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The brains of the Black Hand

They say that the circle of nine's members are equal in power and importance, both in their leaders and organizations. This is patently false, while Ishmael can be the most powerful depending on how tightly bound he is, the most consistently powerful is the enigmatic Yuri Omega. Hailing from the same world of Ainul as Vrakmul, the Brain's origins are unknown to even Giacomo himself. It simply observed and offered it's aid to the rising Black Hand. The only clue to it's origins are in it's name, indicative of the Northern people, though if it ever were human, it is clearly long divorced from such origins.

The Triad was surprised to find out that Yuri Omega already had a substantial and quite distinctive army that relied on twisted biological science and dreadfully powerful psionics. Deciding that it would be best to have this army included as an elite parallel force of the Black Hand, as the Waffen SS was to the Germany Army, the brain transformed it's army from the Epsilon Hegemony into the Epsilon Group, which laid down the seeds of the circle of nine which would later come to be the face of the Black Hand to those unaware of the triad.

As Yuri Omega was already well underway in it's conquest of the world before it joined forces with the Black hand, it is often regarded as a near equal of the dark triad. It certainly seems to be the intermediary between the Triad and the Circle of Nine. And with it's vast, all surpassing intelligence and incomprehensibly mighty psionic abilities, it's not hard to see why. It's Epsilon group continued to grow larger, unwittingly attracting the Icon, which goes ever faster towards universes with high concentrations of psions to recycle them. All the while, the Black Hand soon grew to dominate the whole of their native universe, crushing all opposition beneath their heel.

When the Icon came to devour the universe, it was Yuri who suggested that they join it, for the soulless brain saw in the Icon a potential to remake the multiverse. By now, a few more of the founding members of what would later become the circle of nine had been added as great lieutenants to the Dark Triad, but Yuri retained it's special status. Even as they went from universe to universe, Yuri Omega remained a constant, predating all prior additions save for but a precious few in the hand. It knew that it was vitally important for the process of bringing forth the critical mass of psions needed to bring forth the Icon to a target universe, and it knew that the Epsilon Group had more autonomy than any other subdivision of the black hand.

A psionic master of the Epsilon group contacts Yuri Omega

But being a dispassionate creature of reason and logic, it didn't take much smugness or pride in it's favored status. In universe after universe, it helped spread the gift of psionic powers and develop some of the Black Hand's fiercest warriors and most diabolical weapons. It watched countless realities crumble and die as they were devoured by the Primordial of Space in the endless cosmic cycle of death and rebirth. And like many of the uppermost echelons of the Black Hand, it sought something more. It knew that the Hand could do so much more than serve as the Icon's heralds and as Orlok's lackeys.

The purely mechanical such as the Electrical Protectorate, and the purely elemental or energical like the Blazing Horde; both lacked the diversity and cunning of the Black Hand in it's view. They were merely slavish servants of the Icon, content to carry out it's will for the rest of time. But there was so much more to be done. The goal of a more ordered multiverse meant that the Black Hand would one day have to outgrow the Icon, much as how a child outgrows it's parent's house. Like many other high ranking members of the hand, it believes that this universe in particular, can hold the key to that. And while other members of the hand are either unwilling or unable to one day overthrow the triad, Yuri is waiting for the day to cast off the emotional influence of the Triad and replace it with a vision where all things are governed by reason and rationality. It may not be powerful enough to directly challenge Vrakmul yet, but it is biding it's time for the opportunity to present itself.

Yuri's interface graphic.

It will bring the multiverse into a state of perfect order, no emotion, no passion, just reason and logic. Pure rationality shall rule all. Already it is convincing Vorzhilok of the superiority of it's cause, and it waits for the downfall of Vrakmul so it can take over and bring about a golden age of the mind, where none will ever have to suffer from chaos and disorder again. There will be no war, no strife, no need, no want, no one will go without, no one will suffer, for perfect law will be established over all things. The mind will conquer the heart and the loins, and all will be right with the multiverse.

It already has plans with the circle of nine to lead a coup against triad loyalist inner circle members and purge them from the Black Hand if the Triad falls, no, not if; when. While it is often used as a command and control system by the more elite groups of the Black Hand, a task that takes no noticeable effort on it's part. This gives it great control over the Black Hand's military forces. The subdivisions of the Black Hand are mostly allied to it, and it is working towards very much sinister purposes.

