I remember in the old days...

When I was a wee little girl my mother would buy me a comic book every Friday. They were cheap back then and she bought me one when she did the weekend grocery shopping in the small mall with the big supermarket at the magazine stand. Well that's how I remember it anyway. Most comics changed once every four weeks or so so I got a variety of comics like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Spiderwoman and the Donald Duck (yes I know) and some random stuff I didn't really follow. They were all translated in my native language by JuniorPress BV but that didn't bother me back then as much as it does now. It was definitely better than what my grandma did. She got us (me and my nieces) a membership to 'Tina' magazine which seemed to be more for children (read: young girls) who liked or had horses. Still to this day I have no idea why she got us that membership because none of us liked horses.

My mother seemed to know exactly what I liked. I distinctly remember collecting Knight Rider and The A-Team cards in a Panini type booklet. They came in packets of five cards and sometimes they were consecutive numbers still stuck together (not totally random as Magic: The Gathering cards these days). Too bad I have no idea where they are, they might actually be worth something now (yes, that's how long ago it was). Probably ended up in the trash.

Perhaps now I'm rekindling my youth or perhaps I've finally found the passion that started every Friday afternoon such a long time ago. I'm hoping for the lather and will let you know trough this blog how my journey into the new unknown goes.

If you have a story of how you got into comics I'd love to hear it.

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Posted by King Saturn

Action Figures brought me to Comic Books... mainly those old DC Comics Superheroes action figures in the Last 1980's... eventually I would jump on board with Justice League or America and The Avengers comics... and then I was hooked... that probably happened in the early to mid 1990's... it was around the time of the X-Men cartoon on TV

Posted by Youmika

@king_saturn cartoons! I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons. I used to watch He-Man, MASK, G.I. Joe and all that. Excellent stuff and luckily not dubbed from English.

Posted by Ostyo

Going to the 7-Eleven to get a slurpee, and I noticed their magazine rack had a bunch of comics about Star Wars and Aliens. I was hooked lol.

Posted by Youmika

@ostyo How old were you when you got hooked? (And Star Wars and Aliens isn't a bad place to start)

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@youmika: Ooooh, bout...10 or 11 I think.

Posted by King Saturn

@youmika said:

@king_saturn cartoons! I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons. I used to watch He-Man, MASK, G.I. Joe and all that. Excellent stuff and luckily not dubbed from English.

Yeah, Good Stuff...

Superfriends was also Very Epic

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At christmass my mom was suppose to buy me 10comics or so but she didnt for some reason and gived me a subway card instead >.> (Some time ago). What a great memory isn't it?

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I like the fact that evan when i were a kid i wasnt that dumb ^_^, evan at a young age i thought teletubbies was idiot (Rolling on the floor and stuff like that was idiot to me #SorryROFL...).

Posted by Youmika

@ostyo That's a great age for getting into comics. Mind is still on full 'what if's' and not (yet) with hormones. I think I was about the same age. Maybe a bit younger like 8 or 9. I could read well, I do remember that.

@king_saturn I don't remember that series. I do recall a Japanese cartoon about a submarine. No idea what it was called.

@rouflex Ah no, 10 comics vs. a subway card. That's just not right... neither were the Teletubbies. Luckily it hadn't begone yet when I was young and I've steered my son way way way away from that ROTFL behavior. No lala and poopoo going on in this house. ;)

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@youmika said:

@rouflex Ah no, 10 comics vs. a subway card. That's just not right... neither were the Teletubbies. Luckily it hadn't begone yet when I was young and I've steered my son way way way away from that ROTFL behavior. No lala and poopoo going on in this house. ;)

When i was a little kid i was watching

Macaroni tout garni (We can translate it to Macaroni all flavored)

(A dog accidently created by a cartoonist-magician)

The name of the show is a bit silly buts its pretty good for a kid.


Kaboum (Superhero Genre, Québec)

Cornemuse (Québec)

Caillou (Québec)

Passe-partout (French for "passkey" "all-purpose" or ''A thing going everywhere/Passing everywhere?'',Québec)

and finaly (Not a kid show)

Ramdam (Can be translated into Rumble or mess, Québec)

Posted by Youmika

@rouflex They sound like really cool shows. Can't say I know any of them, unfortunately. I used to watch a lot of BBC/Skychannel shows where they'd announce cartoons. My favorites were:

The DJ Kat show

Going Live with Gordon the Gopher and Phillip Schofield and Sarah Green.

