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@cloakx14: Season two being better than season one doesn't really say much as season one was very average

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@paul2814: The price hikes are disgusting, All that does for me is with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman going to 3.99 it just means i drop three or four 2.99 titles and means i wont bother giving the 2.99 new titles i would have tried a chance

What makes it worse is this comes on the back of a two month event with 89 issues at 3.99, hell a couple at 4.99. The big two are really making it hard to want to support buying in singles now.

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One of the best books out there

This is a real sickener

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Some of the junk this site/reviewers gives five stars is ludicrous and giving this 2/5 is every bit as ludicrous.

Although the reviewer is entitled to his opinion even if i think he is way off the mark.

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@jdp180: Yeah ho knew a book called Ghosted is about Ghosts.

Bit of a stupid criticism if you ask me.

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The dialogue in this book can be pretty bad and there is a few instances in this issue where Damain is referring to an issue in the present but by the way the dialogue is written makes it seem like he is speaking in past tense.

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I have enough variation in my pull list for this title to be a slow burner and still enjoy it. I love the concept and the questions it raises as we as humans continue more and more to rely on technology for our interactions with each other.

Loved the first two issues.

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If these last two issues are any indication of how Deadpool is going to be going forward i'll be dropping it yes i know these were break issues but i really worry that they will revert to type and fall back into the walking punch line Deadpool.

We have went from arguably the best Deadpool arc ever which is saying a lot if you have had the pleasure of reading Joe Kelly's run and Cable and Deadpool to the very average Annual #1 and issue #20. I really hope they take the momentum of The Good The Bad and The Ugly and continue on with another great arc and blow it with goofy Deadpool.

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Strong start to the series.

I have really enjoyed #1 and #2 and will continue to pick this up. Can't wait to see what will happen in this.

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I must be one grumpy old b****** because i thought the humour in this was far too much. There was some genuinely funny moments but for me Marvel movies are going overboard with the jokes.

It was still a very good film but what impact does the emotional scenes have when two seconds later Thor or another character is making a joke? I think if the jokes had been used more sparingly they have more impact.

Still i enjoyed it, I'd give it a 3.5/5 or 7/10 whatever tickles your pickle but with a little restrain on the jokes it could have been an 9/10.

Just my opinion. I know others love Marvel's humour.