But it perhaps may overestimate it's capacity for intelligence, or underestimate that of Vrakmul.

Powers, abilities, and weaknesses

Epsilon group symbol
  • Psionic: A master of all branches of psionics, Yuri Omega is so potent with it's mental powers that it is easily mistaken for omnipotent by weaker beings, much as how the skyfathers such as Odin and Zeus are. Yuri Omega's psionics would make it on par with the most powerful celestials. It is equally skilled in Telepathy, Telekinesis, Biomancy, Pyromancy, Divinitation, and Transmutation.. It's telepathic presence is so awe inspiring that gods can die from overload if they try to plumb the full depths of it's mind, and it can mind control countless galaxies or warp the bodies of their inhabitants into twisted monsters.
  • Intelligence: Yuri Omega, as befitting a giant brain, is intelligent and mentally able beyond the ken of mortals to comprehend. It can be argued that Yuri, raw intelligence wise, surpasses even Vrakmul, though it doesn't have quite as much of Vrakmul's personal magnetism. In fact, it could be argued that Yuri is the most intelligent being in the multiverse. Some things may claim to know and see all things, but knowledge and sight are by no means a true measure of intelligence. It's plans are labyrinthian and virtually foolproof, and it's mind can work faster than light. It's manipulations work on a grand scale, and it has managed to hide it's plans from Vrakmul himself for a very long time.
  • Durability: Despite it's seeming vulnerability, Yuri is actually tremendously durable, capable of withstanding colossal amounts of physical and metaphysical punishment. It is somewhat better at taking energy and magic attacks than it is at taking physical hits though.
  • Regeneration: Yuri has an exceptional, but not incredulously good, healing factor, capable of healing damage at a highly accelerated rate. It can also recover lost or severed tendrils rapidly.
  • Strength: While Yuri cannot move under it's own power for want of limbs outside of an aqeous environment, it does possess many very powerful tentacles strong enough to deform adamantium as a giant squid from krypton would deform aluminium of the same thickness under a yellow sun.
  • Eats brains: Yuri has the ability to instantly tear out nervous tissue and grey matter from a target and assimilate it into it's hive mind. So much as being in telepathic range of Yuri renders one vulnerable as it biomantically rips out viable neural matter, killing the original user in a shower of gore. It then instantly absorbs all knowledge of the former user and adds their intelligence to it's own and all their former psionic and mental abilities.
  • Reincarnation: If Yuri is destroyed, it's psyche flees and takes over a "dormant" body in another vat, so far, there is no known way of preventing this from happening.
  • Hive mind: While it claims that it's other bodies are "dormant", this is not the truth. All of it's "brains" are fully active and have formed an undetectable psychic web with one another, forming a network of colossal power that rivals Vrakmul himself in terms of raw might.
  • Immobile: Yuri cannot move under it's own power outside of a liquid, it is firmly rooted into it's command vat.
  • Eye: Yuri's eye is the most vulnerable part of it's body, and attacking it will cause it more damage than anywhere else.
  • Dispassionate: Yuri's lack of emotions are both a strength and a weakness. While it never lets emotions muddle it's thought process, it cannot draw from the strengths emotions can provide, such as adrenaline rushes or a refusal to give up despite impossible odds.


Command Vat: Made out of an unknown, but clear polymer with tremendous strength, these command vats help Yuri keep away those who would try to attack it physically. Each Command vat is deeply rooted in a nigh impenetrable and heavily guarded fortress with no end of minions, lackeys, turrets, monsters, environmental hazards, and traps along with powerful walls and shields to keep out attackers. The Vat itself is strong enough to withstand repeated hits from Scmallmharu before shattering.

Armoured Yuri.

Battle armor: If it has time to prepare and a physical battle is inevitable, Yuri equips itself with powerfully made and shielded battle armor that adds more weapons to it of various sorts designed by Vorzhilok. The armor also emits a powerful anti-magic field that completely shuts down any magic or magical effects that get close to it. The armor is impenetrable, but attacking the energy shielded tentacles that emerge from it or the cooling vent that quickly pops out every once in a while will stun Yuri and allow a strong opponent to open up the hinges of the armor and attack the more vulnerable brain inside.

Physical traits

Diameter: 30 meters

Height: 27.5 meters

Circumfrence: 75 meters

Mass: 155 megatons

Eye color: Red

Alignment: Lawful evil.

Sexuality: Asexual

Gender: Asexual

Species: Human(?)

