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I like solo books a lot more than I like team books. The stories in solo books seem to be a lot better and the stories focus on character development more. I like team books like Uncanny X-men but I wish Marvel did have more solo books.

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@gui22 said:

How does the Spidey in Avengers use the classic costume? Is it before the replacement event or will Peter still act in the Avengers? (Or simply an art department oversight?)

Marvel already said that the Superior Spider-man will not be Peter Parker. But they never said that the Superior Spider-man will be the only Spider-man in the 616 universe. They never said the Superior Spider-man would REPLACE Peter Parker. Why do people automatically assume that Peter Parker will quit being Spider-man? They haven't even finished announcing all of the Marvel Now titles.
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They forgot that The Punisher series by Greg Rucka and Marco Chechetto is ending after the Punisher:War Zone miniseries.

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C'mon guys this has to be Miles Morales. First of all he is wearing a black and red costume like Miles. Second of all the said a "DARKER" version of the wall crawler. Third, in the Spider-men finale, 616 Peter Parker looks up Miles Morales name on the computer and they allude to him finding some very surprising results. Marvel never said that the Superior Spider-man was going to be the only Marvel Now! Spider-man book. Just saying. They could still relaunch Amazing Spider-man and have Dan Slott writing both books. They couldn't use the Ultimate adjective because it is already taken so maybe they replaced it with Superior. If this is Miles it would be so awesome.

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I'll definitely be picking it up. Miles is one of my favorite superheroes right now and I follow Ultimate Comics Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man, and Avenging Spider-man so I am definitely excited. I am glad they got Sara Pichelli to do the art because I like her style for some reason.

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Isn't Doctor Doom in The Incredible Hulk series right now (Hulk vs. Banner arc). Are these books not in sync or what is the deal?

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I'll pick up Action Comics and AvX #1. I am still debating on whether to get Daredevil 10.1 because I am already reading Daredevil and i think point one issues are supposed to be jumping on points. Though not on here I will also probably be picking up Detective Comics. Wolverine and the X-men, and Batwing.

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I thought this issue was just okay but that it served its purpose. My guess is this issue was used to introduce new readers to both Hope and Wanda which it did a pretty good job at doing. I already knew who Hope was because I am an X-men fan but I didn't know who Wanda was so this helped a little. This issue definitely wasn't worth 4 dollars though. I liked Wanda's half of the story more but that could be because I had already read half of Hope's story in Previews of AvX #0. Overall, I would say pick it up if you don't know who those 2 characters are or if you are a completionist. Otherwise just pass on this issue.

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I'll only be picking up Justice League and Amazing Spider-man. If Batman Beyond is a Mini-series then I might look at it but I can't really afford any more ongoing titles.

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I am black and have no problem with him using the N-word because the writers of the show are trying to show the audience how much of an A-hole Merle is. This isn't the first time Merle has said the N-word in The Walking Dead. Just like I don't get offended when The actors in the AMC show Hell on Wheels say the N-word because most likely they aren't racist and they use the word to make the show more realistic because it is set during the Reconstruction Era of the United States. Now if they were just Using it just to use it then I would have a problem. I don't use the word in real life and neither should anybody else but if they need to use in a TV show to make it more realistic then I am fine with that.

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