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Thanks for explaining. Thing is, there aren't many comic books in the libraries in my country and finding the one you want isn't simple, plus I do enjoy owning a tangible copy .

I already ordered Angel after the fall and quite enjoyed it (actually a bigger Angel's fan than Buffy's).

Anyway, thank again.

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@yotaman: No, just read season 8

Well, I was about to order it from bookdepository when I saw sample pics from the first chapter, and there was Dawn, giant and don't know... whining (it looked like, didn't read what she says)? Either way, from my experience a character don't changed that much... Is it being explained in a flashback during the first volume or something?

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I recently finished a rerun of Buffy the vampire slayer and want to continue now with the comic story line. I heard the there is Season 8 in the comic, but a friend told me that he read a while ago that between season 7 of the TV series and season 8 of the comic there are some titles that I first should read.

Can someone help me here with the reading order of Buffy's comic?

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I want to start reading about Mr. Majestic but have not clue with which comic book series... Does he has a series of his own I can start with? Something from recent years (2000+) with a great number of chapter?

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@fodigg: thanks for both of your comments. glad to know i made the right choice here.

i actually have kingdom come and it is one of my favorite comics. to your recommendation, i already bought that day v for vendetta and quite happy with it since i really enjoyed the movie (also the watchmen one, though i heard it is much differ from the comic). personally i'm more a dc fan, so i'll check what you recommended with spacial eye on dkr (loved the second part of the animated movie!)

thanks guys!

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a few days ago i passed by the local comics book store and decided to go for that famous watchmen comic that everyone say it's a "must buy". when i asked the clerk for the comic he gave me


and said that this is the most famous, best comic of watchmen. the thing is, i saw plenty covers of watchmen comic and not sure that this is the one i was recommended to...

was it the best choice?

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@ultimatesmfan: thanks. i actually found out about family adventures moments after i posted. it looks kinda cute and amusing. all i know about the all star superman is the animated movie which i really liked. if it pretty much the same in the comic then it might do the job as well. it's a shame there aren't many stories grown ups and children can share together that includes an impressive art and a well developed story... now that i think about it, secret identity can also be nice for ages 10 and up.

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@maccyd: ww should have first appearance in jl movie, she should start there as a rookie that by the end stands equal to both sup and bat!

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after watching the last episode of smallville (such a great show), i was wondering if there really are good comics of superman for children, something less than all the "today drama", close to his origins as a superhero?

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i'm about to finish a smallville marathon and want to continue to the season 11 comic. as my as i love the series i wanted to ask if the comic writing is suck just as much?