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@czarny_samael: Guardians being featless? This is pretty much an unfounded assumption that kinda proves you know absolutely nothing about the GL mythos. And Marvel Skyfathers? Odin is a proven one which is a well accepted fact but can we get some feats for Marvel Zeus, then? Maybe it's just that I'm not very familiar with the character, but I've never seen him do anything like destroying a planet, much less a galaxy. His best feat seems to be taking on a superhero group, which the Guardians and their ilk have easily done... Here's some Guardian feats  seeing as your clueless about them: Solo'd the Burning Martians race in personal combat, and then were kind enough to not produce genocide and just genetic rape them. One created an entire false reality where Nazis ruled. Generally they are capable of taking on huge groups of heroes like nothing( Ganthet soloing hundreds of Gls on reserve power, while holding back and having his hand blown off earlier in the same arc or a single Controller - The Guardians "genetic brothers" - taking on the combined forces of several gls plus 6 Darkstars and doing so casually), 'cracking' a planet in half with a thought', trapping a sentient space sector( or as Sinestro referred to it being a " God Galaxy"), able to accomplish what even the Spectre couldn't by breaking  the empire of tears and trapping them on a single planet (originally the empire was multiple galaxies in size), Ganthet snapping his finger which undid all the damage Liania did to the planet when she first went wild, a Controller casually taking control of Superman etc. Proto- guardians their less powerful, untrained children were capable of causing planet wide extinction events with stray thoughts. We have seen Oan's literally hold multiple planets in place as the universe was being sucked into a black hole type vortex in one of the first Krona stories.  Combat wise, they generally come out for the big ones. When Nekron nearly destroyed the universe they came out and helped stop it. When Madgod Sector 3600 threatened the entire universe they caged it. When they were younger they crushed the galaxy consuming Empire of Tears, and feltered it's remains on their broken, burned out homeworld( Ysmoult).  I understand saying the Oans have been subpar compared to there on paper powers, but so has Zeus in some of his fights with the avengers or Odin against the Dark Gods. It's something certainly not exclusive to them, and to say there featless is completely off base.... Anyways DC team takes it handily.

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Strafe Prower Cosmicspiral Vuviper Mrdirector Sexy Merc

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@Killemall said:

@chriconz123 said:

PC-DarkSeid with relative ease.

Sodom Yat provided he uses his powers properly have a good chance of beating this. To be honest even i was unware unless someone showed me some impressive scans of green lantern, something called a straight line jacket, a construct that doesnt restrict you but absorbs your kinitic energy (much like flash speed steal).

And besides let me post sth from another battle:

Post by Freefa11 (1,432 posts) See mini bioLevel 8
Most of the feats cited for PC Darkseid are just from the Great Darkness Saga, which takes place 1,000 years in the future, and future DS's feats don't automatically apply to present DS. Normal PC Darkseid was powerful, but was still beaten (even had his own Omega Beams turned back on him by Firestorm).

Prime still has a chance here.

To me this made a lot of sense :)

Darkseid specifically mentions that his power has waned compared to his past self and GDS is in continuity for DS. 
And I lets not go around listing low showings for Darkseid considering that Superboy, pre death, drew blood from Superboy Prime. 
Darkseid takes this...
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@NeonNemesis said:
PC Darkseid will carve his boot on Prime's face.
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Sorry for the late reply, I was busy on Facebook. 
@czarny_samael666 said: 
1.No, Surfer isn't drained by people like Doom or High Evo. They are cutting him from his source of energy, leaving him powerless. 
Nope, Dynamo City so effectively absorbed all of his energy that he had no powers as soon as he entered, and nearly died. A Doombot ( with Surfer's permission) drained him. Dampyre did it in the Starmasters series, as well. Captain Reptyl's machines kept him absorbed and helpless. 
@czarny_samael666 said:
  2.Until, Quasar started to drain him - yes. 
 Your acting as if Quasar actually effected Surfer with this so called "draining" when he didn't.  

He couldn't drain extra dimensional energies, and it's not an issue of Quasar/Wendell being unable to do so -- the bands don't have control over those energies.
And he said it over and over again. When he came up against Anti Matter in issue 34, he made it clear that he couldn't absorb it and he couldn't contain it. "Something my bands have no control over". When Kismet offerred to try to do something about it, he said "Since YOUR cosmic power is part of the same ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM I CONTROL, it probably wouldn't do anything anyway..." 
Examples such as these abound. 
 As set out by Gru, the Quantum Zone was the origin of all electromagnetic energy that has ever or will ever exist, as I understand it. 
That isn't to say he's helpless against all non electromagnetic energies, but I wouldn't count on his abilities to manipulate them.   
@czarny_samael666 said:
 3.I've posted Quasar drainning Soul Gem. Adam was powerless, he couldn't stop him. Quasar stopped himself, by trying to connect to Adam's soul, by affecting Gem itself (not only its power, but Quasar didn't want to just defeat or stop Adam, so this won't happen here, a specially without PIS, becuase Wendell should have know that thanks to Cosmic Awareness)
Your misinterpreting "draining" for the term "drained", Quasar never drained the soul gem he failed. And Adam wasn't helpless because he was able to knock Quasar out with a karmic blast. 
Oh, and show me Quasar being able to suss out weaknesses with his Cosmic Awareness? Last I checked every use of it is fatal to him. 
@czarny_samael666 said:
Until You're saying that Starheart is more powerfull/complicated artifact than Infinity Gems, Quasar wins it.
Quasar never completely drained the Soul Gem, your pretty much making that part up.
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@czarny_samael666 said: 

