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Is it bad that I always forget about "Black History Month?" and that every time I'm reminded my 1st thought is always Kanye saying

"I make black history every day I don't need a month."

Also me personally I don't wish for a "Mexican History Month." I'd rather have September 16th treated like a holiday just like "Cinco de Mayo" is treated. I don't like "Cinco de Mayo" because it aint $#!%, but a victory of a battle. It is not a independence day.

One last thing: That Morgan Freeman video nice, and good point of view.


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@Vance Astro:

What is stopping Mac Miller, YelaWolf, Wax, MGK, Rittz, Asher Roth, Evidence, Brother Ali, Sage Francis, Alchemist, Action Bronson, and Macklemore from being just as big of a joke as Vanilla Ice?


Am I the only one that thinks

Big Pun>Notorious B.I.G.


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@KnightRise: I like TOS, and I think he(50) can make good music still, but is too focused on business.

I hate saying this, but he needs more aggressive records again. I want him to work with Xzibit, ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock, Raekwon(oh the irony), Royce Da 5'9'' or Joell Ortiz, Saigon definitely Saigon, and others. To make aggressive tracks.

I also like "Still Kill", "Psycho", "The Re-Up[song]", "Shady Murder", plus other songs since he "lost his touch."


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@Vance Astro:

Asking for alot

I don't think so. I mean... I only really want the VIP ticket because I was at Paid Dues 2011, when Black Hippy had a small crowed of fans. To now having to be the Headliners of the concert, and I add

"Yall acting like TDE don't run LA."-There He Go(ScHoolboy Q)

I enjoy concerts a lot, and I'm willing to sacrifice Beyond Wonderland this year to go to Paid Dues VIP. I just need to wait one more week.

the sweater, and shirt I yearning for yesterday... today not so much.

I think half these albums are weed plates

I agree

Coincidentally a few years back... this one time... My friend was going to break it down, and he grabbed the CD case on the dashboard which was Recovery. I saw this, and immediately interrupted.

"Nah man not that one." *grabbed Relapse*{NO LIE} "use this one."

His response was "whatever", and he switched CD cases that time. 2nd time that happened he said "it doesn't matter man." He brings it up during sessions, and chuckles.

Now I add that I seen people use "Illmatic" "Graduation" "All Eyes On Me" and mixtapes as plates. One of my friends says "Let me bless it" or "I just blessed it." He even says that it is not a dope project if you never use it as a plate. I know what you guys are saying, but I just felt like sharing.


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@Vance Astro: You made very solid points, but I still believe in the phrase "monkey see, monkey do." I personally believe that it is

based on forms of entertainment. Most entertainment media contains art. Art imitates life, it's more than Nicki Minaj and other female rappers and groupies that are teaching young girls it's ok to think being a "bad b#tch."

Yes it is more than that, but that is a part of it. I think I am also responsible for my contribution to the idea, image, title, and/or depiction of women. I don't want to drag this on. I just wanted to put my 2 cents into the thread, and acknowledge your interpretation of the situation.


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The Family is going to Win  Why?  Because He's BATMAN!  (+)
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Thinking how weird it is, when I act like the parent to my own mother.


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is that you?


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Her new costume doesn't look as much like a swimsuit as her new costume but you could say the same for Superman.

Forgive me my doode, but I'm a little bit lost.


Why is it annoying?

It's kind of annoying like sorta... like like... it bothers me a tad bit. It is not a big deal, but I just find it so unnecessary. Plus it goes with deeper thought of ideas like what Lupe Fiasco said

"Then maybe you can grow up to be a stripper A welfare-receiving prostitute and gold digger You can watch on TV, how they should properly depict you."

This is a actual problem for me. Kids are growing up with the idea that women should be praised for their looks. I hate hearing my young cousin say, "Yeah I'm a Bad B!@#$%." to some deuce bag boy(who I would tear limb from limb), to impress him or something. It is a lot of things causing this mentality, and comics is a tiny probably insignificant thing that kind of annoys me if I think about it.


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Thinking about this gurl that would never give me the time of day, and then after (lets say 5 yrs) she starts to show attention. I enjoy it very much, and I play it off being very allusive. While still giving her the impression that I am interested. To ultimately have her grow tired of the game, and losing interest.

Which got me thinking.... Ya Dumbass you had her, and you let her go.... AGAIN.

also thinking of meaningless items that I want, but definitely do not need at ALL