BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN (it could be worse)

Moved to 2016


Lex Luthor breaks out the Arkham inmates out of prison. Batman confronts them, but despite all his efforts, Gotham is being overwhelmed. Superman comes in to help and after seeing the result of Clark's battle and the damage it did to Metropolis, distrust and conflict arises between the two heroes.


Played by Hayden Christensen


Played by Jonah Hill

Lex Luthor

Played by Jesse Eisenberg

Lois Lane

Played by Britney Spears


Played by Rowan Atkinson


Played by James Franco


Played by Jackie Chan


Played by Samuel L. Jackson

Commissioner Gordon

Played by Tim Curry


Played by Michael Cera

Harley Quinn

Played by Nicki Minaj


Played by Nicolas Cage


Played by Sean Bean


Played by Patrick Stewart


Played by Ice Cube


Played by Eddie Murphy

Jimmy Olsen

Played by Keanu Reeves


Played by Adam Sandler

Wonder Woman

Played by Lindsay Lohan




Uwe Boll


A Large Influx of Respect for Dr.Bees

- You can watch the full video by Harry Patridge here.


Dr.Miles Manners, Beeologist, is just an average wasp-themed superhero by day. But by night, he becomes...


Jumping Ability

  • Here Dr.Bees shows his impressive jumping ability here, smashing through glass and supposedly landing without injuries from a the top floor of a building.

Fighting Ability

Dr.Bees always has, obviously, bees around with him. He has trained them extensively to hone their attacks on specific targets, and is able to unleash them on his enemies without the bees harming him. He is capable of having excessive amounts of bees in small containers.

  • Here Dr.Bees displays impressive marksmanship and control over his bees when he throws them at a gun-wielding thug. The crime-doer is rendered helpless under the might of the bees.
  • Keeping them inside a small jar, Dr.Bees releases his minions to attack an evil-ish sondaughter/dadmom duo.
  • In an office building, Dr.Bees yet again sets his bees upon his helpless victims. This time, he conceals them in a briefcase!

Obviously this is a top-tier street-leveler right here. Limitless potential!





If you ask me why I was bored.


YNCG's Halo Throwdown: Master Chief vs. Boba Fett (Debate)



  • Both contestants are in character.
  • Standard elimination rules.
  • Random encounter.
  • Start 30 feet apart.
  • Neither John nor Boba know about their opponent's presence.
  • Master Chief has an Assault Rifle, 2 SMGs, 5 grenades, and an Energy Sword.
  • Boba Fett has his standard equipment.
  • Opponents cannot destroy the ship.


Takes place on the map Hijacked from Black Ops 2.

Debate in this thread until next Friday (10/25/13), and then I will put up the voting thread for one day. Once the voting is done, I will post a thread with the winner in a scenario written by me based on the votes and debate. One good argument for each character will be quoted and included in the thread revealing the victor.

Happy Debating!



It's a a poncho...with dual revolvers...what can be more awesome than that?


Obviously, Six-Gun Gorilla has the strength of a Gorilla, but from what these scans have to say, I'd say it's a bit more.

  • With a single blow, decimates sandbags and easily subdues a highly skilled gunslinger (this is before he could talk, and before his training).
  • Lifts a horse, and throws him a significant distance onto a bandit, crushing him.
  • Casually tosses Blue-3425, a full-grown man, a fairly long distance with one arm.

  • Jumps an incredible height to avoid TumbleSquids, showing how strong his leg muscles really are.
  • Surprises a Rebel and rips his head clean off.


  • Outdraws an outlaw (try saying that 10 times in a row).
  • Six-Gun Gorilla is able to momentarily outrun Blazetime, which is basically a period where there is extreme heat from the sun that can completely fry someone out in the open.
  • Our favorite ape gunslinger shows he can run at least the speed of a horse, and catches up with it with no trouble despite it having a head start.
  • Easily speed blitz at least a dozen bandits, and is also able to fire point-blank shots.


I actually have very few durability feats for Six-Gun Gorilla because he's such a badass he rarely gets tagged by anything.

