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i was close...looks like he's aquaman instead lol

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@angelalfonso: I totally agree. Spidey would kill the joker after all his deeds, but it would never get that far spidey would just web him up in the first confrontation.

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I kinda want cyborg but not if it means no green lantern. Green lantern is what separates an avengers fight and a jla fight, he'd make a difference in the look of the battle in the movie.

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spider-man all the way, this is no competition. but i love daredevil too and punisher is cool, but they're no spidey.

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i want a sleek black shield version of this
or an iron man style of this one

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they should introduce her in the avengers, as agent jessica drew. there could be a scene where her case file says codename: spiderwoman.

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definitely an average episode but with a little too much relationship drama. oddly enough i miss starling city, russia was cool and all but they didnt have those classic environment shots and action scenes in smokey alley ways and dark areas. but as far as the relationships go

diggle and his wife = i get it (but he didnt seem so interested before)

ollie and isabel = i dug it but bad timing, couldve been its own episode

ollie and felicity = bout time but wrong episode, they made it all school girl crushy, twilighty, blah, blah,

roy and thea = why? they are usually ok but they broke up then went back like nothing happened

just a regular episode with too much relationship stuff, they always do this but they usually mix in an even amount of badassness. note to cw try to balance out your themes and genres

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@fallschirmjager: yeah not the little girl version, i think a teenage girl would work maybe early twenties.

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I was just watching k-wing reviews and he brought up a point about Gordon being Gotham's second white knight, the first being Harvey. In tdk Harvey lost Rachel, but in the killing joke the joker shot Barbara and paralyzed her, all to push Gordon over the edge, like he did in tdk to create two face.

Am i the only one that thinks that that would've been awesome to see on screen. Not to replace the two face story plot but maybe to go with it. Just to see Gordon dealing with this would be crazy good. Maybe work it in with two face almost shooting his son (make it his daughter) thing and maybe have joker there and take a whole different approach to the ending. DON'T MAKE HER BATGIRL or anything but I think it would of went well with the (not) robin that we had in tdkr and to see where her and Blake would be in the rubble with Barbara.

just a thought tell me what you think, do you think an extra character would of been too much?