He was drainning Surfer  

Quasar didn't drain power cosmic. He drained some aspect of the Surfer's energies, which is just star/stellar energy for the most part. I have no doubt that he could do that under almost any circumstances. Same stuff that Superman absorbs (which is, in fact, electromagnetic energy). The Power Cosmic itself is what Surfer possesses, what gives him his powers. If Quasar had been absorbing that, than Surfer would have been powerless (see vs Doom).  
@czarny_samael666 said:

 Besides, Quasar let him win, when he realized that he was Lord Chaos champion there, not Master Order one, like Surfer.

He did let him win but if you look right before he started throwing the fight, Quasar was on the losing end anyways. 
Still nothing you have provided proves Quasar can drain Starheart.
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@czarny_samael666 said:
@YoungGunna said:
@czarny_samael666:  Adam koed Quasar right after that, Quasar didn't drain the soul gem. 
The point stands - I don't see why Quasar shouldn't be able to drain Starheart.
Not really because Quasar didn't accomplish anything in that scan. 
And Quasar can't drain Starheart for the same reasons he couldn't the Power Cosmic, difficulties manipulating energy outside of the EM spect.
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Adam koed Quasar right after that, Quasar didn't drain the soul gem. 
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@Killemall said: 
  1. Sorry what?? Thor just used the god blast when it was required just like that. He did not need prior knoweledge, or experience, BRB should be able to do the same. Where did the versatility come into play. BRB has had the hammer for roughly the same time.
You kinda just proved my point, BRB had plenty of time to display Thor's level of versatility feats but NEVER DID and you think he's going to be able to pull it off here? Unlikely.  
@Killemall said: 
  1. Showing the ability to absorb the soul of a entire planet doesnt not prevent him soul being absorbed. Its like saying since flash can hit faster than superman EASILy so he should be able to tank hits faster than superman, which is not true. Being better at manipulating other soul does nothing to prevent his soul being manipulated.
 If Lanterns can manipulate others souls what would make you think they couldn't do the same to there own? On one occasion the rookie Arisia converted herself into pure soul energy. I don't know what you arguing here, BRB has never even shown such a ability and is more in doubt to having his own soul absorbed.  
@Killemall said:

  1. Ok i dont much about this straight jacket construct, just being honest. How come they didnt use it against superboy prime then???

 Maybe cause Prime was a walking plot device and comparing Prime to BRB is not going to take you far. 
@Killemall said: 
  1. This makes it hard for BRB coz if superman couldnt win i have problem thinking BRB could win too.
And with the prep given, Kyle could create even more.
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@Killemall said:

@YoungGunna said:

@Killemall said:
  1. No i didnt ,all i am saying is if there is no evidence to show that darkseid CURRENTLY has the weapon he cant use it.
What's so hard to understand about this? DcNU and Post Crisis have absolutely nothing to do with the other.

@Killemall said:
  1. He currently does NOT have Warologo, he currently does NOT have Genesis actually he never had Genesis box.
Darkseid currently doesn't even have Apokolips or any feats but were using POST CRISIS this is not a hard concept to grasp AT ALL.
And again your ignoring all of the on panel proof signifying New god tech being all the same for New Genesis and Apokolips. I provided years of proof of this now the burden is on you to provide ANY PROOF that Darkseid wouldn't be capable of creating a genesis box type weapon.
Honestly, your points aren't making any sense, Orion is not at all a technology genius yet still could create such a device but you think Darkseid one of the most cunning beings in the DC Mulrivesre with complete knowledge of New God tech wouldn't being able to replicate such a stunt? Orion being able to pull this off comes back to the number of subtle hints over the years peppered throughout the Kirby, Morrison, Simonson, Gerber and Evanier work on the characters imply that the technology of the New Gods is really just a metaphor for their power.

@Killemall said:
  1. Because it matters, you cannot you sth you dont CURRENTLY have,
Currently, not a single New God even posses a feat, I'm not seeing your point in this at all.
  • Actually there is nothing hard here, current DcNU is the current cannon universe so if someone else has the weapon now that means someone else has the weapon. Their post crisis feat matter BUT in order to use the weapon they should currently have it (in other words they should have it in DCnU)
 I think we've come to an impasse, so unless you have specific points you want me to address, this is probably the last post you'll see from me on this subject. 

I feel like I've made my point and said my piece, I'm not going to continue to beat on a dead horse here.