co-directing a comic book superhero movie

most superhero/comic book movies always fall flat in one category or another. i think an easy solution is to have co directors. lets say a director of action movies and a drama/romance director. this way there is someone who knows what theyr'e doing. im definitely suggesting they do this for future wonder woman and deadpool movies.

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Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

This sounds like an interesting idea. It could reflect the complexity of certain characters in ways that a single director may not be able too.

Posted by MrMiracle77

The Directors Guild has a one-film-one-director rule. That doesn't mean a film can't have two directors, but films can be excluded from a number of major awards if they break too many guild rules.

George Lucas resigned from the DG when he refused to roll opening credits for Star Wars in 1977, for example.

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It could work, but it could also very easily lead to the film being disjointed or unfocused, coming off as two movies mashed together and competing for your attention rather than a single cohesive film. And there are plenty of great movies that successfully blend plot and characters with action. Some movies work well with co-directors, but I don't think superhero/comic book movies have any more particular need for them than any other genre of film.

Posted by JediXMan

Not a good idea. You'd have conflicting tones. It would become incredibly distracting, devolving into a game of "guess who directed this scene!"