Take A Point Add A Point : The Best New 52 Series

In my new and first TAP, AAP, we are going to determine the best new 52 series.

  1. For each post, you may add two point to a character and subtract two point from a different character
  2. Add labels to all points that you change. For example, if you subtract a point from a character, then add (-2) after their name. Add (+2) to the character you are giving a point to.
  3. You may also bold the names and points of the two characters you make a change to. This makes it easier for other users to see
  4. what you changed. Since you may only subtract a single point and add a single point for each post, there should only be two bold names in your post. (This rule is optional if you follow rule 3)
  5. Characters with zero points are eliminated. They are removed from the list and cannot be brought back.
  6. You may only vote once every 24 hours, although you can vote for several days in a row. Your votes do not have to be identical each time.
  7. After half have been eliminated(this case 5) the amount will double and when that is halved it doubles again...rinse and repeat this formula

Swamp Thing : 10

Batman : 10

Animal Man : 12 (+2)

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE : 10

Action Comics : 10

Batwoman : 10

Detective Comics : 10

Wonder Woman : 10

Justice League : 8 (-2)

Aquaman : 10


Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey

I think Nicki was right for not putting up with (supposedly) being called inadequate and a gangster. It was just the execution that was wrong. She should have instead of been like (From Kid Fury) "Inadequete? That's how Eminiem described the blow job you gave him, but I just gonna drink my tea.". Something like that. Not just go clean the f*ck out on her.


172 Hours On The Moon

Has anyone else read it or is planning on reading it.

I got finished a few days ago.

It scared the sh*t out of me.

I was reading it at night, with only a little book light on.

Spoilers from this point on.

I personally didnt care for Antoine.

Matter of fact.

I didnt care for anyone inside Antoine's story.

Mia, Midori, Coleman, and Caitlin were the ones that kept me going.


Mia was a very interesting character, and loved her little brother, I went batsh*t when he died.

Midori was very underused, she too me was the most interesting character, a shame for her to die.

Coleman was mysterious, I liked that about him.

Caitlin was like a 16 year old girl herself, fun and entertaining overall, I did lose a certain interest in her when she took the drugs though.

One of the very few things I disliked about the book was the ending.

I know it was created so you wouldn't know what happened.

Instead of that, it felt like a big plot hole.

In the transcipts it says the date is somewhere in 2081.

They call the doppelganger incident the DP7 event.

I want to know how in the living hell they stopped them.

Mia tried to stab them and even then the doppelganger didnt even feel it.

What do you think happened?