as the silver centurion, extremis, original grey, and stealth.

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I'll list ya some armors that every shellhead needs to know about

1.Original grey armor

2. Golden Avenger Armor

3. Original red and gold armor

4. Iconic armor (classic red and gold)

5. Space armor mk1

6. Stealth armor mk1

7. Hydro armor mk1

8. Recovery armor

9. Silver Centurion armor

10. Stealth armor mk2

11. Neo-classic armor

12. Telepresence armor

13. War machine armor

14. Hulkbuster mk1

15. Prometheum armor

16. The crossing armor

17. retro armor

18. Sentient armor

19. S.K.I.N armor

20. Tin man armor

21. Thorbuster armor

22. Extremis armor

23. High Gravity armor

24. Hyper velocity armor

25. Bleeding edge armor

Thats 25 armors, i tried to put them in order but i'm not sure if the order is correct with all of them. Those are pretty much all the main ones

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Silver Centurion, Extremis, Neo-classic, Stealth, and Modular are a couple of my favorites

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@Iron_Man_Mk725: Back in 2005 good ol' Warren Ellis and Adi Granov teamed up to create arguably the most drastic advancement in Tony's armor, the extremis armor. The basis of the story was that there was this guy named Mallen who had obtained the Extremis enhancile that was developed over at futurepharm labs by the creative minds of Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian (who are both gonna be in iron man 3). The enhancile pretty much took your nervous system and completely replaced with something that would turn Mallen into an out of control, but powerful monster. Tony flew over to confront Mallen but he got completely destoryed. Tony realized that the only way he would beat him is to use extremis himself but in a more controlled manner and under the supervision of the co-creator, Maya Hansen. After the process, Tony was completely one with technology. It enabled him to control his iron man armor with his mind so he could telepathically summon his armor and it would come flinging on to him. It also did stuff such as being able to make phone calls with his mind and see through satellites. It also made his mind into a hard drive which is explained in detail during the world's most wanted arc back in 2009 i believe. Tony was more powerful than Mallen now so he confronted him again and begrudgingly had to end his life.

The Bleeding Edge armor took the extremis concept and took it to the next level. His armor was stored inside of the hollow of the bones and he could mentally command it to come out of his skin whenever he pleased. The armor is extremely powerful and it's the armor Tony is currently using. It was created by Tony and also with a little help from Reed Richards. It can lift up to 500 tons (with boot jets activated) and fly up to speeds like 5 miles per second. You can read about the creation of the armor in Iron Man #500. I hope i helped ya

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Well at least we know he takes a piss in his armor thanks to Jon Favreau.