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No, but seriously... Where is Tim?
I've been reading a Tim Drake book for seven-plus years and now they decide he's not part of the Bat-family?  I'm just... not okay with this at all.  Tim better get his Dad and Dana back if he's not considered a Bat anymore.

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I don't really understand why people think it's okay to download/torrent comics and not buy them.  It's illegal, it's hurting an industry of people that aren't like, super-rich.  This isn't the NFL, Fox Searchlight or Comcast or something. 
If you can't afford the comic, wait until your library has the trade.  Most libraries, especially high school and college ones, are apart of a network that can find a copy of the trade in question. 

This isn't an ethical dilemma of stealing.  No one's family is starving.  It's comics.
As for the digital issue... Ideally, I want a digital copy *with* my hard copy.  I realize this probably won't happen, but It would be nice if they would bundle it together.

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The way I see it is that worry will start when we see Marcus To drawing a book besides one that Tim is in.
No word on Marcus To yet, right?

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He has to be at most 17, as he was recently emancipated from Bruce and you have to have status as a minor for that.
My gut says 17.

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Awe!  I'd have had a total fangirl moment and grilled him about Red Robin and potential DC writing after his comic hiatus.  ^^

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I like Damian ok and I'll always get Teen Titans on principle alone... I just miss seeing Tim in other titles other than Red Robin.  I mean, for more than like, one panel.  Before BftC he was in Robin, Batman (occasionally),  Teen Titans, other misc. Bat-books.
Red Robin seems like a third rate vigilante to me, despite the high caliber of the comic itself ( really, after B:SoG, it's one of the consistently interesting titles).  And with Morrison and Dini, who don't seem to like Tim Drake much as a character, monopolizing Bat-books, Tim Drake becomes more and more obsolete.
And that makes this fan-girl a sad panda.

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I like the idea of two teams...  Dick/Damian and Bruce/Tim; alpha, beta...
Like how there are several law and orders... and several CSI's... 
Let's face it. Gotham needs it.
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Dini writes a fantastic Damian; way more complex then any of the other writers (with the exception of maybe Miller in Batgirl).  Morrison's Damian is not so likeable, at least in the first two arcs of Batman and Robin, but now we're getting a little more into his crazy upbringing, so hopefully that'll change...
I've really been enjoying Streets of Gotham... it's my favorite Bat-book after Red Robin (but, I realize that I'm insanely biased, heh).
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Yost did such a crazy-amazing job (possibly too good of job) transforming Tim.
I was re-reading all of my issues and I you could see the tiny mistakes that Tim normally would never make.  Nothing huge, obviously, but just small things that I know a bunch of reviewers (myself included) picked up on.  And you kept hearing Tim doubt himself and whine and sulk and make bad decisions, and so, the reader really got the understanding that Tim was off kilter because he was in grief and he had just been fired from Robin, the one thing he had left.  And no one, *no one* believed him when he said Bruce was alive.  That's gotta rock you a little bit, at least.  And so, in Yost's second arc in the book, we see him transform to a more precise, analytical Red Robin.  Tim's focus is on Bruce and Ra's and it gives him purpose, which is letting him progress as a character.  
And not only that.  Yost seemed to bend over backwards to try and make the book fit into a larger DC universe.  It's admirable to your product, your art, to fit in seamlessly with the universe as a whole, and I know I appreciate that in a comic.  
I'm really sad not to see him returning to the book, but he's such a good writer, that I know I'll pick up whatever book he starts in on next.  
And it seems that Fabian really loves Tim as much as the readers do.  I really loved, "A Search for a Hero" and I loved how Fabian wrote Tim with Jason, especially (pre BftC).  I think/hope/pray he does a good job with his arc.
Who knows?  Maybe Yost will return to RR after an arc or so.

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It's not really an action figure, but I have this really cool Batman: The Animated Series alarm clock.  I've had it since like, 1995 and it's my most favorite thing ever.  It has a little projector thing that shines the bat signal on the ceiling when the alarm goes off.  And the actual alarm is a voice that goes, "Gotham City is in trouble!  Call Batman!"
*sigh* Now, if that isn't a reason to get out of bed in the morning, I don't know what is.