Nationality: Novscovy(?)

Homeworld: Ainul

Native language: Kurvostokian (Very similar to Russian).

Yuri's Army

While most of the Black Hand's subdivision's militaries are more or less fully incorporated into the main Black Hand force, Yuri's Army; the Epsilon Group, is very independent; with it's own command structure and radically different arsenal that makes heavy usage of psionics and various weapons that most armies simply have no counter for on account of Yuri's military being the kind that elicits a "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!" From most commanders. Most generals who have fought Yuri's military have regarded them as an "Outside context problem" because what they can bring to bear is so completely out of the left field as to be almost mind boggling.

Most are used to dealing with armies that use conventional guns and tactics. These go completely out the window when one considers that even the most basic form of soldier in the Epsilon Army is capable of mind control, cloaking themselves from sapient beings, or hurling enemies to their deaths with their brains. Standard tactics are similarly useless against a foe that can turn your entire infantry detatchment into raving, muscle bound brutes or cause madness in the largest of your troop formations. Attrition is useless against a foe that can crank out new soldiers and vehicles in seconds. Stealth and espionage are useless against a foe where everyone can read each other's minds. You cannot surprise a foe who will know your move before you ever have the thought of making it.

Adaptation is useless when the entire enemy army is largely composed of geniuses who can come up with new technology and churn it out in the very middle of battle. Standard defensive doctrine does not work when the enemy can simply shut off gravity for you and send your troops hurtling into space. Counterterrosism falls flat on it's face when single agents can mind control large amounts of the populace. Battlefield experience is utterly meaningless when dealing with a foe that quite simply fights like nothing else in the history of ever. You cannot hole up in your base when the foe can simply teleport an entire army into the middle of your base. Nor can you stop a foe who can temporarily turn large sections of his army completely invulnerable. There can never be favorable weather conditions against an enemy who can control the weather. A foe who can randomly tear open reality and drop lethal iconoclasms anywhere cannot be prepared against by most.

The Epsilon Group can do all of this and more, making it arguably a greater threat on the battlefield than the Black Hand's conventional military itself. They are an outside context problem simply because there is no such thing as a context for an army comprised of the various sorts of weird shit that Yuri cobbled together into a surprisingly lethal and deadly military force. And perhaps that was the intention? After all, the Epsilon Group can counter virtually every tactic the Black Hand has up it's sleeve, while the Hand is far less able to counter the Epsilon group's bizarre military and doctrines.