  • Remains conscious and able to talk after being hit by a Psi-Dampener, which disrupts brain waves.
  • Doesn't even flinch at a full-strength punch from a man who killed and evaded bandits on his own with ease (this is before he could even talk, and before his training).


Again, not many feats in this department but he can certainly utilize it when he wants to.

  • Despite his large size, Six-Gun Gorilla is still capable of stealth, as he is able to surprise a rebel leader, even with his men around him patrolling.


  • In his early days, shows how accurate he is in a circus show.
  • While speed blitzing bandits, Six-Gun Gorilla is able to fire accurate, point-blank shots.
  • While running at high speeds (at least as fast as a horse), headshots a sniper from a distance without even looking at him.
  • Slaughters nearly twelve men with accurate gunfire in seconds.


  • Six-Gun Gorilla constantly carries a poncho that can withstand extreme temperatures...even Blazetime, which completely disintegrates a horse.
  • The ape gunslinger gives a brief summary of how he came to be, and what his guns are made of.


  • Annihilates a group of bandits with zero effort.
  • While in a high speed chase, takes down rebels with accurate shots, while juggling Blue on his back.
  • Combats a swarm of TumbleSquid, and manages to evade them in the end.
  • Takes a group of nearly twelve rebels, each armed with their own weapons.







  • Out of costume, crushes a high-speed car by swinging and landing on it, without injuries.
  • An enraged Kaine beats down Salamander in a couple hits.
  • Overcomes Venom's grip and uppercuts him with stingers, proving that they can hurt symbiotes.
  • In the Microverse, Scarlet Spider rips off the jaw of an amoeba.
  • Despite being tied in chains designed to withstand even Spider-Man's peak strength, Kaine is able to break them and escape.
  • After being pummeled by Superior Spider-Man while trying to negotiate, Scarlet Spider kicks SpOck once and makes him fall. SpOck even states how Kaine is unbelievably stronger than he is, and how he can barely think after a hit like that.


  • Kaine (out of suit), is able to easily dodge tons of bullets.
  • Pushes Dr. Meland out of the way so quickly that the assassin doesn't even notice him there. Kaine then cloaks and gets the drop on his opponent, appearing right in front of him, and dodges a point-blank sniper shot.
  • Catches an arrow shot at him from behind, dodges bullets, and uses the zombie assassin to absorb the impact of the bullets.
  • After cloaking, Kaine proceeds to speed blitz the entire Assassin's Guild team sent at him with ease. Not even the (street-level) speedster, Harvester can keep up with him.
  • While swinging, Scarlet Spider evades automatic Uzi gunfire from a speeding van.
  • Knocks the gun out of a slave trafficker's hand before he can fire his weapon.
  • Kaine barely notices Zoe as she is falling down the building, still manages to save her, dodges flaming debris, and strategically places webbing to save civilians from any injuries/death from the debris.
  • As he dodges automatic gunfire, Kaine is able to kick the employee out of harm's way.
  • Dodging gunfire from two thugs with automatic weapons.
  • Evades gunfire from multiple hired thugs, and pushes Officer Layton out of the way.
  • Scarlet Spider speed blitz and humiliates a whole gang of thugs dressed as Santa with MP5s.
  • Dodges Iceman's numerous projectiles with absolute ease.
  • After being blasted out of the room, disorientated, by a rocket, Kaine still manages to web up all his friends before they splatter across the pavement.


  • The Scarlet Spider costume has regenerative abilities.
  • In SCARLET SPIDER #24, we learn that Kaine's costume has unstable molecules which renders it completely fireproof.
  • Kaine is able to endure being slashed by Ana Kravinoff's poisoned knife directly twice, and is still able to engage in combat.
  • Gets ambushed by The Rangers and is hit by an array of different powers. Still, his suit is completely fine and he doesn't seem to have any major injuries.
  • Carnage stabs right through Kaine with a tendril, and yet the Scarlet Spider simply removes it and shrugs it off.
  • Already weakened, Kaine gets punched by Bruiser and bounces back to the fight instantly (literally).
  • Scarlet Spider tanks getting hit by Armadillo numerous times without significant injuries.
  • Gets blasted full-on by Candra and Bella Donna in the midst of battle and is still able to get up.
  • Suffering from hallucinating poison, a Kaine that is holding back due to his shock from "Ben Reilly's" appearance, actually Kraven (2 tonner) impersonating him is hit by endless blows but still manages to be able to fight back (after he snaps).