On a related matter:
I recently saw He-Man again and they'd dubbed it in Dutch, my son got very angry when I laughed really loud at Skeletor. They'd gotten someone to do his voice who had a very high pitch. It's very strange when you hear Skeletor say 'I'm going to kill you' and it sounds like someone is clenching his balls. Why they destroy things like that I just don't understand. It never bothered me much that it was all in English when I was a little kid. It's probably the reason my English is still so good after all this time. They should just let the originals run.

ps. I'm still new at the site so my limit to posting is five messages a day so if you don't hear back from me I've reached my limit. Can't find anywhere how long this limit is imposed on me so bare with me :)

Posted by NeonPheonix

Being way younger than most people on this site, I was introduced to comics in the good ol' 2000's.

But since I don't remember how old I am, I would have to say that the first time I read a comic was when I read, The Death of Superman after watching the T.V. show Superman.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That was pretty much how I got in to comics, my local newsagents stocked comics, usually X-Men, Spider-Man, 2000AD and Marvel UK stuff like Captain Britain and my mum used to buy me one every week, sine I'm dyslexic my mum brought me as much books as she could get her hands on so I could practice reading.

Posted by kgb725

Tv shows I used to watch X-Men spiderman batman etc. It made me interested then I seen the movies as I was still relatively young when they CBM craze first started and that really helped

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My interest in superheroes began with me watching cartoons such as Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. I didn't read a comic book until I was about eight or nine, though. Me and my best friend were both obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, and one day he brought in an issue of the Archie Comics series, then I started collecting those for a brief period of time. I later dabbled with comics again with The Umbrella Academy and Watchmen. It wasn't until about 2010 that I actually started seriously reading with Doom Patrol, Blackest Night, and Booster Gold.

Posted by Ostyo

@youmika: Yeah, I remember taking comics to school and trading with friends. lol

Posted by PowerHerc

The old days for me were when "The SuperFriends" basically addressed non-powered eco-villians/threats and SHAZAM! and Isis were live-action Saturday morning cartoons. Back then I found comics in every Grocery store, gas station, corner store, retail outlet and drug store I went into.

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I started reading comics roughly three years ago during a weird time in my life where I'd spend something like a quarter of my day in a library four days a week. Libraries are surprisingly well stocked, when it comes to comics.

Posted by BlazingNova

The 90's X-Men and Spider-Man animated cartoons enough said.

Posted by Nelomaxwell

The 90's X-Men and Spider-Man animated cartoons enough said As well as Batman :TAS.


Posted by Youmika

@ostyo That's always good. I don't remember anyone at my school reading comics. Too bad.

@squares Now I have to go find out if mine is too.

@humanrocket I've got some of the animated cartoons and movies from the good old days and the new old days. Some I really like, some not so much. I've even been trying to find the old Batman series with Adam West, but they've only released the movie. (see picture)

That bit of the movie always cracks me up. When I look at my seven year old he's thinking it's amazing so that's probably what I thought when I first saw it.

Posted by Roekon

Ah, strolling down memory lane. Just discovered that Youmika and I are from the same country. And probably the same generation, because I also remember DJ Kat on Sky Channel (if my memory is still good) with a young Linda de Mol. You had to get up very early, but they had the (now classic) cartoons of He-Man, MASK, Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, and many, many more.

What got me hooked on comics was buying (or getting, can't remember which) X-Mannen #1 when I was twelve. That was a great starting point. The idea that these characters with these amazing gifts were such close friends with each other, even though they all had a different background, was such a fresh concept to me back then. After years of reading Flamish and (translated) French comics, such as Suske & Wiske, Asterix and Lucky Luke, the American comics were so much more dynamic.

And yes, Youmika, I also remember those Knight Rider and A-Team trading cards. My mother even bought sheets of uncut cards for me at a local market. I spent many hours cutting out all those cards. It was fantastic...

Posted by Youmika

@roekon: We're not that far apart in age if we both watched the DJ Kat Show, indeed with a very young Linda de Mol. I watched it before going to school. Kids used to call me ''Sky-Channel-Check" because I knew what was on at every hour of the day. Too bad they went satellite. I'd misunderstood and thought they were going to bring me new programming, instead I got nothing... (right on my birthday too)

Uncut card sheets, wow, that's really cool :) You must have spent ages cutting them, I remember them being made out of reasonably thick cardboard.

Posted by Aiden Cross

You're both from the same country as me then, with the DJ Kat show, though i'm probably a bit younger :p

Posted by TheTrueBarryAllen

My Step-Father let me have all of his old comic books, there weren't many of them but I recall the one issue of 'The Flash' that he had. Issue 304 in which Flash fought against Colonel Computron, and I loved it.

Then I started watching JL & JLU, however I was never able to actually get into comics because there were no comic stores around me.

Eventually my senior year of High School my friend bought me some graphic novels for my Birthday because we talked about superheroes a lot, and he got me into them.

Now I spend too much money on comics XD

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Posted by lykopis

I love the story of how you got into comics! Having a mom who nurtured that love is even more amazing -- good on you for passing that on. :)

For me it was a discovery made during a summer afternoon when I was bored ten year old who went foraging through a relative's basement. Found a couple of boxes full of X-Men comics (and others) and it has been a tempestuous love affair ever since.