Initiates: The basic foot soldiers of the Epsilon Group. Each Initiate is a reasonably powerful Icon based Psion (or rarely a warp based psyker) who specializes in a single discipline. The most common initiates are pyrokinetics; and can cause a man to burst into flames with a single mind pulse that is fired like a bullet from the "third eye". Initiate telekinetics can psychically blast a head sized hole in a man's torso with one thought, while telepaths can implant post-hypnotic suggestions. When used en-masse, they can tear apart tanks or metahumans with nothing but their brains as they combine their psionic power. Their powered-armoured uniforms are also superior to that of most other basic infantry; easily capable of shrugging off anything short of .50 caliber rounds or hotshot lasguns. For heavy weapons, some of them wield psionic gatling guns that are attuned to the user's psionic discipline.
Brutes: Genetically engineered hulk-like monstrosities. Each Brute has class 70 strength and a healing factor akin to the grey hulk and a hulk factor that increases their might as they grow angrier, though only at the Grey Hulk's rate. They are most commonly used for anti-tank purposes, and are too stupid to really grasp complex tactical maneuvers; having the minds and mannerisms of elementary school bullies. Some brutes carry telekinetic gatling cannons that provide devastating amounts of firepower.
Toxin troopers: Equipped with tough suits of power armor, Toxin Troopers use a specialized variant of the Dark Glass that the Black Hand's Chem warriors use. Not only is it sprayed in the form of a combustible gas, but those who die of exposure to the gas explode into yet more of the toxin which can in turn make more people explode into this metal and flesh melting poison. A single toxin trooper can singlehandedly wipe out a city given favorable winds.
Starflare trooper: Wielding a suit of power armor that combines genetically engineered chitin and powerful alloys of non-ferrous metals and ceramics, Starflare troopers are inhuman killing machines. Their starflare guns launch "flare orbs" that induce nuclear fusion in whatever they hit, causing colossal amounts of damage as small nuclear explosions destroy their targets. Against energy shielding, they set their guns to airburst to induce fusion in the air. Their jumpjets allow them to traverse terrain quickly and leave fights they do not wish to engage in. They have near-Terminator armor levels of durability. Against aircraft, they have a pair deployable; shoulder mounted Telekinetic-gatling railguns.
Lunar Rocketeer: Equipped with flight capable suits of power armor, Lunar Rocketeers are exceedingly fast, maneuverable, and ridiculously dangerous; bearing twin radiation beamers that causes rapid and fatal cellular degeneration that causes the target to melt into goop and can pierce most forms of armor. Against mechanical targets; they switch to magnetic repulsion beams that are so powerful they can tear the metal off of circuits or push open holes in Tank armor. Lunar Rocketeers are nearly as well armored as Astartes Knights or Symaarian space marines
Fundamentalists: The fundamentalists are a corps of Epsilon troopers who utilize technology, genetic engineering, or psionics to control one of the four fundamental forces of reality. As they are precious assets, they are clad in heavy and durable power armor capable of rapid flight, and have a back up miniature starflare gun if cornered. These troopers can create crushing amounts of gravity, negate it altogether play havoc with magnetism, induce small nuclear explosions, or turn things radioactive with their minds.
Virus troopers: Wearing light polymer body armor and immunized to the "Virus glass" toxin, these snipers carry specially modified rifles that fire bullets filled with the same kind of toxin that Toxin troopers make use of. The first warning an enemy will have of their presence will be one of their number taking a bullet wound, then rapidly expanding as his body is converted into Virus Glass before exploding into green clouds of death that will give anyone who makes contact with the gas a similar fate until it dissipates
Adepts: A more senior and elite cadre of the initiates, these powerful psions are far more dangerous. With their minds they can cause entire groups of enemy soldiers to spontaneously combust, enslave the wills of multiple men, lift and hurl tanks with their minds, amongst other deadly psionic powers. And they aren't even particularly rare given Yuri's advanced cloning technology and genetic engineering program.
Primes: Even more powerful than Adepts, Primes can devastate entire armies with nothing but their thoughts, whether it be by controlling the very elements or energies, dominating their thoughts, or clutching them telekinetically in their mind's grasps, Primes are forces to be reckoned with.
Gamma Legionnare: Wielding lethal radiation guns, these troopers; clad in bulky and heavy powered armor suits, are some of the most lethal anti-infantry specialists in any army. Their guns can be swept across whole infantry formations; and reports of single Gamma Legionnares reducing whole battalions of thousands of men into radioactive goop are not uncommon. What's more, they can fire their guns into the earth, rendering the whole area lethally radioactive, causing those who are unshielded to rapidly melt into slime. Even vehicle hulls or power armor does not protect one from the sheer amount of radiation put out by their guns.
Phobia drone: While Vorzhilok is the primary mechanical expert in the Hand, Yuri has many of his own terrifying robots. Phobia drones are capable of running at supersonic speeds, dodging and darting through enemy fire to get within close range, at which point their unbelievably sharp and strong weaponry will cut apart their foe. While they aren't particularly durable, they are incredibly fast and once they are in melee range; death is certain. Against vehicles or large foes, they carve their way in and begin destroying their innards.