  • Despite not being in his suit with cloaking technology, Kaine is experienced with using the darkness to stealthily take out opponents.
  • Sneaks up on a mugger without him even knowing after spying on him for an extended period of time. Kaine also states he "sees it all" inferring he is fast enough to monitor multiple activities around the city at the same time.
  • As the SWAT Team comes in to disarm the bomb, Scarlet Spider is cloaked and the forces are unable to see him.
  • Not even the Assassin's Guild can keep up with Scarlet Spider's cloaking, especially considering how swift he is.
  • Kaine sneaks up on the Assassin's Guild yet again, this time in a very populated restaurant before revealing his position.
  • An Assassin's Guild operative is unable to track down Kaine, even with his special visor.
  • With Wolverine, Kaine infiltrates the Guild's headquarters, and, without cloaking, stealth kills multiple assassins.


  • Kaine can speak fluent Japanese.
  • Scarlet Spider showing the ability to communicate to spiders in a huge radius, even being able to see what they see from across the entire city to track down a bomb.
  • Saving a man from very heavy fires and a collapsing building that even the firefighters couldn't take out.
  • Punching Twister (not much of a feat but I like it).

The Other/Ascended Scarlet Spider

  • Fighting against, and easily defeating, Carlos and Esmerelda Lobo as The Other.
  • Kaine holds his own against Shathra for a short period of time, until he absolutely wrecks her when he turns into Ascended Kaine to save Wally.


  • Versus a group of thugs at a meet with various weaponry like sub-machine guns and shotguns (out of costume). Also shows impressive manipulation over a large amount of spiders.
  • Versus Salamander, a superhuman with manipulation and generation of fire.
  • Versus Agent Venom after he "Vulks" out.
  • Versus Ana Kravinoff after he was injured and poisoned (with signs of paralysis) by her knife.
  • Versus a sniper from the Assassin's Guild sent to kill Donald Meland.
  • Versus a team of very elite Assassin's Guild members (including Harvester and Flower).
  • Versus the Assassin's Guild in their headquarters (Kaine has help from Wolverine).
  • Versus the Assassin's Guild after Candra (Red Death) is revived.
  • Versus The Hand, a group of highly trained ninjas owned/followed by Kingpin.
  • Versus Bruiser, who has superhuman strength and durability.
  • Versus Carnage for the first time as Scarlet Spider, and holds his own. Stingers are shown to inflict lots of damage against symbiotes.
  • Versus Carnage a second time in the Microverse, and seems to be gaining the upper hand until Cletus pulls a cheap move to escape.
  • Versus an amped Carnage briefly for the third time to save Agent Venom, and fights Carnage's "children".
  • Versus a (momentarily) giant Carnage for the final time after Kaine exits the Microverse.
  • Versus a drunk Armadillo, who has superhuman strength, durability, and razor sharp claws.
  • Versus Jackal's mutated spiders after a brief clash with Superior Spider-Man.
  • Versus Jackal's mutated spiders and minions after Kaine was tied down by chains specifically designed to keep down Spider-Man.
  • Versus Mammon, an entity of pure energy that uses humans as a host.
  • Versus the Microverse Amoeba Monster.
  • Versus the heavy security at Roxxon, in which Kaine easily dispatches.
  • Versus even heavier security from Roxxon.
  • Versus Superior Spider-Man. Kaine absorbs many powerful blows from SpOck, and when he's put up with it, demonstrates with a single kick, how if he really tried, he could easily defeat Spidey.
  • Versus The Rangers, Houston's premiere superhero team.
  • Versus The Rangers after being ambushed, briefly, for the second time.
  • Versus a van going at top speed with thugs with Uzi's.
  • Versus an array of several gangs over a course of several nights.
  • Versus another onslaught of different (rival) gangs over a course of a few days.
  • Versus thugs involved in slave trafficking.
  • Versus a mugger. More of a badass feat than combat.
  • Versus a group of criminals dressed as Santa armed with MP5s.
  • Versus armed thugs at a Nuclear Lab.
  • Versus an armed slave trafficker.
  • Versus guard thugs at the William P. Hobby Airport.
  • Versus the Werewolves of War (The Lobo Siblings).
  • Versus the X-Men, then defeats Wolverine (it was revealed later than Logan was in on the plan, but not the rest of the X-Men. However, it's still a seemingly accurate depiction of a fight between the two).
  • Versus two tigers, then fights Ana Kravinoff once again. Kaine holds back the majority of the fight, but when he's done "playing with her", he beats her in a few hits.
  • Versus Kraven. Kaine holds back the entire fight, and takes a severe beating from the hunter. But, like his daughter, once the Scarlet Spider doesn't hold back, he one-shots his opponent.






