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New Mutants 0

I am a big fan of the X-Men things. I happen to catch the cover of the New Mutants with my eyes. The art of the cover is good.Good: Magik and Legion are back at same time in this issue. This is twisted story coming with a reason why Magik is back and the New Mutants facing a bigger threat from an unknown source who they knew long time. Writer is writing a twisted stories in this issue. Not so bad. Art is good.Bad: None.Verdict: Pick it up for the good, twisted story....

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Secret Warrior 0

I read this issue yesterday. In this issue, I like this from what a writer wrote about Contessa being something else by a surprise. I still can not believe this: Contessa successfully shot Viper big time. I always thought Viper is hardest to be defeated for long time in the Marvel Universe until now Contessa murdered her.Good: Jonathan Hickman's writing is excellent. Mystery. Revelation. Surprise. Action. Thriller. Stefano Castelli's art is good. Sunny Gho of IFS the color artist is good, too.Ba...

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Black Widow Kiss & Kill 0

I just read this issue of Black Widow. In this issue, I read this story in which a writer is writing okay, but art is not my taste. I expect this is a very good story and art like other Black Widow issues.Good: This story is fairly good. In my personal opinion, writer has been writing the story somewhere else and ended its unfinished result of this reason in this issue.Bad: Art is not kind of my taste. In my personal opinion, art is ranked 2.Suggestion: I do not think you should read this issue....

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White Queen 0

Emma Frost a.k.a. White Queen was a former villain for these days of her life in the Hellfire Club somewhere in Europe.   The Good: Kitty Pryde. The X-Men decide to rescue Kitty Pryde. Jean Grey's gone berserking!   The bad: White Queen's creepy hair!   The verdict: Pick it up. ...

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Dark Phoenix 0

The very scary part of Jean Grey in this issue. Is Jean Grey doing it as the Dark Phoenix?    The good: Unexpectedly, the Dark Phoenix haunts all the Hellfire Club and X-Men by fighting against them all. Dark Phoenix gives the X-Men a cosmic taste of power.   The bad: A writer had to write Jean Grey to be a very bad Dark Phoenix in this issue.   The verdict: Pick it up ...

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S and M 0

Sabretooth and Mystique escaped from the X-Factor as someone broke their collars in which Forge created. The most unlikely teamwork of Sabretooth and Mystique is somewhat odd far enough. No one mentions how they worked altogether in their past before the X-Factor. That is why Mystique knew Sabretooth when she had some forms that Sabretooth had been there.   The Good: Story is well-written.  Drawing is fair ...

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