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Let us Begin


This story is inspired by The Hunger Games success, and The Hunger Games was inspired by Battle Royal. Big deal. Art imitates art all the time. Dennis Hopeless (funny last name), Greg Horn (#3), Dave Johnson(#1), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend(#2) let the reader know that this isn't an "original" story. Arcade even says on the first issue "Got the idea from a couple kids' books I read in the pen."

This story isn't solely about "heroes" killing each other for survival. They do have flashback memories showing insight on some of the characters in the story. Everyone is fairly interesting in the book. I personally became fond of Cammi, Anachronism (first time typing it without spelling it wrong), and Bloodstone. I loved to hate Nara, and Kid Briton.

Every tradeback (trade paperback, TP, TPB) I've bought promote other volumes of other books. Avengers Arena: Kill or Die promotes Avengers Academy volumes.

I personally had no idea who most of these characters are, and might have never found out about them if it wasn't for this book. This book caught my attention and now I am more familiar with newer characters.


The story feels like something Marvel came up with in hopes to make more money and help promote newer characters. Sadly the story involves killing off characters readers may or may not be emotionally invested in. I personally lost one character on the first issue. It does suck growing fond of Anachronism and knowing he might just end up dying and that's it. The first couple deaths were almost pointless. I say almost because I feel as they unfortunately died to show the reader that there will be characters getting killed.


The ugly truth is this book is selling 30k at least each month. (comichron dot com) The BIG TWO are too big so they make a lot of decisions fans will hate just because there is a chance to make $$$$$. The book isn't a bad read. The book is actually a fun good read, but it isn't a great book. I give it 2/5. I personally want to get the second volume of the series.

5 STARS = It's a Classic

4 STARS = It is definitely a great book

3 STARS = I'd highly recommend it

2 STARS = It's just another comic book.

1 STAR = Overpriced

N0 stars = HATE is a strong word, but I really really really don't like this

ps thanks for reading

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Posted by TheAcidSkull

i disagree on MANY points but good review nonetheless.

Edited by Yung ANcient One

@theacidskull: May I ask which of the "many" points do you disagree with?

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Posted by TheAcidSkull

@theacidskull: May I ask which of the "many" points do you disagree with?

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for one thing the STORY is about killing heroes, thats the main appeal

Posted by Yung ANcient One

@theacidskull: I respect your point of view, I agree with what you said, but I meant that the story isn't SOLELY about killing heroes. 3 heroes have died but a majority of the time the story telling was about memories and looking back at their origins. You see several moments of character interacting with one another and showing their personality. I keep thinking what if 10 characters end up surviving.

I just don't think there all going to kill each other in the end. I could be wrong but I feel like the majority of characters are going to live. I really feel like this book is meant to promote obscure characters that already have a small fanbase. They are cashing in on a gimmick but I believe they also intent on trying to increase they're popularity. Sadly I think they will kill of a couple characters to do so because honestly who knew who was Red Raven, Apex, Anachronism, Bloodstone, Nara, and/or Death Locket before this.

I could be totally dead wrong but I just personally enjoyed the book and made me a fan of such characters I wasn't aware of.

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Posted by lykopis

Nice write up -- I wish I could tell you different, but the writer of the series was explicit in saying many of characters will be killed off. Several were created simply to be killed and I suspect more of the same will happen although favourites have been already killed.

For me, I am looking out for X-23 and wondering what will happen to her. Oh, and Nico. My fingers are crossed those two will survive.