  • Kills Zombie Franklin D. Roosevelt while tanking being rammed by his wheelchair, seemingly superhuman strength punches, being electrified, and more.
  • Kills Zombie Teddy Roosevelt after being punched, and impaled by an Elephant.
  • After being teleported to the location of the zombified Presidents (including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington), Deadpool ambushes them and holds them off long enough for Agent Preston to escape.
  • With an upgraded, mystical sword from Doctor Strange, Deadpool slays an extremely enraged Zombie President Nixon.
  • Deadpool hilariously tricks Zombie Kennedy by dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, easily slays him, and guns down his human henchmen.
  • The Merc with a Mouth lays waste to Zombie Presidents 10-13. He then breaks his legs, but heals at a remarkable rate (off-panel), reappears moments later to kill Zombie President Hoover, Coolidge, G. Harding, and Buchanan. Deadpool arrives again in a golf cart to make the undead 7th, 8th, and 14th Presidents dead. Despite being shot in the face by Lincoln (again), Wade manages to throw a beacon on the plane.
  • Battles Zombie Abraham Lincoln in hand-to-hand combat. Despite not faring well, Deadpool is able to soak up countless superhuman (or should I say zombie) punches, cheats by using his sword to put down Lincoln and his cheering Zombie President Buddies by decapitating them.
  • Fights a whole bunch of evil space monkeys, battles, and eventually slays Zombie President Reagan to stop him from using Russian nuclear weaponry to "save" America.
  • Zombie President Washington and his zombified President friends ambush Deadpool while on the SHIELD Hellicarrier, but he holds his own until being taken down by Washington.
  • Holds his own against Zombie President Tubby Taft, who is extremely durable and has immense superhuman strength, until Agent Adsit kills him in a mech.
  • Deadpool enters a magic barrier in which if anyone enters, they instantly die. However his healing factor revives him, and Wade then epic-ly takes down an amped Zombie Washington.
  • Battles and eventually kills Corrado Colorundo, a guy who made a deal with the devil to have invulnerability as long as he is able to breathe.
  • At a beach, Deadpool tricks Artie, a guy who made a deal with the devil to be able to be adaptable to the environment (mainly water, as he could summon sea animals too), and kills him.
  • After infiltrating Gump's tower with the help of Superior Spider-Man, Wade easily dispatches Batroc, who is the master of French Kickboxing.
  • Deadpool, still with the help of SpOck, takes down countless mercenaries protecting Gump (who has explosives on him, and has precognitive ability due to a deal with the devil), including Taskmaster, Trapster, Lady Stilt-Man, and Chance. Note : Deadpool only drops Taskmaster in one kick because Taskie was holding back and didn't want to hurt Wade.
  • Chases a guy who made a deal with the devil to have shape-shifting powers, beats up two cops, and breaks the arm of a self-righteous biker guy.
  • Although both are holding back, Deadpool holds his own against Daredevil but eventually gets tied up. The Merc breaks his own fingers to grab his gun, shoot a civilian in his leg, and force Daredevil to tend to his wounds.
  • Catches up and grabs the shape-shifter, then snaps his neck.
  • Deadpool is able to take on an amped Vetis, (who has the powers of invulnerability, super-strength, able to survive in nearly any environment, shape-shifting/power mimicry, and precogniton) for a short period of time before becoming overwhelmed.
  • After being knocked out for a short period of time by Vetis, Deadpool comes back and stabs him in the back, taking down the demon.
  • Beats up a ton of baseball players with ease.
  • Alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Deadpool infiltrates The White Man's base of actions and effortlessly takes him and his thugs on. He then tricks The White Man into turning himself into stone.
  • Despite being taken off guard last time and getting his organs taken, Deadpool instead gets the drop on them (Agent Preston warned him, but it looked like Wade already knew because he had a needle out which he was going to use to inject himself), injects himself with an unknown substance, and blitz his enemies with ease.
  • Stealthily infiltrates Wolverine's home in Manhattan, takes out a couple of his guys, and manages to sneak into Logan's room and wake him up without Logan's enhanced senses catching him. He also easily recognizes that Storm is in bed with Wolverine.
  • Somehow finds out exactly where Captain America is (middle of the desert fighting AIM), and helps Steve take down the armed goons while talking to him. Deadpool also shows he can use Captain America's famous shield.
  • Even after Logan hiding in the shadows, Deadpool finds out that he isn't alone. With Wolverine's help, they make a quick plan and hold their own against The Butler's elite teams before eventually being overwhelmed. Wade also makes an impressive, improvised microwave bomb.
  • A very serious Deadpool, who had a capsule in his leg placed in there before, escapes his test tubes, and brutally kills scientists and Butler's elite forces alike with improvised weaponry, and practically naked. Later, when he obtains a gun, he shoots through his bicep to silence the shot.
  • Weak from being left for what could be hours or days, Wade still manages to sneak out of his entrapment and past guards with the help of a Nightcrawler-like super-soldier. Deadpool then goes full badass and takes down a couple of elite, armed guards naked, in the rain, with his bare fists.
  • After Kim teleports him to a North Korean Guard, he knocks him out in one hit and demonstrates impressive accuracy with an AK-47.
  • Hatches a clever plan to kill off Butler's men.
  • Despite being tested on and in (seemingly) bad shape, Deadpool manages to escape the hospital and slay a bunch of corrupt cops.
  • Effortlessly breaks an arm with one hand.


