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That would be so SWEET! However, I already now how it ends, Batman planned for this, comes up with a plan, and Superman uses his powers to defy logic and stops "holding back," and lastly the rest of the DC Verse is there.

You know like always, Batman steals the show, Superman gets a major cameo, and the DC Verse is in the background. (+)

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Yup, totally agree. There is no Yes or NO. Events have their pro's and their con's that is it because honestly, most people are tired of events but they keep buying them.

I'm guilty of it too, in a way. I mean I haven't bought anything even related since Secret Wars but I'm not gonna lie, I'm eager to read Battle of the Atom. (+)

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I'm blue daba di daba da.


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Because my brother likes Daredevil, NEXT!

Because Mark Waid is currently writing his series.



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@yung_ancient_one said:

I don't understand why anyone would claim Green Arrow the Victor, and never explain why. (+)

Aside from the recent bump, the same could be said visa versa...

True. I just failed to see the latter until now. (+)

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I was laughing at this like... it can't be true can it... Oh Good one.


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The owners and original rule makers of the site are truly out to improve Comicvine in the best way they can, are they? They pull out updates that nobody ask for out of the door that cause a insane amount of glitches and bugs, now they have to put a tighter leash on what we are supposed to post or not. I think that is why the activity's feed was updated to show what are users posting so that everyone can see clearly. I guess if we don't put a disclaimer saying this video contains f-words, Zero Punctuation's videos are banned, as well as rap songs where the artist uses the word mutherf***er with the same frequency as a comma. Hell 70% of content on Youtube is banned in this case. Its alright then, its their site and their rules anyway... Doesn't make any less them shortsighted and/or that they don't acknowledge a world outside of Comicvine, but there you go.

Oh, you can make a case that kids might be watching and its true, but you think that just the poster putting on a disclaimer saying this video contains bad words will stop them from clicking in the video? This is ridiculous. Of course you can say, but these are the rules and regardless you may feel about them, you have nothing to say against them and you must obey. If it was not for the friendships that I made here in this site, I would have long since left since last's years relaunch. But then again, not like my departure would make any difference as I've seen how dismissive other are to users who put a insane amount of effort into this site, only to be spat back as if they are nothing. If I said "screw it, I am abandoning ship", I would have being met with scorn and sooner forgotten by the community in 2 hours max.

Go on defend the owners and original rule makers all you want... Just a heads up, I hope you guys are more tighter on trolls that have being getting away with impersonating users, posting unnecessary sex threads in the boards or perhaps you know, hackers, if you are willing to go down in something as frivolous as this.

EDIT: Oh my apologies, who I am to tell you how to do your jobs anyway?

CM Punk would be proud... I think. (+)

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I have been away from the Vine for too long. I had no idea these threads were what's popular now. funny stuff.


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"She says she's only been with 4 or 5 dudes and you know you gotta multiply that times 3." (+)

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Jon Steward being as strong as Superman is stupid, he's just a comedian/news reporter.