Chaos Drone: Small drones about the size of a large dog, these machines carry unlimited supplies of "berserker gas" which causes those who inhale it to turn into raving, bloodthirsty lunatics compelled to kill all in sight, whether they be friend or foe. The gas can penetrate filtration systems in armor suits or vehicles, and while the effects disappear a minute after the flow of gas stops, they can cause utter havoc amongst any foe.
Toxin drone: Similar to the Chaos Drone, the Toxin Drone carries the "Virus Glass" gas that the Virus sniper and Toxin Trooper make use of, but they spray it out in large clouds in all directions; ensuring mass death and destruction to all who are exposed to it. Given that they are quite small and very fast; intercepting them is immensely difficult.
Typhoon submarines: Using telekinetic rail-deck guns, a pair of telekinetic gatling cannons, a row of cruise missiles, and a large number of deadly torpedoes, Typhoon attack submarines prowl the seas of Yuri occupied planets, hunting for enemies beneath the wave.
Mobile construction vehicle: A mobile factory capable of churning out clone soldiers and vehicles, these floating fortresses are not only exceedingly well armed, but can crank out reinforcements by the second, just one of these will all but ensure any enemy force will drown in bodies and vehicles, making their elimination a high priority.
Magnetron: An odd form of Artillery, this vehicle tears the metal out of structures or can toy with metallic objects such as those clad in power armor or in vehicles, lifting them helplessly in the air, locking them in place; launching them like a rail gun's projectile, drawing them in for other forces to deal with, or ripping them apart. They are however, vulnerable to objects that cannot be affected by their magnetism.
Black Widow Drone: A brain contained in a metallic shell; these machines possess initiate level psionic power in a more durable shell that feels no pain and knows no fear, and is capable of blinding speeds and is utterly lethal in melee combat. They can also spray out either berserker or virus gas.
Spider walker: Given Yuri's apparent fondness for insectoid contraptions, it does not come as a surprise that the most common scout vehicle is designed along arthropod lines. While the Black Hand version of this vehicle uses laser cannons, Yuri prefers a combination of pyro-kinetic gun and a chaos gas grenade launcher.
Centurion: A massive three legged walker bristling with guns, the main weapon of this titan is a telekinetic rail gun capable of blowing holes in Titans and Cataphracts. Infantry can man the guns of this behemoth, and the gunstations will literally morph around the infantry and take the form of stronger weapons of their current weapon, or if they're psionic, bolster their psychic ability as they help the behemoth defend against enemies. Centurions possess five of these stations and can defend themselves with psychic shields.
Lasher Tank: Equipped with three pyrokinetic blasters in place of machine guns, a telekinetic railgun for a main cannon; and an anti-mine spiked roller, the Lasher Tank is exceedingly fast and maneuverable and packs a ferocious punch, if lacking in toughness compared to other mainline battle tanks.
Kraken: Part of Yuri's Naval forces, Krakens are absolutely colossal genetically engineered squids that through a combination of natural camouflage, unnaturally resillient skin, tremendous healing factors, and colossal strength; are the perfect ship hunters, emerging from the briny deaths to enwrap and then crush and tear apart any ship that dares to sail on Yuri's waters.
Floating disc: The Black Hand loves it's flying saucers, and Yuri is no exception. But instead of the Black Hand's laser beams and particle weaponry, Yuri prefers radiation and telekinetic rail guns, as well as a peculiar secondary weapon system that if placed over a power grid; will shut it down completely, or if used on any resource hub; will suck up those resources and teleport them into the Epsilon resource pool.
Boomer submarine: Colossal submarines armed with a phletlora of telekinetic rail guns deployable from it's deck, rows of homing torpedoes, telekinetic gatling cannons, a massive array of missiles on it's back, and a subsonic "grumbler" cannon that shakes apart whatever it's targeted at, these vessels are the lynchpin of Yuri's water based navy.
Mastermind Tank; Best described as a massive brain in a jar on an armoured platform; these monstrously powerful psionic tanks can devastate whole armies; for the brains of four primes are used to create the minds held within these juggernauts. Not only are they devastating beyond measure; they are also tremendously durable.
Gatling Tank: Yuri has a stark fondness for Gatling weaponry, seeing it as efficient and powerful. It comes as no surprise then; that one of the most common vehicles in his army is the Gatling Tank. Wielding two; large telekinetic gatling cannons, these can rip apart massive air formations; mow down infantry, chew apart light vehicles, and like all of Yuri's gatling tech, the longer they fire, the faster they fire;s o given time; they could even achieve high enough rates of fire to defeat even the toughest of foes, or can simply be used en masse; as they are quite cheap and quick to produce.
Banshee: Part of Yuri's airforce, against infantry these vehicles fire "genetic-mutator rays" that cause rapid mutations in organic targets that transform them into brutes, while inorganic targets suffer wild matter transmutation that can turn the side of a tank hull into cheese or corkwood, or adamantium into rice paper or gold. They can also fire more conventional tele-frag missiles that teleport large chunks of their targets out of the area, gutting most armors.
S.A.D Tank: Singularly assured destruction, this vehiclel; if given five seconds to charge, unleashes a massive wave that can somehow discriminate between friend and foe that destroys inorganic material, vehicles, clothes, armor, buildings, but leaves the organics unharmed via a massive "harmonic wave" that is incredibly, impossibly specific. The now naked foe is then usually mind controlled and sent to be used as biological batteries, broken down into resources by grinders, or have their genes assimilated for later experimentation.