  • Jumps off a SHIELD plane without a parachute, lands on his head, and is still conscious and shows little signs of pain.
  • Gets crushed in a car by two zombified Presidents, kicked into impact with a building while still in the car, and still remains conscious.
  • Jumps off the SHIELD plane again, but this time lands on his feet without breaking bones.
  • Deadpool soaks up tons of superhuman punches from Zombie Abraham Lincoln without any major injuries, and holds his own before using his sword.
  • Deadpool falls from orbit after he thwarts Zombie Reagan's explosive plot to cleanse America, and is seen fine on the next page.
  • Tanks a shotgun blast to his ass (hey that rhymed!).
  • Gets shot twice in the back but simply turns around and complains.
  • Jumps off a tall building, hits his head on the stair railings next to an apartment, and doesn't get knocked out.
  • Jumps out of the apartment, lands on a car (with enough force to dent it), without sustaining any injuries.
  • Gets punched across the city by an amped Vetis, lands on a car on his back, totaling it, and remains conscious and strong enough to lift and throw a woman and her child.
  • Vetis continues to punish Deadpool, but The Merc With A Mouth is able to endure the dishing.
  • Deadpool withstands Vetis blasting him with Cyclops' optic blasts, Klaw's sound gun, bashing by Mr.Fantastic's arms, and more before finally being knocked out for a short period of time.
  • Gets punched out the window of the building's top floor by Luke Cage, and is seen in the next page perfectly healed and fine.
  • Wade, tied down to a chair, gets smacked around by The White Man's power cane.
  • Deadpool regains consciousness and starts to heal moments after being hit by The White Man's full blast. He has practically every bone in his body broken, and his nervous system is completely shut down.