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@aiden_cross: Haha! Nog een Nederlander :) Good then we can swap stories about good and proper comic book stores.

@thetruebarryallen: There are always a couple of stories that really capture the imagination and you can recall exactly what it was about many years later. For me it was Lord of the Rings, I have no recollection who gave it to me but I do remember it scared the living daylights out of me and I had nightmares.
And I know nothing of spending too much money on comics 8D, my husband does though :)

@jedixman: You have to start somewhere and I guess SW is a very good place. I somehow never got into SW, I've seen all the movies and I like them a lot but never got beyond that. Maybe I should try them in this 2nd life of comics of mine.

@lykopis: Thank you, it felt good to share :) I'm not sure she realized she was nururinig it it was just something she did. But I'm very glad she did.

Finding those X-Men in a basement is amazing, that must have felt so good to find that hidden treasure. I was in Sydney earlier this year and someone pointed out a couple of boxes in their garage storage aerier where his son's comic books were housed. My hands were tingling with excitement. Never got to read them though... unfortunately.

Posted by JediXMan

@youmika said:
@jedixman: You have to start somewhere and I guess SW is a very good place. I somehow never got into SW, I've seen all the movies and I like them a lot but never got beyond that. Maybe I should try them in this 2nd life of comics of mine.

If you decide to, shoot me a message. I can recommend some titles (and the comics are... a little complicated in their reading order... somewhat, at least).

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@youmika@aiden_cross Good comic stores in the Netherlands are hard to find these days. Yendor in Rotterdam is one of them. Blunder and Whoops in Utrecht come to mind. I usually order my comics at Archonia, an online comic store located in Belgium.

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@roekon@aiden_cross: I always go to Yendor (about 20 years now) in Rotterdam :) Not that often because I don't live that close to it, but maybe that's just a good thing (wallet wise). My friend took me to one in her hometown Utrecht, I had to go down a flight of stairs into the basement, that's as much as I remember about it. It was a good one though, had a lot of loose issues. Almost completed the Black Widow issues I'd been looking for for a long time.

Posted by Aiden Cross

@youmika: @roekon: Well i live in Zeeland so not a lot of comic book stores that sell American comics here :) I usually buy and read those online on comixology, while the European comics i buy in a store in Middelburg.

Posted by Roekon

@youmika That was definitely Blunder in Utrecht. The stairs are steep, but they are very friendly there. And have a lot of back issues.

At Yendor they are also very friendly and helpful. Richard and the old man with the long white beard, love them. They almost look like comic book characters themselves. I've also been going there for a little more than 20 years now. They used to have the comic section in the basement.

Posted by Roekon

@aiden_cross What's the store in Middelburg called? Not that I come very often in Zeeland, but you never know...

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I was the right age for the 90's cartoons, as well as that I inherited my older siblings Secret Wars collection and used to get Star Wars comics weekly for a short time, I always forget about them.

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I remember the shark being bigger, but I was only seven.

Posted by Youmika

@aiden_cross@roekon: Good I live near Middelburg these days, might just go and see Het Perron 2.

My son now visits Yendor with me. They have that big open space with shelves directly above the cash register. The first time we came in they had a Superman bust on one of the shelves. My son immediately took a liking to it. The 2nd time we went the bust was gone. My son told Richard, the bearded guy and a young guy that works there: "Where's the Superman bust?" Young guy answered: "We sold it." My son: "Why did you do that? I like coming in here just to look at it." All three were in stitches. (me too)

@thespideyguy: Memory doesn't always serve us well :) Especially things we remember from when we were young :) I just remember being very impressed with Batmans' escapades.

Posted by ARMIV2

I got into comics through my dad. He makes them.

Posted by Youmika

@armiv2: Wow... now that's an impressive way to get into it. :) Which ones did he make?

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@youmika: He started out with something for...Greater Mercury comics? Can't remember the name of that one, but then he went to CHAOS! and did the Lynch Mob with Brian Pulido. He did the interiors and one of the covers.

His early cover work.

And since then he's done stuff for himself, Bluewater, Plan B comics, and a few others here and there.

Posted by Youmika

@armiv2: Wow, impressive covers. I wish I could draw half as good as that. So we can say you were spoon fed with comics then ;-)

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@youmika: it's a bit hidden in side streets though :)

And is awesome, lol. I think your son will be a huge comic book fan, too bad they sold that statue though :P

Posted by ARMIV2

@youmika said:

@armiv2: Wow, impressive covers. I wish I could draw half as good as that. So we can say you were spoon fed with comics then ;-)

Heh, pretty much yeah. Heh-heh-heh!