  • A bit of Wade's origin/involvement in Weapon X is revealed, and it is shown that Wilson was cast out as garbage, and a failed experiment in a harsh, freezing climate. Due to his healing factor and willpower, Wade survived the day and escaped.
  • Deadpool shoots through his bicep to silence his pistol shot, and shrugs it off.



YNCG's Halo Throwdown: Master Chief vs. Wolverine (Debate)



  • Both contestants are in character.
  • Standard elimination rules.
  • Random encounter.
  • Start 30 feet apart.
  • Neither John nor Logan know about their opponent's presence.
  • Master Chief has an Assault Rifle, 2 SMGs, 5 grenades, and a handgun.
  • Wolverine has adamantium claws and his regular costume.


An open forest with plenty of daylight.

Debate in this thread until next Monday (9/23/13), and then I will put up the voting thread for one day. Once the voting is done, I will post a thread with the winner in a scenario written by me based on the votes and debate. One good argument for each character will be quoted and included in the thread revealing the victor.

Happy Debating!


Cheers for an entire year on the Vine...

Can't believe its been an entire year already! I have to say I loved this website from the start, and the community was just wonderful. Thanks to everybody who made my stay so far an enjoyable experience. Some shoutouts to the worthy!

deadpoolrules - One of my first buddies and helped me with my tournaments.

darktiger - Also same as deadpoolrules.

k4tzm4n - A big brotherly figure/role model for me even now. Friendly and very funny.

Samimista - One of the friendliest people I've met here on this site.

Deranged_Midget - Fellow Halo fanboy and also extremely goofy.

ChaosBlazer - Used to talk a lot when I first joined. Busy a lot though.

XImpossibruX - Again, used to chat all the time and go in tournaments.

Floopay - First major debater I remember avidly going against.

CadenceV2 - Also one of the first debaters I squared off against.

Icarusflies - Extremely friendly moderator and Guinea Pig expert.

RazzaTazz - Yet another friendly moderator and very helpful.

If I've forgotten you, sorry. Thanks everyone!


YNCG and DM Present : Iron Man 3 (Review)


Deranged Midget

Rather than taking a direct approach and following up on 2010's Iron Man 2, Director and writer Shane Black decides to instead make Iron Man 3 more of a follow up on last years The Avengers. Having said that, don't expect much of anything from the latter to be mentioned throughout the film, this is still very much Tony's story and more about the repercussions of his actions throughout the Iron Man trilogy and what he experienced during the battle with the Chitauri.


I have to say that out of all the different plots in the Iron Man movies, this was my favorite. Although the twist intended for this movie isn't that hard to find out (at least for me it wasn't), they do have a nice twist regarding to the whole Mandarin ordeal. Now, I won't go into detail for spoilers sake, but it will be a nice twist if you're not a die-hard Mandarin fan. If you are a huge Mandarin fan, chances are you won't like the representation of him in this film. Anyways, like I was saying, Tony has the best character in this film, and it does link to The Avengers in a way, as Stark has to deal with the shock he had obtained from the final battle in The Avengers regarding the giant black hole. However, it's not all dark, and has lots of humor packed in it. Its not a very complicated plot, but interesting and intriguing nonetheless.

Plot/Storyline gets a...


Deranged Midget

Despite the entrance of a new director, the cast remains entirely the same save for some new additions to the film. Some of the more notable additions though are Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian, Sir Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin and Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen. Even previous series director Jon Favreau makes a triumphant but brief return as Tony's ex-bodyguard Happy Hogan. There's even a nice little nod towards Extremis writer Warren Ellis as the fictional President of Iron Man 3's (and supposedly the MCU) is named after him. As expected, the main cast delivers a spot-on performance as usual but it's the newcomers who deliver a little extra flair and creativity to the film, as this is especially directed towards Kingsley and Pearce.


The cast in this film isn't that different from the other two regarding the main cast, but there are some nice additions for the antagonists, major supporting characters, and other nice new characters such as Aldrick Killian (displayed by Guy Pearce), The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley), Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall), and others. Guy Pearce and Sir Ben Kingsley especially bring a whole new chemistry to the entire film, and a whole different atmosphere. All of the actors do a great job of portraying their specific role, but Guy Pearce and Sir Ben Kingsley really shined in this film (other than Robert Downey Jr. of course).

Casting gets a...

Character Development

Deranged Midget

It's more than obvious that most of the character development, or any at all, would be centered around Tony himself. His character has radically changed from the beginning of the first film and has continually been given the chance to adapt and grow to his surroundings. Ever since the event in New York, Tony and Pepper had progressed their relationship to the point where she's moved in. Unfortunately for Tony, things have never been the same and it's been a test of his humility and persistence as he tries to cope with what happened and how he tries to go back to his life knowing how insufficient he really is to the Universe at large.


Iron Man 3 really brings a new perspective to Tony Stark in this film. Sure, at the end of The Avengers, Tony looked like he was fine after the near-death experience, but in Iron Man 3 we quickly find out that is extremely untrue. Tony, the Iron Man is now coping with shock from the battle with the Chitauri, and although he still has the outer shell of his personality, his inside, more dormant spirit is weakened, fragile, and maybe even a bit broken. Not only that, but now he has to protect his wife from The Mandarin and Killian. You'll really be rooting for Iron Man in this film, unlike other people who usually brush him off as a "selfish douchebag".

Character Development gets a...

Special Effects

Deranged Midget

There are no shortage of flattering special effects in Iron Man 3 and some of the films more intricate and CGI focused scenes leave you breathless. Having said that, Iron Man 3 spends more time out of the armour rather than in so it's safe to say that Iron Man 3 utilizes a smaller amount of CGI compared to it's predecessor's but they are no less impressive.


Following the major success of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 had the highest budget out of all the Iron Man movies (Iron Man 3 had a budget of 200 million dollars, while Iron Man and Iron Man 2 had around 150-170 million dollars). There are countless times where your eyes will explode as you watch the spectacular Iron Man suits in action...and man are there a LOT of different Iron Man armors. This movie easily has the most variety when it comes to that suit. However, you may have to wait for the eye-candy, as Tony is out of armor a majority of the film (especially in the middle). The Extremis bits will definitely keep the build-up in the Special Effects department though.

Special Effects gets a...

Lasting Appeal

Deranged Midget

Out of the entire trilogy, Iron Man 3 easily boasts the most content and leaves some more than desirable questions to be answered near the end of the film. Regardless, this is one insane roller coaster ride and thus far, I've seen the film three times and still have a craving for more. Sure, there might be some who are bothered by the "huge twist" in the film but it shouldn't do much to deter you from the experience at hand. This is an action packed thriller of a film with glorious amounts of humour that will leave you craving for more Iron Man.


Iron Man 3 is one of the most "comic" comic-book films, rivaling even the first in the trilogy. It has a bunch of different Iron Man suits that would leave an impact as the film with the most wide array of Tony Stark inventions. This is also the Iron Man film with the most hype, so I could say it would leave a huge impact on the movie industry for at least a couple years, and even a decade or so in the Marvel Studio films.

Lasting Appeal gets a...

The Verdict

Deranged Midget

Iron Man 3 is easily my favourite film of the trilogy and might as well be one of my all time favourite Marvel films to date. There may be some complaints had but given what it's worth, Iron Man 3 is well worth your money and with top notch performances, a creative new premise and an enjoyable villain, it's a guaranteed good time.


This is by far my favorite Iron Man movie for me, and my second favorite Marvel Studios film, being right behind The Avengers itself. The entire movie packs a lot of action, humor, and enough serious and tense moments (as well as epic) to tie in the plot and assure a really fun time at the theatre. This is a much watch for Iron Man fans and Marvel fans in general, unless you really don't like Iron Man.

The Verdict is...


Have any other review suggestions? Comments? Post below!